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The White Forest

by Aviya Carmen & Bonhomme Obadiah

It was the morning of the king’s Birthday Celebration. Young Prince Ayron was worried about his hairdo until the Queen summoned him to dine with her privately. His father’s kingdom was in danger and he had...

Tower of Nirvana (The Trinity Trials Book 1)

by Dexter Carr Jr, Tyrell Williams & Leonice Williamson

Demitrius, son of the Archangel Michael, and Mathias, son of the Archangel Gabriel, were with their mutual friend, Melody, exploring places they weren’t supposed to, as usual. It was in front of the forbidden...

The Forgotten Princesses

by Angela Bonomo

When Princess Bella and Princess Rosie are given magical necklaces, they feel their world is just about perfect. But when their fathers attention turns toward his kingdom, their smiles and necklaces begin to...

God—The Ultimate Superhero Vs. the Villain Named Jealousy!

by Yanick A. Kane & Fanny Wen

The message inside is child friendly, but it is applicable to all. Once you read GodThe Ultimate Superhero vs. The Villain named Jealousy!, you will discover why it is never warranted to envy others. God promises...

Children of the Light

by Deborah J. Perez

You will be drawn into the life of orphan siblings who are searching for more in a dark and troubled world, where there are no Christian churches, no Bibles, and no one dares to speak the name of Jesus. With...

The Adventures of Zooming Zip

by B. Daniel Fitzgerald

The Unleashed Series takes readers on an amazing journey through the adventurous lives of a gifted pack of rescued dogs. The dogswhich each have their own unique stories of survival and spiritual growthuse their...

My Dozen Angels

by Irene (Iryna) Colvin & Kathleen Walker

Most children have heard or read about angels. It is this authors vision to give each child their own special angel for each month. Just like snowflakes, no two angels are alike. Each child can individualize...

Sam's Big Break

by Sheryl A. Mitchell

Sam's love for running, jumping, and skipping, causes a big mess. Heartbroken, he turns to his loving dad. His dad takes the broken pieces of his mess and creates something beautiful. Sam's Big Break reveals...

Princess Abigail and the Rose

by Brandi Cook

Princess Abigail loves her father and the beautiful flowers in his garden. When the king gives his daughter specific instructions about the flowers in the garden, Abigail decides to disobey him. What will happen...

The Miracle of the Shared Lily Pad

by Susan I Anderson

This book is a story about Freddie the frog who is given a special gift from God, a beautiful place to live. Freddie learns to share his gift and subsequently grows in his love for Gods other creatures. Every...

A Sugary Tale of Mrs. Ant Hony

by Peggy L. Leehy & Anna

This is the whimsical tale of a sweet little ant named Mrs. Ant Hony, whose heartfelt prayers are answered when a little girl lamb and a little boy lamb learn to do nice things for others.

Beyond the Rainbow

by Patricia A. Copperwheat

Beyond the Rainbow takes you on the spiritual journey of Dorthea, an introverted preteen who lacks identity and purpose. In infancy, Dortheas unprepared grandparents were called upon to raise her after the death...

The Merchant

by Michelle King

This endearing story stars an eccentric, exceedingly wealthy Merchant in disguise. He drives a white cube van to a flea market where he proceeds to purchase everything. After lovingly restoring each piece, he...

The Carnelian Legacy

by Cheryl L. Koevoet

Eighteen-year-old Marisa MacCallum always believed that the man of her dreams was out there somewhere. The problem is--hes in another dimension.

After the death of her father, Marisa only wants to find comfort...

A Case for Unicorns

by Susan E. Lane

Unicorns exist only in books, on television, and in movies. But what if they were real? And what if we could help them return to earth?

In author Susan E. Lanes book, A Case for Unicorns: A Faerie Story, what...

The Carnelian Tyranny

by Cheryl L. Koevoet

Three months after her fateful trip through the vortex, Marisa MacCallum is struggling to cope with the responsibilities of being a royal. And with only a few weeks left before her coronation, she starts to...

The Legend of the Wooden Bowl

by Junietta Reidhead & Lady Bug

Travis gets to eat whatever he wants, and he only likes junk food. Because his mother is always busy, Travis often eats colorful foods from packages and take-out from his favorite restaurants. He never eats...

The Adventures of Hilary Hickenbottham

by Karen Haining, Rowin Agarao & Alison Carson

Meet Hilary Hickenbottham. She’s an eight-year-old girl who lives in a remote area of Scotland.

Her family are desperately poor, but Hilary has big dreams and adventure in her bones. She’s convinced that...

Daniel and the Triune Quest

by Nathan Lumbatis

The past year of Daniel’s life has been anything but normal. Adoption by his Heavenly Father? Check. Become the Vessel for the mystical Sun Sword? Check. Charged with a quest to fight the source of all evil?...

The King's Messenger

by Carolyn Clare Givens & Stephen Hesselman

Smuggins stands every day ready and waiting in the King’s courtroom in the King’s castle. It’s the center of all the kingdom, perched high in its city, rising from the plains around it. The King’s people...