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Gabriel Finley and the Raven's Riddle

by George Hagen & Scott Bakal

“A first-rate fantasy for middle-grade readers,” declares Booklist in a starred review, comparing Gabriel Finley to Harry Potter, Philip Pullman’s His Dark Materials series, and The Mysterious Benedict...

The Saga of Eirik the Red


A GREAT READ FOR YOUNG PEOPLE INTERESTED IN ADVENTURE! This is the Saga of Eirik the Red. This volume is more saga, or fact, than fiction. Despite this being a fact-based saga there is still plenty of action...

The Story of Rolf: A Viking Adventure

by Allen French

A young Viking bowman in 11th-century Iceland is determined to avenge his father's death.

Favorite Norse Myths

by Abbie Farwell Brown & E. Boyd Smith

Exciting tales from the land of the midnight sun bristle with the mighty deeds of warriors, gods, giants, and other fantastic beings of Norse and Viking legends. 6 illustrations.

Tales of the Norse Warrior Gods: The Heroes of Asgard

by Annie Keary, Eliza Keary & C. E. Brock

29 tales spotlight a pantheon of immortal figures: Odin, chief of all the gods; Loki, deity of mischief; Gerda, the beautiful goddess of light; others. 15 black-and-white illustrations, 3 in color.

The Prose Edda: Tales from Norse Mythology

by Snorri Sturluson & Arthur Gilchrist Brodeur

The wellspring of modern knowledge of Norse mythology, these ancient legends of gods and heroes were created to preserve the narrative style of the Viking sagas from European influence.

Nordic Hero Tales from the Kalevala

by James Baldwin & N. C. Wyeth

A collection of awe-inspiring stories from Finnish mythology, drawn from the oral traditions of the Finnish national epic, the Kalevala. 38 entrancing tales are appropriate for all ages. 4 illustrations.

Viking Gods and Heroes

by E. M. Wilmot-Buxton

These 25 astonishing tales recall the dramatic creation of earth, sea, and sky and the chilling struggles between giants, trolls, and legendary Nordic heroes.

The Land of the Silver Apples

by Nancy Farmer & Rick Sardinha

“Like the druidic life force Jack taps, this hearty adventure, as personal as it is epic, will cradle readers in the ‘hollow of its hand’ (Booklist, starred review).

Jack has caused an earthquake. He was...


by John Halsted & Paul McDaid

When searching for a suitable title that would best describe a compendium of Viking myths and legends compiled especially for storytellers, it was no easy task choosing a single word that would encompass the...

The Troll With No Heart in His Body

by Lise Lunge-Larsen & Betsy Bowen

As tall as trees and as ancient and rugged as the Norwegian landscape from which they come, trolls are some of lore's most fascinating and varied creatures. Some live under bridges, others deep inside caves....


by Edith Pattou

A young woman goes to the ends of the earth--and beyond--to rescue the man she loves in this sweeping epic.

ASGARD STORIES - 14 Tales from Norse Mythology

by Various Unknown

A GREAT READ FOR KIDS! In this volume you will find 14 of the most popular Norse Myths and Tales rewritten especially for children and Young Adults, retold by Mary Foster and Mabel Cummings - tales and stories...

LEGEND OF THE LAST VIKINGS - Free Alternate Ending

by John Halsted

In 1066 upon the death of Edward the Confessor, Harald Hadraada, King of Norway challenged for the crown of England, claiming it was his through his bloodline. He led a large force of over 400 longships to England...

MIGHTY MIKKO - 29 Children's Fairy Tales from Finland

by Anon E. Mouse, Retold by Parker Fillmore & Illustrated by Jay Van Everen

Herein are 29 uniquely Finnish children’s stories and fairy tales retold by Parker Fillmore and illustrated by Jay van Everen. Stories like The True Bride, The Three Chests, Log, The Little Sister, The Forest...


by Anon E. Mouse

ISSN: 2397-9607 Issue 390

In this 390th issue of the Baba Indaba’s Children's Stories series, Baba Indaba narrates the Fairy Tale "THE GIANT WHO HAD NO HEART IN HIS BODY”.

A king had seven sons. When the first...


by Anon E. Mouse & Translated by Padraig Colum

Padraic Colum (1881 - 1972) was an Irish poet, novelist, dramatist, biographer and collector of folklore and was one of the leading figures of the Celtic Revival. In his retelling of these Norse myths and legends...

Prose Edda

by Snorri Sturluson & Rasmus B. Anderson (Translator)

The Prose Edda, also known as the Younger Edda, Snorri's Edda (Icelandic: Snorra Edda) or simply Edda, is an Old Norse work of literature written in Iceland in the early 13th century. Annotated edition.


The Sampo

by James Baldwin & N. C. Wyeth

Far away in the Frozen Land, a long time ago, a master wizard forged the wondrous Sampo, or mill of fortune, which ground out all sorts of treasures and gave wealth and power to its owner. This story, retold...

THE WEALTH - A Viking Coming of Age YA Novel

by Richard Marman

The Wealth — Synopsis

From the pen of Richard Marmam, an exceptional Viking Coming of Age YA novel…….

While hunting close to his home of Hollowford, fifteen-year-old Henry discovers a pair of mysterious...