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Chasing Before

by Lenore Appelhans

Perfect for fans of Divergent and The Matrix, Chasing Before follows Felicia as she grapples with a futuristic afterlife in this riveting sequel to The Memory of After.

It’s been four months since Felicia saved...

The Unfinished Angel

by Sharon Creech

Newbery Medal winner Sharon Creech crafts a truly endearing story, one that is imbued with happiness, wonder, and an appreciation for all the little things that make life big. With beautiful, fresh new cover...

Across a Star-Swept Sea

by Diana Peterfreund

From Rampant and Ascendant author Diana Peterfreund comes this thrilling companion to For Darkness Shows the Stars.

Centuries after wars nearly destroyed civilization, Persis Blake's world is once again in the...

Moment of Truth

by Phoebe Rivers

Sara’s friend Lily has a new crush…but he might be more of a fantasy than she realizes.

Sara now understands who she really is—why she has paranormal powers, why she’s living in Stellamar, and why it’s...

Spirits of the Season

by Phoebe Rivers

It will be a Christmas Sara will never forget as secrets about who she is—and why she has powers—are revealed.

It’s Christmastime in Stellamar, which means the streets are buzzing with holiday shoppers—and...

Mischief Night

by Phoebe Rivers

Sara deals with ghosts galore in this Halloween edition of a paranormal series.

Halloween is just around the corner, and Stellamar is buzzing with even more ghostly activity than usual! The fun begins when Sara...

I Am the Chosen One

by Arielle Kelly

Prince Armitraya experiences more than he expects at his coming-of-age initiation. He finds himself propelled into a strange new world where he is told that he is the Chosen One and that in this realm, he must...

The Secret Wisdom of Charmwood Forest

by Arielle Kelly

One long winter in Charmwood Forest a philosophical goat, a rebellious lamb, a gentle wolf cub and a self-reliant young deer all learn the ways of the Old Wisdom from a forest Elder. Through terrible misadventure,...

Tapestry in Time... a Woven Memory

by Ann Essance

Peace is not the price of Life won Through competitive games and wars. ---Peace--- Is the Prize of Life ---One--- Through the awareness of Love Within Humanity. Thenand when Acts of Love, Courage, and Compassion...

Family of Light

by Graham Lawson

Enter an immensely powerful and intelligent alien shuttle with two young friends and find yourself transported to a realm of wonder and amazement that may challenge nearly everything you have been led to believe....

The Chronicles of Lux Veritas

by Christopher Dignan

In the eternal struggle between good and evil, the Lord of Darkness, Chaos, and his army of Daemonia are on the rise in the land of Purgator. His minions are terrorizing the citizensthe first step in Chaoss...


by Kevin Zarem

Katelyn and Hannah, heres a line from one of your favorite movies, The Notebook: You know what they always say, doc? Science only goes so far, and then theres God. In a nutshell, this is what my book is trying...

Shallow Water

by Brita woolums

One of sixteen-year-old Janiese Macbrells crazy dreams has finally come to life, and she realizes she has an important task at hand. She discovers that the seemingly ordinary Robert ORileya budding teenage geologistshares...

The Sahara Desert Angel

by Vickie A. Soman

Holy cow, this better be a dream! I yelled ... Moms joke about summer camp follies in Africa has come true. My adventure started with a nightmarish dream. People wore masks, talked in pidgin English, and performed...

Lua the Llama and the Mountain of Joy

by Alison A Birks & Linda Weston

Lua the Llama has a dream and sets out on a spiritual journey of self-discovery to find out who she really is. Under the guidance of the old healer don Paqo, she finds the nature of her true self and her place...


by Don Trembath

Rufus and his sister Alexa hate each other at the best of times. When Rufus’s best friend Phil hypnotizes Alexa, Rufus is ready to enjoy the power. They order Alexa to be kind to her parents and Phil. It’s...

Liars and Fools

by Robin Stevenson

Fiona's life changed forever when her mother died in a South Pacific sailing accident. One year later, everyone tells her it is time to move on. To Fiona, moving on means leaving her mother behind-something...

For Darkness Shows the Stars

by Diana Peterfreund

Fans of Divergent will love Diana Peterfreund’s take on Jane Austen’s Persuasion set in a post-apocalyptic world.


In the dystopian future of For Darkness Shows the Stars, a genetic experiment has devastated...

Haunted Memories

by Phoebe Rivers

In this second installment of a paranormal series, Sara’s ready to fall in love—if the ghost standing in her way will allow it!

Sara has settled in to her new hometown of Stellamar and even made a good friend...


by Walter Girolamo Codato & Walter Girolamo Codato, Arte e Crescita Edizioni

Ebook animated.

A tiny vibrant star shoots through infinite space and crosses a mysterious and fascinating universe. Her name is Jopì.

Her knowledge is vast and her gentle presence has reached all corners of...