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The Book of Secrets

by Kathy Lee

Book 1 of the Lost Book Trilogy. Jamie and Rob live a simple life on the island of Insh More. But Rob dreams of more and leads them both into mortal danger.

The Book of Life

by Kathy Lee

A blind beggar from the south brings a mysterious message to the King of Lothian. An old friend needs your help... But the message is the start of a dangerous mission, taking Rob and Jamie far from Embra to...

Elle and Jesse’S Supernatural Encounters

by Rowena Arthur & Ronie Pios

Never Wronged an Onion Elle wrongs an onion even after several pleas from Mum and promptings from the Holy Spirit not do so. She later bears the consequences for trying to do things her own way, which makes...

Mystery in the Old Trunk

by Joyce C. Lanier

Jonathan and Marie are brother and sister teenagers who always seem to find adventure. While looking through an old trunk, they find a burned book and inside is a cryptic message. The entire family gets involved...

Joel's Journeys

by Lisa Maheu

Joel befriends a gentle old man, named Mr. Walt, who invites Joel into his home to view the many artifacts Mr. Walt has collected throughout his lifetime. Each relic tells of a story that takes place from the...


by Kathryn S. Patterson

Meet ten year old Daniela as she travels back in time to 450 BC Persia in search of Queen Esther. Find out how she meets Queen Esther and her cousin, Mordecai. Learn how Esther becomes Queen of Persia and takes...


by Jo-Marie

Tragedies. Survival? Believe!

Nothing looks hopeful in this tiny world, but Adi and her friends know they must believe and move forward.

Lee is buried in the Cliff City cave in. Maple Community lost a quarter...

The Adventures of Matthew and Andy

by Steve E. Upchurch

The Bible is the living Word of God. However, even for children that love to read, it is sometimes difficult for kids to understand. As a result they often become discouraged and quit reading the most exciting...

A Promise Broken

by Jo-Marie

Imagine being a very tiny being in a world of giants where your town is built into the side of a cliff. What would happen if earthquake tremors rocked your town?

Rumbling begins. A hole opens down below. Homes...

Living the Secret

by Jo-Marie

Imagine being a very tiny person in a world of giants? What if the first bug you ever meet wants you for dinner?

A scratching noise attracts Aydens attention. He turns his head just as a huge thing crawls up...

The Quest for the Hidden Medallion

by Michael Smits

When the Blish family decided to move from California to Grandpa and Grandmas farm in northeast Wisconsin, the children thought it was the most boring place in the entire world. Emily, Anthony, and Margaret...

What’S in the Attic?

by Evelyn Young

Books have a way of taking us somewhere else. This book will put you on the edge of your seat for a while, and then bring a soft spot in your heart. Read whats in the attic to see what these two young boys find,...

The Insider

by Pamela Barber

Just imagine if you could actually see the Holy Spirit. What would it be like when you invite him into your heart if your heart was really a house? And what if you and he could go from room to room, exploring...

Come Play with Me, Colton

by Peggy E. Otto & Alexis Adrianse

A little boy named Colton goes on an adventure, looking in his backyard for a playmate. Various animals in his yard try to play with him; however, God has a plan for Colton. In the end of the story, God gives...

The Adventures of Normal Ii

by Joe Turner

Normal, having sustained the loss of his surrogate grandfather, has trouble dealing with it. The chance to take a little bite of retirement, as he calls it, presents itself, and he travels to New England.


The Invitation

by Marcie Pysher & Brock Pysher

In The Invitation, a boy named Nick goes into a supernatural encounter where he is invited to a banquet with God.  One minute Nick is sitting in the pew of his church, and the next minute he is encountering...

Daniel and the Triune Quest

by Nathan Lumbatis

The past year of Daniel’s life has been anything but normal. Adoption by his Heavenly Father? Check. Become the Vessel for the mystical Sun Sword? Check. Charged with a quest to fight the source of all evil?...

Where Dolphins Race with Rainbows

by Jean Cullop

Welcome to Karensa'.  Luke opened his eyes, blinking in the strong sunlight ... This was not Poldawn.

Wee Ones' Bible Stories

by Anonymous Author

Short Sketches of the Bible Specially Illustrated for Children

Stories Include: Feeding the Multitudes * Jesus Calms the Tempest * Ruth and Naomi * Moses * Jacob and Esau * The Apostle Paul * David * The Tower...

The Paper Boat

by Trisha Priebe & Jerry B. Jenkins

Stunning conclusion to the Thirteen series!   Avery has just one chance to save her life—and the lives of her friends. 


Candlelight danced on the gold-gilded walls and illuminated the stained-glass windows....