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25 Smelly Christmas Stories Rhyming Picture Book - Counting Down With Cheerful & Smelly Christmas Rhymes - Humor Dog Books: Smelly Christmas Countdown

by El Ninjo & Timmie Gu

Your kid will love to open up these 25 fart surprise doors one per day and counting down to Christmas day the fun & farty way! The Holiday season has never been funnier, more hilarious & more fart intensive...

A Birthday Boy Named Jesus

by Louise Crossley & Graham Preston

Just like clowns, magicians and dancing dogs, Santa is a great entertainer. At Jesus' birthday party his friends are captured by the entertainer and they forget the real reason for Christmas. But what happens...

Sarah's Secret

by Robert McConnell & June Lawrason

possible, without the help of her older brother. When she sees her snowman, Max, come to life in a Christmas Eve frolic, her family refuses to believe her story.

The Boy Who Hated Christmas

by Miriam Madison

This book is for children who like to read and parents who read to them. It is also about loss and ideas that can make a difference. It is about love and kindness. It is about the Christmas story and the true...

A Christmas Friend

by William Turner

The book features two little girls, a dog, and a donkey, plus Santa Claus and his "talking reindeer." Mikea lived in the desolate North Land. She had no friends, so she wrote a letter to Santa Claus, asking...

The Little Pine Tree

by Nina C. Allen

The Little Pine Tree, reflects the yearning and impatience of any young person to grow up and explore the outside world. He wants to be special and beautiful too, and has a dream of his own. Will he be successful?...

Why Do We Celebrate Christmas? Holidays Kids Book | Children's Christmas Books

by Baby Professor

Christmas is more than just gift-giving. It holds a much deeper meaning that has something do with Jesus Christ and the history of Christianity. If you trace its historic roots, you can see that the first Christmas...

December Holidays from around the World - Holidays Kids Book | Children's Around the World Books

by Baby Professor

Did you know that Christmas is not the only holiday celebrated in December? Yes, Christmas is acerbated around the world but in specific regions globally, they have their own December celebrations too. This...

Where's the Line to See Jesus?

by Judith L. Sawyer & Becky Kelley

This book is written with love based on a true story. Becky Kelley took her nephew to see Santa and he asked, "Where's the line to see Jesus?"

It is our hope that this book brings a great message into your hearts...

No Room: A Read-Aloud Story of Christmas

by Peter H. Riddle & Shelley Hustins

Christmas is a time for celebration, for families, and especially for the giving of gifts, and there can be no greater gift than to share one's home. Kindness brings its own rewards, and sometimes more, as the...

The Carpenter's  Son

by Tammy Moss & Sandra B Moss

Did you ever wonder about the manger that Jesus was laid in when he was born?

People are traveling to Bethlehem to be counted in the census decreed by Caesar Augustus and everyone is busy getting ready for friends...

A Christmas Treasury

by Charles Dickens

Here is A Christmas Treasury for all ages. Included are Twas the Night Before Christmas by Clement C. Moore, A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens, The Gift of the Magi by O. Henry, The Life and Adventures of...

Where Does Thanksgiving Day Come From? | Children's Holidays & Celebrations Books

by Baby Professor

You celebrate Thanksgiving every year but what’s the true essence of the celebration? This book will show you the why, what and how of Thanksgiving. Composed of vibrant pictures that have been carefully selected...

Prayers for Children at Christmas Time - Children's Christian Prayer Books

by Baby Professor

This is a big collection of prayers for your little readers. It is important that you nurture your child's spirituality by adding the religious significance to Christmas celebration. Teach your child that Christmas...

Prayers for Children to Celebrate Thanksgiving - Children's Christian Prayer Books

by Baby Professor

There are so many things to be thankful of. You have your family, your friends and the community who care for you. Why don't you say a little prayer for all of them, in the spirit of Thanksgiving? If you need...

What Is the True Meaning of Christmas? | Children’s Jesus Book

by Baby Professor

Beyond the gifts and spirit, Christmas is a definite religious celebration. It’s time your child discovers the true meaning of Christmas direct from this picture book. The great thing about letting your child...

He is Risen! The Story of Easter | Children’s Jesus Book

by Baby Professor

Easter is not just about the Easter bunny and its colorful eggs. A long time ago, a dead man rose from the dead after three days. The story of Easter is a story of hope and new beginnings. It is time that your...

Prayers for Children to Celebrate Easter - Children's Christian Prayer Books

by Baby Professor

Easter is more than just the fun activity of egg hunting. It is a celebration that commemorates the time when Jesus rose from the dead. So during this day, teach your child to pray. This book will give you an...

Jesus and the Meaning of Easter | Children's Christianity Books

by Baby Professor

There is a deeper meaning to Easter. It’s not just about egg hunting and the Easter bunny. It’s a celebration of Jesus life and Resurrection. Let your child read about Jesus and the Meaning of Easter. Reading...

Where Does Easter Come From? | Children's Holidays & Celebrations Books

by Baby Professor

This book provides a quick but in-depth discussion of the beginnings of Easter. With such knowledge, your child should be able to better appreciate the celebration and really take to hear its meaning. After...