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When I Was the Greatest

by Jason Reynolds & Michael Frost

In Bed Stuy, New York, a small misunderstanding can escalate into having a price on your head—even if you’re totally clean. This gritty, triumphant debut that Publishers Weekly calls “a funny and rewarding...

Autobiography of My Dead Brother

by Walter Dean Myers & Christopher Myers

The thing was that me and Rise were blood brothers, but sometimes I really didn't know him. . . .

As Jesse fills his sketchbook with drawings and portraits of Rise, he tries to make sense of the complexities...

Nirvana's Children

by Ranulfo

Book description to come.

A Room on Lorelei Street

by Mary E. Pearson

Zoe's arms prickle. She turns, trying to take it all in. The ache inside returns. It is not for her. It is too much. A real room with real floors and walls. A room for sleeping, and reading and dancing and ....

Mommy's Gone to Treatment

by Denise D. Crosson & Mike Motz

Parent guide on how to talk to children about addiction and treatment.

Brightly illustrated, easy-to-read story.

Optional coloring book.

Mommy's Coming Home from Treatment

by Denise D. Crosson & Mike Motz

Parent guide for how to talk to children about addiction and treatment and what happens after a parent/loved one returns.

The Secret of Willow Ridge: Gabe's Dad Finds Recovery

by Helen H. Moore, John C. Blackford & Claudia Black

Engaging and contemporary story with charming, age-appropriate illustrations. Foreword by Claudia Black, Ph.D. written for the target audience.

Gabi, a Girl in Pieces

by Isabel Quintero

Named to Kirkus Reviews Best Books of 2014

Named to School Library Journal Best Books of 2014

Gabi Hernandez chronicles her last year in high school in her diary: college applications, Cindy's pregnancy, Sebastian's...

White Lies

by Mark O'Sullivan

Nance, a young black girl, is trying to piece together the true story of her adoption, beginning with a newly-discovered photograph of herself as a baby. OD, her boyfriend, is struggling to cope with his crumbling...

Taking Flight

by Sheena Wilkinson

‘Beyond the fence everything is dark, but in here is our own lit-up world. Just me and Flight. Our breath snakes into the night like the aftermath of a firework.’ The only riding fifteen-year-old Declan...


by Lois Peterson

Since moving hundreds of miles to a new school, Daria has become increasingly dependent on her cell phone. Texts, Facebook and phone calls are her only connection to her friends in Calgary, and Daria needs to...

Easter Ann Peters' Operation Cool

by Jody Lamb

Twelve-year-old Easter Ann Peters has a plan to make seventh grade awesome: Operation Cool. She's determined to erase years of being known as the quiet, straight-A student who can't think of a decent comeback...

The Son Of Someone Famous

by M.E. Kerr

Though to Brenda Belle Blossom's mother he is just "that boy . . . tying those beer cans to the Christmas tree," sixteen-year-old Adam is really the son of a famous movie star who hobnobs with royalty while...

Last Night I Sang to the Monster

by Benjamin Alire Saenz

Some people have dogs. Not me. I have a therapist. I'd rather have a dog.

When Ratboy Lived Next Door

by Chris Woodworth

From the spring day in 1962 when Willis Merrill and his pet raccoon arrive in Maywood, Indiana, they are nothing but trouble for Lydia Carson. Lydia nicknames Willis "Ratboy" and wonders why he can't be more...


by Alice Mead

Some of the stuff that goes on in the Auburn Street Projects, I'm never gonna do. These projects are like some kind of never-never land, like they never got put on a regular map. Nobody comes around here on...

Tuco and Pesto

by Katerina Halmova

"Tuco and Pesto" is a funny history, that tells us how to surpass our differences, through the frienship between a dog, a cat, a girl and a vain small bird.

Playing for the Devil's Fire

by Phillippe Diederich

IThe bittersweet odyssey of a boy coming of age in a landscape broken by drugs, crime, and corruption.

Snakes & Ladders

by Shaun Smith

Thirteen-year-old Paige Morrow becomes concerned when the farmer who owns the property her family cottage is on hires a creepy tree doctor. When Paige befriends the arborist's troubled teenage daughter, Janine,...

Jockey Girl

by Shelley Peterson

In her quest to find her lost mother and to save the horse she loves, Evie discovers inner courage and develops the confidence she needs to meet her goals.