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Daddy's Week at Antique Acres

by Jennifer Laughlin Stevenson

Let's go on an adventure with Hunter as he learns something new each day of the week at the Old Time Power Show located at Antique Acres. While there, he experiences first hand how life used to be and gained...

Bobo the Amazing

by Kevin Mahoney

Bobo is a sweet, loving girl who has always had trouble fitting in. Her one true passion is doing magic, but the problem is she isn't very good at it. Bobo hopes beyond hope that she can perform well at the...

Piranhas Like S'mores

by Bingham JZ

Author JZ Bingham strikes literary gold with fresh new characters that embody the sass and street-smarts of city kids. In Piranhas Like S'mores, Bingham weaves a fast-paced tale that maneuvers through almost...

So Much for Democracy

by Kari Jones

The political upheaval in Ghana in 1979 puts Astrid and the rest of her Canadian family at risk.


by Gabrielle Prendergast

Ella's plan to have two secret boyfriends backfires when both boys face separate family crises and Ella is tormented by some girls at her school.

Searching for Yesterday: A Shelby Belgarden Mystery

by Valerie Sherrard

To help a friend, Shelby begins her toughest investigation yet: trying to track down a mother who deserted her child and a father who may not even know he has a daughter.

Wild Spirits

by Rosa Jordan

After a bank holdup upsets 19-year-old Wendy Marshall so much she retreats to a farm and surrounds herself with orphaned wildlife, she develops a bond with 11-year-old Danny Ryan. Danny also finds peace as he...

Snakes & Ladders

by Shaun Smith

Thirteen-year-old Paige Morrow becomes concerned when the farmer who owns the property her family cottage is on hires a creepy tree doctor. When Paige befriends the arborist's troubled teenage daughter, Janine,...

Totally Unrelated

by Tom Ryan

When Neil starts to compose and play his own music, it conflicts with the traditional Celtic music he performs with his family's band.

Who I'm Not

by Ted Staunton

A kid in trouble with the law assumes the identity of a boy who vanished three years before.


by Sylvia Taekema

Jake is a dedicated young runner who is fed up with always getting second place.


by Heather Smith

When Kit's alcoholic fisherman father loses his job, the family is forced to leave the Newfoundland outport they call home.

William Meets the Stick Family

by Karen Voss Peters

William is very nervous about his first day at a new school until he meets a strange boy called Wrickety Stick. Wrickety - along with the rest of the Stick family - has bendable bones. He can make his bones...


by Robin Stevenson

Theo ends up in a strange situation with a girl who has kidnapped her own child.

It Took a Village

by Rubin Scott & Alma Buenavista

By: Alma Buenvista

Oakland Public School Teacher

With so much to say about Rubin Scott's book, It Takes a Village, if I had to choose one word to encapsulate the essence I would say: inspiring. Rubin Scott unpacks...


by Monique Polak

Franklin has to learn to cope with life's challenges without setting illegal fires.

Seven Bundle

by Various Orca

Seven novels of adventure in one ebook bundle. When David McLean, well-loved grandfather and avid adventurer, dies, he leaves behind an unusual will that outlines sevens tasks he has set for his seven grandsons....

Ink Me

by Richard Scrimger

Bunny goes to get a tattoo but inadvertently becomes involved with a gang.


by Robert Feagan

When men from the Edmonton zoo fly in to capture a polar bear cub, Napachee sees his chance at a trip to the big city and hides in the cage but his escape doesnt go as planned.


by Eric Walters

Hunter is a cat whose past has made him untrusting of humans, but when his family is endangered, Hunter must put aside his fear and trust a boy who has Hunter's and the cat colony's best interests in mind.