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The Red Shoe

by Ursula Dubosarsky

Funny, tough-minded and tender, this is the story of Matilda and her two sisters growing up in Sydney, Australia, in the early 1950s. Their father is mentally unstable and largely absent, their mother is possibly...

The World Without

by Glenn Ric

Full of action, adventure and unexpected intrigue, Part 2, ‘A Land in Peril’, takes us deeper into the mysterious powers and places of the World Without.

After defeating the terrible Septus and his demented...

Different Cultures, Mixing Colours

by Valerie Walton, Roberta Walton & Tamara Walton

The objective of our design is to help people from other cultures to accept our culture and let them know there's nothing to be afraid because beauty also comes from within aboriginal people.

Most importantly,...


by Sir George Grey

Herein you will find 23 Maori Myths and Legends collated and translated by Sir George Grey, Governor of New Zealand from November 1845 – January 1854 and again from December 1861 – February 1868. You will...

Charming Charlie and the Spectacular Sophia

by Fiona Ware & Samantha Zaleski

When Charlie gets teased one too many times, he and his new best friend Sophia come up with a master plan – but there is a major stumbling block!

Mr Dodds, the Principal of Warm Gully State School, is getting...

Eco Warrior

by Philip Roy

Recently granted registration papers for his submarine, Alfred is no longer an outlaw and is filled with conviction to become an active environmentalist. But in Perth, Australia, he is mistakenly accused of...


by John Wilson

On a visit to a seaside town in Australia, fifteen-year-old Sam meets Annabel, who works at the local museum. Annabel's interest in history is infectious, and Sam soon finds himself eager to hunt for the remains...

Mystery of the Min Min Lights - Australia 1

by Janelle Diller, Adam Turner & Lisa Travis

Mystery of the Min Min Lights

Welcome to Australia!

It’s hot. It’s windy. It’s dusty. It’s the Australian outback. Wendy Lee arrives from California. She’s lucky to meet Chloe Taylor, who invites Wendy...

The Mystery of the Ancient Stone City

by Christine Z. Mason

An ancient mystery, an astounding discovery, a medicine man with magical powers—a girl, her brother, and an intriguing island boy on a perilous trek through the jungle . . . The Mystery of the Ancient Stone...

Australia For Kids: People, Places and Cultures - Children Explore The World Books

by Baby Professor

This educational book is our mini-guide to the “Land Down Under.” It has facts on its people, the place, and the culture too. This way, you will have a virtual tour of the country without even leaving home....