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Scars Run Deep

by Mark Mansfield

Emily is an innocent 15 year old who knows little of the harsh world around her. Protected by her best friend, she has a unique ability to switch off from the world around her. After an arson attack on her school,...

Don't Close Your Eyes

by Bob Hostetler & Mark Chambers

Do your little ones resist going to sleep? Lull them to sleep with a fun bedtime challenge in Don't Close Your Eyes!

Children have a lot of fun packed into a day, and they don’t always want it to end. Award-winning...

Annabell’S Talent Search

by Colleen Rasco & Chuck Lobb

Annabell is on a search for her talents. She discovers through a series of failures and successes that God gives each person unique abilities and passion. Sometimes, all you need is a trip to your grandmothers....

Feathered Friendship

by Katy Rae Mackey

Feathered Friendship explores the joys of friendship by providing playful scenes through the vantage point of two kindhearted birds. A storm has ended and Monsieur Cardinal Chirpingham is eager to approach the...

Drawing in the Woods

by Lillian Burnaman

This book seeks to provide a strategy for when a child gets lost. We all need something to do when we feel lost and thats the purpose of this book. Sit down, cry out to God and He will provide an answer. Through...

Texas Size Faith

by Autumn Corn

As a young cowboy grows into his identity he struggles with what his heart desires and what he portrays on the outside. Through a series of comical incidences the boy discovers that his faith in what God has...

Mama, How Do You Get to Heaven?

by Veronica Watford

DeVonna is curious about the Heaven that she has heard about for most of her life, both at home and in church. In order to resolve her curiosity about this Heaven, DeVonna asks her mom the ultimate question....

My Sun, Moon, and Stars

by Janis Marek Harper

How long can Mason stall his parents before they tuck him into bed? Some of the best conversationsand performancesoccur at bedtime. Timeless values often come from big thoughts of clever little boys. As long...

Who Stole Baby Jesus?

by Constance Messer

The story concerns two young boys who are upset because the baby Jesus is missing from the nativity scene in the churchs yard. They go on a hunt for the baby Jesus, and the story ends happily.

The story reminds...

The Adventures of Happy the Flamingo:

by Blake & Amy Ozier

This is a true story about two kids who go on vacation with their family, but dont realize that God has a whole other adventure planned. After much fun at theme parks, hotels, eateries, and more, they happen...

Anna Lee’S Invisible Friend

by Parker Lyn Moseley

Anna Lees Invisible Friend is about a young girl named Anna Lee who has recently discovered that Jesus is not only the man she reads about in her bible, talks about at church, and prays to before meals, but...

Mr. Ivan’S Farm

by Cynthia Fintel & Kaylee Yost

Growing up on a farm means always staying busy but also having a lot of fun. In Mr. Ivans Farm, you will follow along as his granddaughter tells all about the farm and the things on it. You will go through the...

The Greatest Dream Ever Told

by Bro. Poole

The book, The Greatest Dream Ever Told, is a fictional adventure of a grandpa and his beagle dog, as they travel back into the Bible to visit some of Gods greatest people in the midst of their trials, tribulations,...

The Marvelous Mud House

by April Graney & Alida Massari

Based on a true story! A 2018 ECPA Christian Book Award Finalist (New Author category).

Ben and his American family live in a hungry ranch house where they are always wanting more. But then they travel far...

Early Sunday Morning

by Denene Millner & Vanessa Brantley-Newton

Early Sunday Morning is the first offering from Denene Millner Books, the new children’s line published under Agate’s Bolden imprint in partnership with Denene Millner, the noted parenting authority, editor,...

In a Family, Everyone Helps- Children's Family Life Books

by Baby Professor

It is very important that your child understands the concept of family, not just as a unit of society but as a circle where he/she belongs to. In this book, we're going to discuss how families help and care...

Chores and Responsibilities: A Child's Guide- Children's Family Life Books

by Baby Professor

When your kids are giving you a hard time when it comes to responsibilities and assignments at home, then this book is perfect for you. This book aims to make children understand the concept of responsibility...

Not Every Family Looks the Same- Children's Family Life Books

by Baby Professor

Look at your mom and your dad. Now look at grandma and grandpa. You will notice that they may not look the same. Genetics can explain that. But what matters is that you understand that families may not look...

Siblings and Sharing- Children's Family Life Books

by Baby Professor

Will you be introducing a new member to the family soon? Then you need to give your older child a copy of this book. Here, your child will learn how to become a good older brother/sister. It’s always best...

Dad's Need Hugs Too- Children's Family Life Books

by Baby Professor

Nobody’s perfect and no family is, but you can always make relationships better each day. This Children’s Family Life Book edition teaches your little ones that daddies need hugs too. Make your children...