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The Adventures of Andy Ant: The Swimming Hole Disaster

by Lawrence W. O'Nan

Andy Ant, a little ant with big ideas, and his human friend Joey will delight your children with their exciting adventures. The imaginative stories in these fun, colorful books will both entertain your children...

The Adventures of Andy Ant: Lawn Mower On The Loose

by Lawrence W. O'Nan

Andy Ant, a little ant with big ideas, and his human friend Joey will delight your children with their exciting adventures. The imaginative stories in these fun, colorful books will both entertain your children...

Thank You, God

by Holly Bea & Kim Howard

A young girl is up before the sun in a picturesque mountain town. It is early spring and the trees are beginning to flower and set out their first leaves. Everywhere she turns, she finds reasons to be grateful....

The Beatitudes Explained

by Silvia Vecchini & Antonio Vincenti

This illustrated, interactive series teaches children ages 8–12 how to apply the teachings of basic catechism in short, easy-to-understand lessons drawing from contemporary life, scripture history, saints,...

The Other Kitten

by Patricia St John

Mark picked up a black and white kitten with four white paws and a white nose. 'We'll have this one,' he said. 'No,' said Carol, picking up a grey tabby, 'we're having this one, and I'll call it Fluff because...

Don't Close Your Eyes

by Bob Hostetler & Mark Chambers

Do your little ones resist going to sleep? Lull them to sleep with a fun bedtime challenge in Don't Close Your Eyes!

Children have a lot of fun packed into a day, and they don’t always want it to end. Award-winning...

Life with Faith

by Faith June Addison

Life with Faith is an inspirational childrens book from the view of a little girls heart and how Gods Word relates to her life. This book was truly inspired by her childlike faith. She was motivated to continue...

Betty Bee’S Attitude

by Jacquelyn S. Arnold

Betty Bee makes her home in sunny meadows of black-eyed susans and daisiesnot too far from the clear blue pond and frogs with the lazies. Betty is filled with joy, love, kindness, and lots of gratitude. Betty...

My Little Skeets

by Gina Z

The Christian series of childrens books that I have written are filled with exciting tales of five young roller skates who each possess their own distinct personality. Also I have kept my books so simple that...

God's Original Superheroes

by Gina Burns & Sara Burrier

Beautifully illustrated, Gods Original Superheroes is a perfect book for parents and grandparents to teach children truth about the Angels Love, Protection and Infinite Desire to do His Will, all the time remaining...

A Drop of Happiness

by Moises D. Rodriguez

Joy is a four-year-old girl who innocently misunderstood the blessing that the Lord had prepared for that day. She believes that it will rain, so she prepares for it. While looking for her rain boots, raincoat,...

Silly and His Best Friend

by Larry Jones

The first day at a new school can be frightening for any child. Where is your class? Who is your teacher? Who will be your friend? This book follows Silly, a positive, smiling ten-year-old boy on his first day...

Johnny and the Light

by Deriyun McGee & Angel dela Peña

This book is about a boy named Johnny, who is afraid to go to bed without a light at night. He is afraid because he is visited by evil spirits when he sleeps without a light. One day his mom reads to him about...

I Can’T Wait Until Morning

by Bernice Heyward Mullins

Bernice Heyward Mullins is an assistant principal with Sumter Schools in Sumter, South Carolina. Her book I Cant Wait until Morning takes you away from your beds into a world of adventures, wild day dreams,...

Texas Size Faith

by Autumn Corn

As a young cowboy grows into his identity he struggles with what his heart desires and what he portrays on the outside. Through a series of comical incidences the boy discovers that his faith in what God has...

Treasure of the Moaning Ghost

by Dorothy Skinner

In the book Treasure of the Moaning Ghost Rustys world tumbles when he overhears Grandpop tell a roof repairman, Come fall Ill have to sell Since losing his dad, Rusty cant bear the thought of Grandpop moving...


by Kathryn S. Patterson

Meet ten year old Daniela as she travels back in time to 450 BC Persia in search of Queen Esther. Find out how she meets Queen Esther and her cousin, Mordecai. Learn how Esther becomes Queen of Persia and takes...

Rabbit Trails

by AmyG

Rabbit Trails Book 2

Side A: "Tad and the Flying Squirrel"

Tad is a normal boy struggling to live up to his father's name; the legendary Honda Tadakatsu, the most revered samurai of all time. A tale set in fifteenth-century...

The Results of Not Counting the Costs Ii

by Chaplain Ken McCoy Doctor of Ministry

The Bible says in Proverbs 18:21, Death and life are in the power of the tongue: and they that love it shall eat the fruit thereof. The young boy we meet in this book, Timmy, is consumed with the words that...

The Adventures of Dax and Brutus

by Nancy Curran

Its the season for giving and thinking of others, but Dax can only concentrate on one thinghimself. As his mom wraps oodles of presents to give away to others less fortunate, Dax notices only one gift with his...