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The Story of King Arthur and His Knights

by Howard Pyle

Enchanting children's version of the Arthurian legend. 41 illustrations.

Men of Iron

by Howard Pyle

A master storyteller at his best, incorporating fascinating historical detail about life in a medieval castle, knighthood, and chivalry into the gripping tale of a boy's fight to restore his family's honor....

King Arthur: Tales from the Round Table

by Andrew Lang

Thirteen favorite tales from the Arthurian myth describe how the legendary king acquired Excalibur, the meetings at the Round Table, the quest for the Holy Grail, and more. 28 black-and-white illustrations.

Circus In The Sky

by Nancy Guettier

Circus In The Sky is a beautifully illustrated book of the constellations told in a poetic style, through the eyes of a little boy who believes he is the ring master of the night sky. Circus In The Sky is so...

Conan the Conqueror

by Robert E. Howard

Conan is at the pinnacle of his career in this story, having roamed the imaginary prehistoric world of Hyborea and, with native cunning and sheer force, fought his way to the throne of Aquilonia. He is the archetype...

Aesop's Fables

by Aesop

Do you like classic fables? This is a great book for your children!

In this book you could find:

  • Great literary speeches.
  • Action and adventure stories
  • Main and secundary characters.

You could begin to enjoy...

The Night Knights

by Gideon Sterer & Cory Godbey

Nighttime can be scary. Every bump, thump, or scratch could be a monster lurking under the bed or in a closet. But if that?s the case, then why haven?t we ever seen a monster? You might think that?s because...

Men of Iron

by Howard Pyle

Men of Iron is juvenile coming of age work in which the author has the reader experience the medieval entry into knighthood through the eyes of a young squire, Myles Falworth. In Chapter 24 the knighthood ceremony...

KNIGHTS OF THE FAERY QUEEN - Their Quests and Adventures

by Edmund Spenser

This volume contains 39 stories of quests and adventures which the Knights of the Faery Queen undertake to prove their abilities and worthiness. Full of action and adventure, the quests the knights undertake...

LEGENDS & ROMANCES of BRITTANY - 162 Breton Myths and Legends

by Anon E. Mouse, Translated and Retold by Lewis Spence & Illustrated by W. Otway Cannell

Herein are 162 folk and fairy tales, customs and traditions  of Brittany, France compiled and retold by Lewis Spence. In this volume you will find legends of heroes and Saints, King Arthur, his sword Excalibur...


by Anon E. Mouse & Narrated by Baba Indaba

ISSN: 2397-9607 Issue 441

In this 441st issue of the Baba Indaba’s Children's Stories series, Baba Indaba narrates the Turkish Fairy Tale – “The Early Days of King Arthur”

Here the story of how Arthur...

A Visit to the Kingdom of Camelot

by R.L. Greenwood

King Arthur ruled the land of Camelot with his trusted knights, including the handsome and brave Sir Lancelot. Lancelot had a brother by the name of Ellsworth who wasnt quite as brave, but who was known for...

Uncharted Realms

by J. R. Bryce

Disillusioned knight Lance Cabaret leaves his homeland to explore the Eastern Realm, where he falls in love with a slave girl under the power of a mighty, dark wizard.Lance Cabaret is a brave knight from the...

Stories of King Arthur

by Mary Macgregor

Queen Guinevere lay idly in bed dreaming beautiful dreams. The sunny morning hours were slipping away, but she was so happy in dreamland, that she did not remember that her little maid had called her long ago....

The Legend of Parzival

by Robin Cook

Enter the extraordinary world of Arthurian legend in an adventure overflowing with knightly chivalry, the danger of jousting and the warmth of true love. But the Legend of Parzival is more than the tale of one...

Knights vs. Dinosaurs

by Matt Phelan

An ALA Notable Title

“Absurdly entertaining. Victorious on all fronts.”—Booklist (starred review)

Renowned for their courage, their chivalry, and their ability to fight mythical creatures, the Knights of...

Go Gently

by Nancy M. Bell

Laurel Rowan is determined to find her estranged grandmother. She wants answers to some question she has after her visit to Cornwall. Laurel needs to know why her father is so angry with Gramma Bella. Arriving...

A Step Beyond

by Nancy M. Bell

Legend says that land once stretched from Lands End in Cornwall as far as the Isles of Scillies, thirty miles out in the Atlantic. To this mythical land Gort Treliving escapes when his Uncle Daniel beats him...

Laurel's Quest

by Nancy M. Bell

Have you ever wondered how you would handle it if your mom was terminally ill? What if you were sent to stay with people you didn't even know in another country because your father was at the hospital all...

Merlin, Morgan Le Fay and the Magic of Camelot | Children's Arthurian Folk Tales

by Baby Professor

Arthur’s stories are filled with power, magic and a lot of love and responsibilities. You would love to read these stories to your children because of the lessons they provide. But since these books have been...