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A Boy and His Blue Dog

by Holly Munns

A boy named Nick and his blue dog Solo go on an adventure into their garden and find that Lucy the frog has gone missing. They go looking for Lucy and bump into more of their wildlife friends along the way....


by Betzaida Urtaza Elizburu

A girl gets lost in the forest and it gets dark.

Will she be able to get home?

What will happen to her?

The N.U.W.E. 2060

by Becker,Daniel

A seemingly perfect world plagued with a devastating secret. A deceitful villain poses an invisible threat. A determined hero discovers a dark mystery and sets out to find then expose the truth.

Set in the year...

Auntie M's Unusual Bedsides Stories

by Auntie M

The stories in this book stretches the imagination and provoke peaceful and pleasant dreams for those that read it just before bedtime.

Shaun the Leprechaun and Other Children’s Short Stories

by Patricia E. Beattie & Samuel Batley

Shaun, the little Leprechaun, who lives near Larne, in N Ireland, has many adventures. During a holiday visit to the island of Cyprus, he performs magic, and saves a village from disaster, much to the delight...

A Dad Hair Day!

by Buddy Geissler & Morgan Mansfield

While Mom is away, Dad is in charge of getting Molly Roo off to school. Things don’t go quite as planned, and Molly shares her morning adventures with her teacher. Dads and daughters everywhere will appreciate...

Larry, the Leaf

by Wilburn,John C.

A leaf? What can be so exciting about a leaf? Well, you haven't met Larry the leaf and his friends. There's Max, the giant maple tree where Larry lives; Flo, Larry's girlfriend; and Milton, the black bear. There's...

The Bright Story

by Williams,Barbara

The title Bright Story is for children to be knowledgeable of what they read. And all the facts in this book is all what happened in my life. Which will make them a brilliant student from what they'd learned...

Do Animals Believe In God?

by Carl Solomon Sr.

Do Animals Believe In God? is a story of what some of the creatures of the earth might say if they could speak if asked, "Do you believe in God?" This book is filled with beautiful illustrations of Daniel's...

The Tiny Disciples

by Nicketa Nevils

As a mother and a minister, Nicketa Nevils has always endeavored to help empower children, thus the Tiny Disciples were created. She wanted children to know the hope, help, and love that God has provided in...

Daddy, Do Angels Have Wings

by Teofilo "Chito" Sanchez

Art Linkletter once said, "Children say the darndest things," but in this book, an innocent child asks the "darndest question." Although the question, "Daddy, do angels have wings?" is a simple one, it is also...

Exploring The Bible With Nana's Babays

by Laura Hall

Fun stories written in a way that help children understand the Bible.

God Is Always With Us: Ten Children's Stories of Hope, Faith and Trust

by Harris,Helene

These ten stories describe how un-Christian actions such as jealousy, backstabbing, lying, selfishness, and egotism can affect us as people. God intervenes in each of these ten stories and helps each animal...

The Candlelight Stories

by Mary Eleanor Wolfe

Mary Eleanor Wolfe 1894""1987 Mary Eleanor Wolfe was one of the most delightful people I've ever had the good fortune to know. I can still hear her lilting chuckle and see her sparkling blue eyes! Mary was a...

The Candlelight Stories

by Mary Eleanor Wolfe

Mary Eleanor Wolfe 1894""1987 Mary Eleanor Wolfe was one of the most delightful people I've ever had the good fortune to know. I can still hear her lilting chuckle and see her sparkling blue eyes! Mary was a...

Night of Fright

by Cheryl Anderson

Horace of the Forest Horace is a nice young goblin who shares the haunted forest with an assortment of mouthy, rotten monsters. Every day, they bully him until he's so sad and mad that he wanders out of the...

Exciting Short Stories

by R.E. Rice

This book is about real-life adventures that you could have made in your life as well in your family and your friends' lives. With tons of excitement and packed full of suspense, this book will also show you...

Where is Blue and Other Stories

by Shirley E. Wynn

This book is an assortment of children's stories:

Story I: About a puppy a little boy named Blue (Where is Blue)

Story II: A story about three Angels each one has a special mission to accomplish

Story III: A young...

Super Bros

by M. D. G Orsmby

Mr. Puddlehead and Mrs. Sticky Wheel are blessed to have two sons who love to play and explore together. They never get tired, and they never give up.

But the boys possess a power greater than that of any superhero....

The Adventures of Slickey, Trickey, Ickey, and the Bad Cat Earl

by McClure,Charles

Bad Cat Earl is up to his tricks again, and it?s only two days before Christmas. Why is he so silent? Who is the receiver of his mysterious letter? What happened to all the Christmas presents and what?s the...