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by Carolyn Keene

A prince is in River Heights. A prince! This is big news.

A prince from a relatively minor royal Italian family has come to River Heights to deliver a painting to Mrs. Mahoney, a friend of the royal family....

Blown Away

by Franklin W. Dixon

Frank and Joe are working on a new case...and it just might blow them away!

The exclusive Billington Resort in Phoenix, Arizona has two high-profile events on Saturday: a vintage car auction and a celebrity wedding....

Nooks & Crannies

by Jessica Lawson & Natalie Andrewson

Charlie and the Chocloate Factory meets Clue when six children navigate a mansion full of secrets—and maybe money—in this this humorous mystery with heart.

Sweet, shy Tabitha Crum, the neglected only child...

Captive Heart

by Carolyn Keene

Nancy Drew visits Belize and uncovers crime on the high seas.

The Mummy Mystery #5

by Martin Widmark & Helena Willis

What’s going on at the art museum in Pleasant Valley? Did the Egyptian mummy really come to life after 3,000 years? The terrified night watchman claims that he saw the mummy walking around the museum. The...

Masterminds: Criminal Destiny

by Gordon Korman

"A terrific page-turner, full of unexpected twists and revelations. Buckle up."—James Patterson

The second book in the acclaimed, action-packed series from New York Times bestselling author Gordon Korman.


The Curse of the Ancient Emerald

by Franklin W. Dixon

Frank and Joe must take the shine off a jewel thief who sends ominous riddles in this Hardy Boys adventure.

First a priceless painting disappears from the museum; then two ancient samurai swords vanish from a...

Cam Jansen and the Green School Mystery #28

by David Adler

Kids, parents, and teachers will love this eco-friendly mystery!Cam Jansen's school is going green! For each can or bottle Cam and her classmates bring in to be recycled, the school earns a nickel. How many...

The Stolen Kiss

by Carolyn Keene

A painter’s passion leads Nancy to a brush with danger. Michael Jared is one of America’s hottest young artists, and his new painting, First Kiss, has everyone talking—especially the police when it vanishes...

Hidden Meanings

by Carolyn Keene

Nancy checks into a luxury hotel where danger comes free of charge. While Nancy investigates threats against Italian-born student Gina Fiorellao, Gina targets Ned Nickerson for romance. Nancy uncovers secret...

Love Notes

by Carolyn Keene


Nancy has come to Westbridge, Massachusetts, nestled in the Berkshire Mountains, to attend a world-famous piano competition. Soon...

Rock Harbor Search and Rescue

by Colleen Coble

In Rock Harbor Search and Rescue, a middle grade fiction novel based on Colleen Coble’s bestselling Rock Harbor series for adults, kids will enjoy the mixture of pets, adventure, suspense, and a mystery. ...

Rock Harbor Search and Rescue: Lost and Found

by Colleen Coble

An old photo brings a shocking revelation and it’s up to Emily and her best friend Olivia to solve the case!

Fourteen-year-old Emily O’Reilly and her best friend Olivia Webster have a knack for solving mysteries....

The Case of Hiccupping Ears

by Bill Myers

In The Case of the Hiccupping Ears, people all over the world are forgetting how to eat, see, hear, smell, and even walk! What on earth is going on? The boys at B.A.D.D. (Bungling Agents Dedicated to Destruction)...

The Kenyan Expedition #8

by Steve Stevenson, Stefano Turconi & Maya Gold

“With the smarts of Nancy Drew and the charm of Eloise, Agatha is an exciting addition to the girl-detective canon.” —School Library Journal

A rare species of white giraffe, worshipped by the Masai tribe,...

Scarlett Undercover

by Jennifer Latham

Meet Scarlett, a smart, sarcastic fifteen-year-old, ready to take on crime in her hometown. When Scarlett agrees to investigate a local boy's suicide, she figures she's in for an easy case and a quick buck....

Anything for Love

by Carolyn Keene

Jealousy. Passion. Ambition. The action on the top-rated soap Love and Loss is heating up, and it’s all off camera. In New York City at the invitation of the assistant producer, Nancy is asked to look into...

Flying Too High

by Carolyn Keene

Nancy goes undercover to investigate the death of a naval flight trainee. Though listed as an accident, the evidence points to sabotage. Fellow trainee—and top suspect—Crash Beauford has his eyes on Nancy,...

The Edge of the Shadows

Whidbey Island #3

by Elizabeth George

The first fire may have been an accident, but what about the second? And the third—the one that killed someone. Becca King and her friends wonder if one of the newcomers to the island is to blame. Perhaps...

Jones & Parker Case Files: 16 Mysteries to Solve Yourself

by Christopher P. N. Maselli & Bob Hoose

There’s something mysterious going on in everyone’s favorite town . . . Odyssey, of course! No mystery is too big or too small for Emily Jones and Matthew Parker. Whether it is helping the new doctor unlock...