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Bug Boy

by Eric Luper

It is the summer of 1934, and even at the height of the Great Depression, money is no object for the socialites at posh Saratoga Race Course. The trouble is times are tough for everyone else, especially penniless...

Top of the Order

by John Coy

Jackson’s parents are divorced and his mother has started dating. Gig’s dad is in the National Guard and has been called up to serve in the Middle East. Isaac's dad wants him to go to a different middle...

Eyes on the Goal

by John Coy

Just before they’re due to start middle school, Jackson, Gig, Isaac, and Diego, four sports-loving friends, all attend the same weeklong soccer camp. Diego is an experienced soccer player, and Gig has a natural...

Six Innings

by James Preller

Two teams, six innings, one game. A lively cast of characters—baseball-loving boys between the ages of eleven to thirteen—are playing the biggest game of their lives. With acrobatic catches, clutch hits,...

Whip It

by Shauna Cross

Skirts, Skates, & Scrapes!

All the old school skills with a new punk rock attitude

Come see The Lone Star Derby Girls

Austin’s All-Girl Roller Derby League

The Holy Rollers vs. The Fight Crew

Halftime Concert by...

Home of the Braves

by David Klass

What makes an average American high school suddenly become violent?

As Joe Brickman heads into the fall of his senior year, he's looking forward to the soccer season, when he will captain the Lawndale team. And...

Racing the Past

by Sis Deans

A moving story about survival, recovery, and the power of determination.

There was something else driving Ricky as he sped down Ridge Road under that cloudless blue sky. "Everybody knows a Gordon's middle name...

Mister Lee's Fantastic Football Dream

by PJ Roberts & Marc Roberts

Singaporean teenager Lee Jun Yong dreams of becoming a professional footballer. Growing up in a family of humble means, in the shadow of Bedok Stadium, the sixteen-year-old is unsure what the future has in store...

Crown Prince Challenged

by Linda Snow McLoon

Sarah Wagner dreams that she and her former racetrack rogue, Crown Prince, will someday reach the highest levels of equestrian competition and with help from trainer Jack O'Brien they are on their way, but first...

Will's Bow Hunting Adventure

by Kerri J. Busteed & Leon Byers


Children ages 7 to 12 will especially love Will's Bow Hunting Adventure. Set in Wisconsin, young Will recently finished his first hunting season, but he just doesn't feel happy. It isn't until Christmas,...


by Nicole Leigh Shepherd

Bubbly, blond Krista brown is pretty and popular. Her sister, Charlie, is more interested in braving the Malibu waves than the halls of the school that Krista rules. but when Krista and Charlie are both recruited...

One Shot Away

by T. Glen Coughlin

They're all just one shot away

It's senior year and the last season for Diggy, Jimmy, and Trevor on the Molly Pitcher High School varsity wrestling team. And they all want the same thing: to win.

But Diggy's got...


by Tim Green

Inspired by interviews with real-life cancer survivors and insider sports experience, this unforgettable New York Times bestseller shows a brave boy who learns what it truly means to be unstoppable. As National...

Tony's Last Touchdown

by Benjamin Jarman

Tony is the best linebacker in the city. When he steps on the football field, he strikes fear in his opponents. On the field, Tony's job is simple-tackle the ball carrier. But his life is much more complicated....

Todd Goes for the Goal

by Stuart A.P. Murray

In this fictional story, Todd can't believe it when he gets a chance to play for the Highfield High varsity soccer team. As a freshman, he will have to prove to the older players that he deserves his spot. But...

Rounding Third, Heading Home!

by David Aretha

In this page-turning fiction book, Jacob's Little League team, Morey's Funeral Home, is a perennial loser. They have never finished with a winning record. But this ragtag team of ten-year-olds has a new coach...

Matty in the Goal

by Stuart A.P. Murray

Matty Wells loves soccer. Unfortunately, he isn't any good at it. And he certainly isn't the hero of his team, the Canyon Cannons, like the star player Gibb Moore. Matty volunteers to be the team's new goalie,...

Batting Ninth

by Kris Rutherford

Chad Griffin can't hit a baseball to save his life. When he steps up to home plate, he usually leaves after the umpire shouts, "Strike Three!" He always bats in the same spot for the Rangers-ninth-the worst...

The Witch Family

by Eleanor Estes & Edward Ardizzone

Old Witch, Little Witch Girl, Weeny Witch, and two real girls in a fantasy that blends the worlds of reality and imagination. A Halloween classic about the power of make-believe.

Over the End Line

by Alfred C. Martino

Kyle Saint-Claire is everything Jonny Fehey wishes to be: a star on and off the soccer field, a brain, and one of Millburn High’s most popular students. Jonny unhappily accepts his lesser social status--but...