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The Tale of Two Bad Mice

by Beatrix Potter

Lucinda and Jane are two dolls living in a beautiful doll-house in the nursery. During their absence for a walk in perambulator, Tom Thumb and Hunca Munc, a curious pair of mice, bring havoc throughout the house...

Poor Cecco

by Margery Williams Bianco & Arthur Rackham

The author of The Velveteen Rabbit returns to the secret life of toys with the rollicking tale of a wooden dog who sets out to explore the world. Illustrations by Arthur Rackham.

I Saw Santa

by Thelma Carey-Thompson

Little Dwayne grew up in rural Jamaica. When Canadians visited his school and a tall white man with a white beard got off the bus, Dwayne just knew this was Santa Claus.

Justin Case

by Rachel Vail & Matthew Cordell

It's the start of the school year, and nothing feels right to Justin. He didn't get the teacher he wanted, he's not in the same class as his best friend, and his little sister, Elizabeth, is starting kindergarten...

Cybot the Robot, to make its toilet it's not a secret!

by Alain Ruiz

Your child will have a lot of fun learning how to wash with Cybo the little robot. The text is simple and pleasant. The color illustrations support the text.

Have fun together

Mr. Badger Visits Cousin Arnold

by W. J. McLennan

Mr. Badger was so excited about going to the city to visit Cousin Arnold; he could hardly sleep that night. So he decided to count sheep.

The Jimmer Jammer Stories

by K. Fredette

These are The Cheeksters and this is how they all came about...

I just wanted to give you a little history on them. This idea was first conceived when our son Jimmer was born back in 1989. My other son TJ was...

The Adventures of Maureen & Maury

by Emelia J Hardy

This is a very unusual children's book. You will find different dilemmas, different fears, and different obstacles. But you'll also find different solutions to all of these problems. You will be taken into a...

Pig and Wendy

by Stefni A Colle & Jacob Colle

When Pig and Wendy meet, they immediately become best friends.  Sometimes you just know.  They do everything together, and they promise to be best friends forever.  But when Wendy is taken away, Pig must...

Rory Aqua Adventure Man

by Michelle Path

Rory Aqua Adventure Man is a toy with a dream. All he wants is a new home and someone to play with — otherwise he will end up in The Shredder. Rory’s wish comes true but, after being swept out to sea on...

George the Best of All

by Ingrid Lee & Stéphane Denis

George stood up in the saddle and waved his hand in the air. He went up and down, up and down. The lights of the night sky glittered in his eyes. He would get himself a hat. He would get himself a pair of silver...

The True Story of George

by Ingrid Lee & Stéphane Denis

George is hardly bigger than a child's middle finger. His knees and his elbows don't bend and his legs are fused together. When Katie and Mackenzie find him at the edge of the ocean, they are unimpressed, but...

George Most Wanted

by Ingrid Lee & Stéphane Denis

At the end of The True Story of George, George, a small plastic man, went for a ride on a rocket and flew apart. Now, with Katie and Mackenzie’s help, all his parts must find each other. But his head has been...

The Puppet Wrangler

by Vicki Grant

Telly Mercer is shy and quiet, used to living in the shadow of her older sister, Bess. Then she finds herself on the set of a puppet show, staying out of the way of her overstressed aunt Kathleen. One evening...

Theodora Bear

by Carolyn Jones & Barbara Spurll

Harriet has a large collection of stuffed animals. Her favorite is an intrepid bear, Theodora (Teddy, to her friends), who leads the others in a variety of attempts to boss Harriet around and to claim the spot...

The Puppeteer's Apprentice

by D. Anne Love

Mouse works in the scullery at Dunston Manor, peeling onions, stirring the pots, sweeping the floors, and doing her best not to get into trouble with the fractious cook. Alone at night in the dark corner she...

Raggedy Andy Stories

by Johnny Gruelle

Since Raggedy Andy first appeared in print in 1920, he has delighted millions of readers with his adventurous spirit and compassionate nature.

Now he returns to captivate a new generation in this carefully produced...

Raggedy Ann Stories

by Johnny Gruelle

"Marcella liked to play up in the attic at Grandma's quaint old house, 'way out in the country, for there were so many old forgotten things to find up there.

One day when Marcella was up in the attic and had...

Rumble League Ronnie

by A.M. Shah, Melissa Shah Arias PhD & Abira Das

Meet Ronnie. He is obsessed with a particular game called RUMBLE LEAGUE and loses sight of other important things and people in his life. His friends begin to distance themselves from him because he loses...

The Doll with the Yellow Star

by Yona Zeldis Mcdonough & Kimberly Bulcken Root

A tender story about the power of love in the face of loss

Nine-year-old Claudine doesn't want to leave her much-loved home in France to go live in America, not without her parents. But she knows about the shortages,...