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Bad marriage advice

by Pharable

Decide what your husband wants and what he doesn't get: men leave because they feel something is missing, missing, or died in the marriage and they have no idea how to get it back.

(And if the marriage has been...

Bad and good dating advice

by Pharable

If you try to make a woman feel safe too early, you will destroy everything she wants to know about tension and unpredictability.

If you give too much "security" to a woman at an early stage, tell her subconsciously...

What Would Jesus Do?

by Magdalene Pagratis

A book for children, to nourish their faith and love for Jesus Christ, to keep Him alive inside their minds and hearts and to encourage their imagination to take flight. In What Would Jesus Do? Book 2 of the...

Jesus in Town

by Magdalene Pagratis

Bartholomew has an active imagination, and he just can’t stop telling the truth right afterward! He’s fed up with being picked on by Tommy and his friends and sees Jesus coming to town and fixing them with...

Betty Bee’S Attitude

by Jacquelyn S. Arnold

Betty Bee makes her home in sunny meadows of black-eyed susans and daisiesnot too far from the clear blue pond and frogs with the lazies. Betty is filled with joy, love, kindness, and lots of gratitude. Betty...

Silly and His Best Friend

by Larry Jones

The first day at a new school can be frightening for any child. Where is your class? Who is your teacher? Who will be your friend? This book follows Silly, a positive, smiling ten-year-old boy on his first day...

I Know Who I Am

by Sis. Jackie

Its hard to do the right thing about everything all the time. You are human. You make mistakes. Did you know Paul from your Bible stories had a hard time convincing Christians he no longer wanted to kill them...

Samuel's Pancakes

by Renee Walker-David

This is a story about a little boy named Samuel who looks forward to his mothers pancakes every Saturday morning. One Saturday, Oliver, his friend from next door, walks into his kitchen during breakfast. The...

Betty Bee's Attitude

by Jacquelyn S. Arnold

Betty Bee is filled with joy, love, kindness, and lots of gratitudeand she has the perfect Bee Attitude, which she considers a gift from God above.

In this third book in an eight-part series, Betty Bee hurries...

Cody in the Eagle's Nest

by Noni Paterlini & Kody Skelly

It is breakfast time on a beautiful summer day, and Cody can hardly eat. Summer is calling him to come outside and explore!

Cody happens to be a very curious little boy, and out of this comes an adventure with...

Sustaining Grayce

by Sandra Hare

Grayce is coping with as much stress as a fourteen-year-old can handle, and then she is asked to help Peggy, a fun-loving teen who happens to be fighting cancer. Share the laughter and heartache as Peggy and...

The Magic Candle

by Robin L. Naeger

A warmhearted story of one little girls struggles and the impact her courage has on the lives of others.

When young Lessa Hughes is left to care for her ailing father, she enlists the help of a peculiar neighbor...

Sharing the Love

by Christel D. Preik

Sharing the Love is a collection of short stories. It is meant to inspire children to grow in faith with love, joy, and peace, which are the first three fruits of the Spirit. Children learn to enjoy life to...

Owen and Eleanor Move In

by H. M. Bouwman & Charlie Alder

Owen and Eleanor Move In is a story about what it means to have a home...and what it means to be a friend

When eight-year-old Eleanor moves into the bottom half of a duplex with her family, she is not happy....

A Story About the Child of God

by Vytautas V. Landsbergis

p "A Story About the Child of God" by Vytautas V. Landsbergis resembles a traditional classical fairy tale. The book contains a lot of easy to unterstand quotes from The Bible, interwoven into a adventure packed...

Moving Forward

by Julie Glynn Miller

Kylie Rae Daniels is a young girl with so much going for her—until she had to move away from everything she ever knew in Sacramento, California, to the unknown of Seatlle, Washington. Faced with a new school,...

We Are Neighbors! Being a Part of Community - Social Skills Book Kindergarten | Children's Friendship & Social Skills Books

by Baby Professor

Kindergarteners are not high in EQ yet, that’s a given. But you can do something to improve their EQ levels and that’s by educating them. You can use picture books, like this, to instill valuable lessons...

The Lonely Little Star

by Cathy Summar Flynn & LLC High Art Forms

After much anticipation, the day is finally here! Mr. and Mrs. Twilight are happy to announce the arrival of their Lonely Little Star. While different from other stars in the nursery to the happy parents, he...

Phoebe finds her feet

by Kathy Lee

How to relieve peer pressure - some suggestions: a) Don't have any friends b) Become known for being slightly weird, but harmless c) Fight back. Stand firm. Defend your principles, quoting 23 different Bible...

Flexible Kid

by Kay Kinnear

Cassie's life is all about being flexible. Well, when you live with your gran and your dad works on a ship thousands of miles away, it has to be. But when Cassie tries to make friends with Leyla, an asylum seeker...