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She Wore Red Trainers: A Muslim Love Story

by Na'ima B. Robert

An emotional romance that explores the possibilities and passions young Muslims face when falling in love.

Guy Time

by Sarah Weeks

It's bad enough that thirteen-year-old Guy Strang's parents are getting divorced and his middle-aged mother is suddenly acting like a rebellious teenager. But to top that off Autumn Hockney asks him out to...

Seth Baumgartner's Love Manifesto

by Eric Luper

Seth Baumgartner just had the worst day of his life.

His girlfriend dumped him (at Applebee's), he spied his father on a date with a woman who is not his mother (also at Applebee's!), and he lost his fourth...

Whistle Bright Magic: A Nutfolk Tale

by Barb Bentler Ullman

It has been twenty years since the time of The Fairies of Nutfolk Wood, and grownup Willa has returned to Plunkit with her daughter, Zelly. Willa can't see the fairies anymore, but Zelly can, and she meets an...

Hancock Park

by Isabel Kaplan

Becky Miller lives in the best neighborhood, goes to school with the children of movie stars, and has her psychiatrist on speed dial. She may live in the City of Angels, but this sixteen-year-old's life is far...

I, Cosmo

by Carlie Sorosiak

Cosmo's family is falling apart. And it's up to Cosmo to keep them together. He knows exactly what to do. There's only one problem. Cosmo is a Golden Retriever.

A moving, beautiful, hilarious story of one dog's...

Black and White Knights

by Jeff Child

One castle, two sides, the one white and the other black… the one gloomy and the other radiating light, each to their divorced parents’ preference. In this story of two knights, Radius and Exdobor have always...

Where's Burgess?

by Laurie Elmquist & David Parkins

Reece Hansen is missing two things: his father and his frog. His parents are newly separated, and his dad is now living in another city, fighting forest fires. Reece struggles to get used to daily life without...

The Crazy Man

by Pamela Porter

It is 1965, and twelve-year-old Emaline lives on a wheat farm in southern Saskatchewan. Her family has fallen apart. When her beloved dog, Prince, chased a hare into the path of the tractor, she chased after...

Three Moms and the Magical Manny

by Alison Weaver, Oona Weaver, Allegra Weaver & Amber Grey

Freshy Stephy is in second grade. She has a little sister named Rose and another sister they call Lil Nugget whos only two. The sisters live in one of the most exciting cities in the world: New York. Amazingly,...

Percy’S Imperfectly Perfect Family

by Reneé C. Bauer

Your children may not understand what the word divorce means, but they understand how it makes them feel. Their little worlds are turned upside down. Percy the perky penguin feels the exact same way when he...

Do You Still Love Me?

by Lucretia T. Smith & Ivy Marie Apa

Do You Still Love Me? A big knot suddenly enters Marias stomach after she realizes that her dad isnt with her mom to pick her up. She begins to think, is it about to happen to her, the big D word? When they...

Between Two Homes

by Jane Fry

Ben and his sister, Beth, live with their parents by the beach. They love walking together with their dog, Toby. Suddenly, one day, Bens father tells them he is moving. Bens life is shattered as he realizes...

Leroy and  Cheryl's Adventure

by Wjw

Helping Children Understand Separation and Divorce It is essential that parents and caregivers of children understand the thoughts and feeling that children may have when their parents decide to separate or...

Trinity Soup

by Carolyn Ortiz

A bright and talented young African-American girl, Danielle Webb lives in an upper-middle-class neighborhood along the central California coast and attends a private elementary school with her best friend, Francesco....

The Black Butterfly

by Shirley Reva Vernick

Penny is furious, and who can blame her? She has to spend Christmas break alone at the Black Butterfly, an old inn at the coldest, bleakest edge of America—the coast of Maine. This "vacation" is the brainchild...

Remember Dippy

by Shirley Reva Vernick

Johnny's plans fly out the window when he finds out his single mother is leaving town for the summer. She has a breakthough job in upstate New York. He can live with his Aunt Collette but only on the condition...

Where's Burgess?

by Laurie Elmquist & David Parkins

Reece Hansen is missing two things: his father and his frog. His parents are newly separated, and his dad is now living in another city, fighting forest fires. Reece struggles to get used to daily life without...

Mostly, Happily Ever After

by Dr. Leith Krakouer & Khan Wilson

Mostly, Happily Ever After is the first installment in the "Little Big Deals" series - big deals that impact children. This book focuses on the most devastating challenge that children are frequently confronted...


by Deirdre Sullivan

'I would like to make things beautiful, but a tawdry and repulsive kind of beauty. A braver sort than people have from birth. Sexy zombies on a bicep. That sort of thing.' Ces longs to be a tattoo artist and...