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Noah's Ark

by Linda Falken & The Metropolitan Museum of Art

Children and adults will love this beautiful retelling of Noah’s Ark and the massive flood that destroyed the earth. The story is illustrated with paintings and drawings in the collection of The Metropolitan...

Puppies Need Pockets

by Amy Motto

This illustrated children's book, suitable for ages 3-10, tells the story of a puppy, “Cassie,” that is enamored with the beauty of God's creations in nature. The plot is told through a poem that describes her...

Don't Close Your Eyes

by Bob Hostetler & Mark Chambers

Do your little ones resist going to sleep? Lull them to sleep with a fun bedtime challenge in Don't Close Your Eyes!

Children have a lot of fun packed into a day, and they don’t always want it to end. Award-winning...

Uncle Doctors and Peanut Butter

by Debb Snyder

Debb tells us there are few people who don’t attribute human characteristics to their pets. Yet animal lovers seem to know what their companions say and mean through unique forms of communication. Puppers...

The Caleb

by Diann Ross Woodbury

This book covers a part of Diann and Calebs lives and tackles more studies into the dangers of wizardry and witchcraft. It has new stories about Calebs adventures like in the first book of The Caleb, A Christian...

The Caleb

by Diann Ross Woodbury

This book is so different from the eighteen titles that I came up with to name it. It is the best of the three that are written of the series The Caleb: A Christian Dog! This one you may wish to have if only...

“The Caleb”

by Diann Ross Woodbury

When I first started this book, I was disabled. As time went on and on, I became more disabled and thought I might never finish it. Over time, I came to realize that I was writing a story about Jesus or a lot...

“The Caleb”

by Diann Ross Woodbury

This is a book about the journey of Caleb, an English talking dog, and his mom who travel to the Philippines and around the United States and England. Book two is for children ages twelve and upwards until death...

Rabbit Trails

by AmyG

Edison and the Lab Rat

Another fact/fiction story about the Power of

God and how Science compliments the Bible

set in a science laboratory in the 1950s.

Kiki and the Guinea Pig

A historically factual, yet fictional...

Wally, the Wayward Sea Turtle

by Laura Joy Pewitt

A little sea turtle has just hatched and must make his way to the ocean. The light of the moon on the water should guide his path straight home. Unfortunately, he becomes distracted by a light coming from the...

Mahina and Koa the Gecko

by Tenajah Nae’ole-Turner

Mahina is a little girl visiting her Tutu. Throughout the day, Mahina learns that not everything is what it seems.

Rabbit Trails

by AmyG

Side A:

Dayo and the Fennec Fox is a story about the Lords provision and how it is more blessed to give and to tithe. It is set in Timbuktu in 1342.

Side B:

Amina and the Red Panda is about choosing friends that...

Pepper Jones

by Laurie Joyce

Do animals communicate with other kinds of animals? I think they do. Just sit back and watch them. I think you will agree.

Betty Bee’S Attitude

by Jacquelyn S. Arnold

Betty Bee makes her home in sunny meadows of black-eyed susans and daisiesnot too far from the clear blue pond and frogs with the lazies. Betty is filled with joy, love, kindness, and lots of gratitude. Betty...

Rabbit Trails

by AmyG

Eva and the Wolf-dog

A story about Dreaming Big set in a city.

Andry and the Lemur

A story about How to Serve and how

Everyday love changing Everyday lives

set in the jungle of Madagascar.

Rabbit Trails offer...

Feathered Friendship

by Katy Rae Mackey

Feathered Friendship explores the joys of friendship by providing playful scenes through the vantage point of two kindhearted birds. A storm has ended and Monsieur Cardinal Chirpingham is eager to approach the...


by Becky Williams

Ever look at your pet and ask, what is this pet thinking? What kind of past does this pet have? Becky Williams gives the answer to these questions about her dog, Sobaka. Sobakas past was unknown, but her reactions...

The Rock

by Nancy M. Femenella & Lesley-Anne Dale

The glimmering ocean, schools of colorful fish swimming, sunbathing seals, hammering sea otters, crawling starfish and conch, foraging stingray, emerging monarch butterflies, the stars and the moon -- All that...

Proverbs from Turtle Pond

by Eric Napoli & Andrew Engl

Proverbs from Turtle Pond developed from a writing assignment given by author Eric Napoli to his students at Rivendell Study Center, and from there it took on a life of its own. The characters within the stories...

Rabbit Trails

by AmyG

Rabbit Trails Book 1

Side A: "The Boy and the Dragon"

A miraculous tale of an orphan boy stumbling upon a magnificent dragon and learning how to become a knight, set in Medieval England. A story that focuses on...