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Santa Claus in Baghdad and Other Stories about Teens in the Arab World

by Elsa Marston

What is it like to be a young person in the Arab world today? This lively collection of eight short stories about Arab teenagers living in Iraq, Tunisia, Egypt, the West Bank, Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, and a Palestinian...

Purple Heart

by Patricia McCormick

When Private Matt Duffy wakes up in an army hospital in Iraq, he's honored with a Purple Heart. But he doesn't feel like a hero.

There's a memory that haunts him: an image of a young Iraqi boy as a bullet hits...

Crescent Star

by Nicholas Maes

Avi Greenbaum is Jewish and lives in West Jerusalem. Moussa Shakir is Palestinian and lives in East Jerusalem. Both are 15 years old, live without their fathers and belong to the same soccer club. In the spring...

New Friends, New Places

by Susan Omar

New Friends, New Places is an exciting, adventurous account of a young British Muslim boy, Adam's stay on an Egyptian farm during his summer holidays. Apart from rejoicing in the simplicity and beauty of the...

The Medes, the Persians and the Romans | Children's Middle Eastern History Books

by Baby Professor

History is a very interesting yet boring topic for most children. The reason is because they'll be reading about names, dates and events from the past. But history needs to be studied because many valuable lessons...

The Seleucid Empire | Children's Middle Eastern History Books

by Baby Professor

While the Arthurian folk tales are mostly stories of friendships, this one is focused on the strength and spirit of King Arthur especially when he pulled the sword from the stone. Perfect as a bedtime story,...

Sumer and Akkad | Children's Middle Eastern History Books

by Baby Professor

The Sumer and Akkad are two of the most ancient civilizations known to men. Reading this resource material will bring you back to Mesopotamia over 7,000 years ago. You will learn how the Sumerians established...

The Babylonian Empire | Children's Middle Eastern History Books

by Baby Professor

The Babylonian Empire was known to be the most powerful state in the ancient world during the 612 BCE. It was a beautiful kingdom with many famous buildings. Because of that, it went down in history as an important...

The Assyrian and Neo-Assyrian Empire | Children's Middle Eastern History Books

by Baby Professor

How did the people from the Assyrian and Neo-Assyrian Empire live? Now is your chance to peek through the past by opening the pages of this wonderful educational resource. Learn from the lessons of the past...

Old Babylonia | Children's Middle Eastern History Books

by Baby Professor

Believe it or not but what happened in Old Babylonia centuries ago still holds water today. You see, significant events in history, regardless of the setting, changed the world. They created lessons and from...

Ancient Assyria | Children's Middle Eastern History Books

by Baby Professor

Fill your kids with some powerful knowledge about the Middle Eastern culture with this book about the Ancient Assyria. Situated in the North-eastern part of Iraq, Assyria’s history is so rich that it deserves...

Hittites, Kassites and Mitanni | Children's Middle Eastern History Books

by Baby Professor

In this Middle Eastern History Book, we're going to take a look at the three power Empires that ruled centuries ago. Learning about them would help establish a model for living. Lessons will be picked from the...

The Parthians and Sassanids | Children's Middle Eastern History Books

by Baby Professor

After the fall of the Parthians, the Sassanids came into power. In this Middle Eastern History Book, we will be discussing the transfer of power and the change in society that came along with it. It’s nice...

The Islamic Arabs Conquer the Middle East | Children's Middle Eastern History Books

by Baby Professor

The early Islamic conquests began when in the 7th century and the rise of Prophet Muhammad. It was a century of rapid expansion from the borders of India and China, the Middle East, North Africa, Central Asia...


by Michael Morpurgo

Author of War Horse, and bestselling storyteller Michael Morpurgo touched our hearts with this beautiful story of a boy, his lost dog, and the lengths he would go to be reunited. This timely story of battle-scarred...

Ask Me No Questions

by Marina Budhos

"You forget. You forget you don't really exist here, that this isn't your home."

Since emigrating from Bangladesh, fourteen-year-old Nadira and her family have been living in New York City on expired visas,...


by Anna Levine

What would your life be like if military service was compulsory, not voluntary?

Aggie is eighteen and getting ready to do her service for the Israeli Army. She could get a cushy assignment—maybe pushing paper...


by Francesco D'Adamo & Ann Leonori

When young Iqbal is sold into slavery at a carpet factory, his arrival changes everything for the other overworked and abused chidren there. It is Iqbal who explains to them that despite their master's promises,...