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Saint Clare of Assisi

by Kim Hee & ju

Saint Clare had everything a young girl could want: wealth, a loving family, and her faith. Her father desired the best for her and planned that she would marry according to the family's position in society....

Missionary Kid Stories

by Jennifer Brannon

Missionary Kid Stories is a collection of six fictionalized missionary kids first-hand accounts of their lives.

Learn where the missionary kids live, where they go to school, what languages they speak, what...

Desperate March

by Carolyn Koster Yost

Abraham is one of thousands of children who fled on foot after enemies set fire to their villages and often killed their families. The children walked over a thousand miles across Sudan and Ethiopia, ending...

Popae The "Almost Brave" Little Lisu Hunter

by Lenora Bush

Popae The "Almost Brave" Little Lisu Hunter is the story of two days in the life of a Lisu Hilltribe child.  The easy to read text allows young English readers to enter Popae's world. 

Young readers will learn...

The Marvelous Mud House

by April Graney & Alida Massari

Ben and his American family live in a hungry ranch house where they are always wanting more. But then they travel far across the world to Kenya and visit the marvelous mud house where George and Mama George...

The Many Gifts of Our Gracious Father | Children's Christianity Books

by Baby Professor

Now is the perfect time to grow your child’s faith. Let him/her know that blessings are gifts of God. This way, your child will learn about the values of gratitude and generosity. One of the best ways to introduce...

Jesus and the 12 Disciples | Children's Christianity Books

by Baby Professor

When the bible is too much of a reading material for your kids yet, then this book is your closest alternative. This is one of the best bedtime reads for your kids if you want them closer to Jesus and to live...

Walking in the Path of Jesus | Children's Christianity Books

by Baby Professor

Help your child walk in the path of Jesus by learning from this book. Read its contents to your child as a bedtime story or to calm him/her down right after play time. There are so many values and lessons that...

My First Neighborhood Book: Common Faces and Places Around My Home and Town - Baby & Toddler Color Books

by Baby Professor

This is a places and faces book that your little learner deserves to have. In the pages of this book, he/she will be exposed to the immediate surrounding and that will lead to a better understanding of the world...

Faith, Family, and Following Jesus | Children's Christianity Books

by Baby Professor

This is one of the best inspirational books ever produced. Faith, family and Jesus’ teachings are all integrated into a single book for the enjoyment and learning of your children. They will not only have...

The Great Patriarchs of the Bible Who Followed God | Children's Christianity Books

by Baby Professor

The Bible is rich with stories of people who have devoted their lives to follow God. By knowing their stories, it is highly possible that your child will also acquire those values to become better Christians....

Learning to Love Your Neighbor | Children's Christianity Books

by Baby Professor

God said to love your neighbor. Why would He say that and what does He mean by it? Let’s try to dissect God’s teaching to better understand His context and what He expects from us. Since this book has been...

Name That Bible Character! Practice Book | PreK–Grade K - Ages 4 to 6

by Baby Professor

There are many ways to learn from the Bible. You can read from it directly, study from tracing or you can play themed games. This practice book offers an interactive activity that kids aged 4 to 6 would absolutely...

Finding Out Who God Really Is | Children's Christianity Books

by Baby Professor

Make your kids understand who and what God does with this edition of Christianity book: Finding out who God Really is. Retrace God’s footsteps and share His greatest history with your children for them to...

Learn to Walk in Faith, Prayer, and Thanksgiving | Children's Christianity Books

by Baby Professor

Help your child Learn to Walk in Faith, Prayer and Thanksgiving by giving him/her a copy of this fine educational resource. Reading is simple sentences and understanding their meanings is one step towards independent...

The Gift

by Carlos M Valverde & Carlos M Valverde

The Gift is a children’s book that tells the story of a child asking his or her parents the question that many parents get from their children: “Mom, dad, how did I come to be?” As readers turn the pages...

When Lightning Struck!: The Story of Martin Luther

by Danika Cooley

Martin Luther's life was too exciting not to be written for teens and younger readers! In this fast-paced, action-packed novel of Martin Luther's life, teen readers (and more than a few adults!) will be introduced...

The Donkey Boy: Tales from the Life of Jesus

by Doreen Harrison

Ben is like any other 10 year old boy in Galilee, taking goods and fish to market on the back of his donkey. That is why they call him the donkey boy.

But unusual things begin to happen when Ben meets up with...

Just Like You

by Marla Stewart Konrad & Lin Wang

On the day you were born,God wrapped his gentle armsaround the whole world.What do a crackling fire, a tinkling rattle, and beaded necklaces have in common? They are gifts welcoming brand-new babies into the...