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A New Dawn: Your Favorite Authors on Stephenie Meyer's Twilight Series: Completely Unauthorized

by Ellen Hopkins

Fans of the literary phenomenon known as the Twilight series can’t help wanting more. A New Dawn gives it to them, inviting readers to join some of their favorite YA authors as they look at the series with...

The Dark Dreamweaver

The Remin Chronicles #1

by Nick Ruth & Sue Concannon

Eleven-year-old David is suffering from nightmares. Over and over again, he dreams about a strange, bear-like man with black eyes. He's not the only one; an epidemic of nightmares seems to have infected the...


by Erica O'Rourke

"I beat you. Twice. No magic, and I still beat you. And that was when I didn't know what I was doing." I smiled, cold as the winter sky outside. "Imagine what I'm capable of now."

Mo Fitzgerald has made her choice:...

Team Human

by Justine Larbalestier & Sarah Rees Brennan

Readers who love vampire romances will be thrilled to devour Team Human by Justine Larbalestier and Sarah Rees Brennan. Team Human celebrates and parodies the Twilight books, as well as other classics in the...


by David Jones

A middle reader novel finds a 14 year old boy transformed into a baboon after a plane crash. He must both find a way to survive with and care about his new family and a way to return to his human parents where...

Monks in Space

by David Jones

An action-filled juvenile novel set on a spaceship monastery tells how the quiet life of a novice, Bart, turns into a series of disasters and he must risk everything to save just a few of the ship's 70 occupants....

The Stone Key

The Obernewtyn Chronicles #6

by Isobelle Carmody

Friend becomes foe and trust is a thing of the past when the Misfits’ most relentless enemy turns Elspeth’s world upside down. Through coercion and mind control, Ariel stands on the cusp of his ultimate...

Ghost Crown: The Tracks, Book Two

by J. Gabriel Gabriel Gates & Charlene Keel

After their recent harrowing adventures, Middleburg's teens are hoping life will return to normal. Despite a tentative alliance between the goth Flatliners and the posh, preppie Toppers, any hope of peace is...

The Elves of Owls Head Mountain Trilogy

by Jamie Sutliff & Kevin C. Evans

Illustrated Y/A fantasy based on Native American beliefs in magical creatures such as wind-walkers and shape-shifters An Algonquian shaman/sorcerer summons a boy from his dimension in the Adirondack Mountains...

The Codex Lacrimae: The Mariner's Daughter and Doomed Knight

by A.J. J. Carlisle


The Codex Lacrimae, a book of ancient evil, is loose again in the...


by Pam Bachorz

In the model community of Candor, Florida, every teen wants to be like Oscar Banks. The son of the town's founder, Oscar earns straight As, is student-body president, and is in demand for every club and cause....

Angel Isle

by Peter Dickinson

ONCE THE 24 MOST powerful magicians in the Empire pledged to use their magic only to protect the people. But the promise that bound them has now corrupted them. They have become a single terrible entity with...

The Wizard of Oz

by L. Frank Baum

Santore's version of the L. Frank Baum fantasy is highly visual yet faithful to the original story. never before have the Land of the Munchkins been more enchanting, the forest of Oz more foreboding, or the...

Lies Beneath

Lies Beneath #1

by Anne Greenwood Brown

Fans of Amanda Hocking's novel, Wake, will dive into this paranormal romance featuring mermaids--the killer kind--and won't come up for air!

Calder White lives in the cold, clear waters of Lake Superior, the...

The White Glove War

by Katie Crouch & Grady Hendrix

Money, beauty, power, and love -- the youngest members of the Magnolia League have it all. Some may call them lucky, but the truth is they're charmed. Armed with spells, potions, and conjures from the powerful...

The Road to Oz

by L Frank Baum & Peter Archer

Dorothy and her friend, Polychrome, find themselves on a road through some strange places, to the Land of the Winkies, and on to beautiful Emerald City. But why are they there, and how did they get there? Princess...

Enter the Clans

Warriors Field Guide #5

by Erin Hunter

Contains the complete text of both Secret of the Clans and Code of the Clans.

Welcome to the world of ThunderClan, RiverClan, ShadowClan, WindClan, and SkyClan. . . .

Here, the secrets behind the Clans are revealed....

Sword Mountain

by Nancy Yi Fan

Can dandelion and her raptor friends save Sword mountain?

Nancy Yi Fan, the New York Times bestselling author of Swordbird, is back with her richly imagined fantasy bird world.

On her sky-born day, Dandelion is...

Tiger Lily

by Jodi Lynn Anderson

In this stunning re-imagining of J. M. Barrie's beloved classic Peter Pan, New York Times bestselling author Jodi Lynn Anderson expertly weaves a gripping tale of love, loss, and adventure.

Before Peter Pan belonged...

A String in the Harp

by Nancy Bond

A family in mourning...an ancient bard... and a harp key that brings them together.

When fifteen-year-old Jen Morgan flies to Wales to spend Christmas with her family, she's not expecting much from the holiday....