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The Goodbye Time

by Celeste Conway

AS LONG AS she can remember, Anna has lived in the same Upper West Side apartment with her parents and brother, Tom; she’s attended the same private school and had the same best friend, Katie. Katie has always...

Hell Week

RITA Best Young Adult Romance 2009

by Rosemary Clement-Moore

Bloodred nails, flashing white teeth, gleaming scarlet lips--Maggie Quinn has battled an ancient demon, faced down psychotic cheerleaders, and saved her best friend from certain death, but nothing can match...


by Jessica Burkhart

As if an equestrian competition isn’t enough, Lauren also has to fight for her status as It-girl in this addition to the Canterwood Crest series.

Lauren is about to be tested in more ways than one. Not only...

The Fold

by Jordan Cooke

Joyce never used to care that much about how she looked, but that was before she met JFK-John Ford Kang, the most gorgeous guy in school. And it doesn't help that she's constantly being compared to her beautiful...

Pilot Episode #1

by Jordan Cooke

Corliss Myers is the kind of girl who watches TV. (Alone. On prom night.) Not the kind who works in it. So imagine her excitement when her uncle gets her an internship on a TV show called The 'Bu. Little does...

The Lemonade Raid

by Carolyn Keene

What do people want most on a hot summer day? A cold drink. Nancy has a great idea: a lemonade stand in the park. It’s a perfect plan, except for one thing. No lemons! Somebody took them. But who would want...

The Stolen Unicorn

by Carolyn Keene


Mari Cheng is the new girl in Nancy's class. She's kind of shy and doesn't talk much. On show- and-tell day Mari has a big surprise and she's really excited. But when...

The Debs

Debs #1

by Susan Mcbride

LAURA DELACROIX BELL—this dazzling trust fund girl’s size 14 figure doesn’t stop her from attracting the sexiest scoundrel in town, or the admiring eye of the Glass Slipper Club. However, a salacious secret...

Third-Time Lucky

by Jenny Oldfield

Kirstie is devastated when Lucky suddenly falls ill and his life hangs in the balance. Even more unsettling is that no one can figure out what's wrong with him.

Johnny Mohawk

by Jenny Oldfield

When a guest at Half Moon Ranch accuses Johnny Mohawk of throwing him off, Kirstie is positive that he is lying. With the threat of a lawsuit looming, Kirstie must prove that Johnny Mohawk is not to blame before...

Rodeo Rocky

by Jenny Oldfield

Kiristie Scott's forced attendance at a local rodeo leads her on a rocky adventure.

Crazy Horse

by Jenny Oldfield

Horses of Half Moon Ranch is an incredible new horse series!

Crazy Horse is wild and unruly; Cadillac, a beautiful and poised pedigree. One night, both horses disappear and Kirstie fears the worst. Can Kirstie...

And the Winner Is... #18

by Melissa J. Morgan

When Natalie's dad is nominated for a Best Actor Oscar, she flies to L.A. for the week, where she plans on hanging out with Tori and also taking her to the Oscars. But when Natalie hits it off with Tori's friend...

Freaky Tuesday #17

by Melissa J. Morgan

Brynn's just transferred to a brand-new school in a town close by. A town in Bizarro World, that is, where academic excellence is the fast track to popularity and Candace-yes, quiet, seemingly insecure Candace-is...

Wild Horses

by Jenny Oldfield

Undaunted by the wild and dangerous terrain, Kirstie Scott loves nothing more than riding horses through the tall forests and deep canyons of the Meltwater Range. For Kirstie, things are never dull at Half Moon...

Reasons to Be Happy

by Katrina Kittle

"Gripping! I was instantly swept away by Hannah's struggles and greatly inspired by her journey. This is a powerful book, and I recommend it for anyone who has ever worried about how to fit in."

-Kristina McBride,...

Whose Pet Is Best?

by Carolyn Keene


It's the Amazing Pet Contest, and the winner gets to go on Mr. Lizard's Funhouse . . . on TV! Katie's got a singing parrot. David's got a gross rat. And Nancy's got Chocolate Chip,...

The Ski Slope Mystery

by Carolyn Keene


Nancy, Bess, and George are going skiing. But the whole weekend is getting crazy. First some bratty boys play catch with Bess's hat. Then George's lucky necklace disappears!

Not only...

The Fake Friend!

by Marissa Moss

Daphne explores the ups and downs of false friendship in her latest fully illustrated diary of a fourth-grader.

Daphne and Kaylee are fourth-graders and best friends, but Daphne also wants to become friends with...

Louise the Big Cheese

by Elise Primavera & Diane Goode

Let's face it. Every girl has a little big cheese in her.

Louise Cheese is no different. Night and day, Louise dreams of the limelight, lots of fuss, the red carpet, and more than anything to be the one and...