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The Sneaker Kings

by Eric McLaurin

"The Sneaker Kings" is an up close and personal look at the world of American sneaker fanatics who live, breathe and die for the next pair of new, hot, retro or hard-to-get designer sneakers as they hustle their...

Juno Valentine and the Fantastic Fashion Adventure

by Eva Chen & Derek Desierto

Instagram superstar Eva Chen is back with Juno Valentine and the Fantastic Fashion Adventure, featuring illustrations by Derek Desierto in a story that's equal parts fashion fairy tale and guide to girl power....

Juno Valentine and the Magical Shoes

by Eva Chen & Derek Desierto

A New York Times Bestseller!

Featured in Oprah Magazine's Holiday Gift Guide

Recommended by Rachael Ray as the perfect holiday gift

Featured in InStyle's Holiday Gift Guide

Juno Valentine's favorite shoes don't...

Maggie and Michael Get Dressed

by Denise Fleming

It's time for Michael to get dressed! Maggie will help.

Michael knows where each piece of colorful clothing should go. Yellow socks on feet, brown hat on head. But who will end up wearing the blue pants?

Vegetables in Holiday Underwear

by Jared Chapman

Celebrate your favorite holiday traditions in this silly romp that’s sure to make kids giggle (and want new undies!)


There’s underwear for every day of the week and every month of the year. But come December,...

The Dress and the Girl

by Camille Andros & Julie Morstad

A little girl and her favorite dress dream of an extraordinary life. They enjoy simple pleasures together on a beautiful Greek island. They watch the sunset, do chores, and pick wildflowers on the way home....

Fruits in Suits

by Jared Chapman

Have you ever seen a banana in a bikini? Or a tangerine in trunks? What about grapes in goggles? In this uproarious follow-up to Vegetables in Underwear, kids will learn that there are many kinds of suits—including...

A Good Day for a Hat

by T. Nat Fuller & Rob Hodgson

Mr. Brown loves hats and can’t leave the house without wearing just the right one. But on this day, every time he opens the door to leave, the situation changes, and Mr. Brown must change his hat accordingly....

I Had a Favorite Hat (Read-Along)

by Boni Ashburn & Robyn Ng

The narrator of this charming picture book loves her summer hat, but as the seasons change, her hat isn’t always appropriate for every occasion. She must use her crafting skills to turn the hat into a work...

Lovey Bunny

by Kristine A. Lombardi

Lovey Bunny is the happiest little girl around. She loves just about everything--her family, art, watching her mama make things, and especially playing dress-up. But when she borrows Mama Rabbit's new dress...

Happy Birthday, Madame Chapeau

by Andrea Beaty & David Roberts

In a three-story house with a shop down below,

lived the worlds finest hat maker, Madame Chapeau.

Like the Lady herself, all her hats were refined.

Brilliantly singular. One of a kind.

So begins the tale of a lonely...

I'm Gonna Climb a Mountain in My Patent Leather Shoes

by Marilyn Singer & Lynne Avril

Sadie is all set for her family’s rustic camping trip—she’s packed her favorite patent leather shoes, ballerina skirt, and other stylish accessories in her sparkly suitcase—everything a girl needs in...

Thomas' Snowsuit

by Robert Munsch & Michael Martchenko

Another laugh-out-loud book from the author of The Paper Bag Princess!

Thomas thinks his new snowsuit is the ugliest thing he has ever seen in his whole entire life. When his mother, his teacher, and even his...

Pippa by Design

by Claudia Logan & Chesley Mclaren

Heavily illustrated with photos and artwork, full of factual tidbits from the world of ballet, all woven into an engaging narrative for young readers, Pippa by Design is a fun-filled read perfect for fashionistas...

Out of Place

by Jennifer Blecher & Merrilee Liddiard

When twelve-year-old Cove Bernstein becomes the target of a school-wide bullying campaign, she sets out to find a way to leave her home on Martha’s Vineyard for New York City, where her best friend lives....

Sarah’S Days

by C. A. Baldwin

Sarahs Days is a series of picture books written by C. A. Baldwin. Sarah is a curious five-year-old who has different adventures and experiences each day. At the end of the day, she goes home to tell her father...

Mo and Jo in London

by Claire Brady & Lynda Ward

Mo and Jo in London captures the adventures of a pair of boots that travel to the main cities of the world. With Mos more serious intellectual type of personality and Jos fun-loving adventurous ways, you are...

The Hijab Boutique

by Michelle Khan

International Woman's Day brings a dilemma for Farah! Is her mother interesting enough to write an assignment about?

I Love My Purse

by Belle DeMont & Sonja Wimmer

Charlie loves the bright red purse that his grandmother let him have. One day, he decides to take it to school. First his father, then his friends, and even the crossing guard question him about his "strange"...

The Academy

by Katie Sise

The Devil Wears Prada meets Private Benjamin in this funny and charming story of a fashionista teen blogger who gets sent to military school, perfect for fans of Sarah Mlynowski and Kasie West.

Frankie Brooks...