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The Unwritten Books 3-Book Bundle

by James Bow

Presenting the three titles in the Unwritten fantasy series. This series sends friends Rosemary and Peter on magical and time-travelling adventures. In The Unwritten Girl, they find themselves on a life-or-death...

The Time Tunnel

by Swami Kriyananda

Two boys vacationing in the forests of the Transylvanian alps discover a ruined laboratory, a recently deceased dinosaur, and a mysterious humming tunnel. Donny and Bobby, guided by a grown-up named Hansel,...

Sheep Count Flowers

by Micaela Chirif & Amanda Mijangos

If people count sheep to fall asleep, then…

what do sheep count?

Flowers, says this beautifully fanciful dream of a book. Sunflowers, roses, geraniums, jasmine. And there's lots of OTHER things you probably...

I Can Be Anything

by Shinsuke Yoshitake

A laugh-out-loud guessing game bedtime book!

It's time for bed, but Natsumi has a brilliant idea, even better than going to sleep: She'll pretend to be something and Mom will guess what she is! Ready?

Is she a...

The Amazing Lockdown Adventure

by Benjamin G Hewett & Paddy Muldoon

The world is in lockdown, and Jack has been stuck at home for what feels like an eternity. When he discovers a mysterious tunnel under his bed, an amazing adventure unfolds for Jack and his little sister, Lily....

The Adventures of Abby and Callie: Abby Gets a Bath

by Harsip,Sarah-Jane

Dive into a world of adventure and imagination with Abby and her best friend, Callie!

Clifford's Snow Day (Clifford the Big Red Dog Storybook)

by Reika Chan & Norman Bridwell

Enjoy a snow day with Clifford the Big Red Dog!

It's a winter wonderland on Birdwell Island! After a big snowstorm, Clifford and Emily Elizabeth get their first snow day. The best friends have a blast playing...

Maybe a Bear Ate It! (StoryPlay)

by Robie H. Harris & Michael Emberley

StoryPlay (TM) Books -- the best new way to engage with your little one during story time -- continues with four new stories!

StoryPlay Books is the smart way to read and play together! StoryPlay Books offer...

The Mysteries of the Tea Rock Garden

by George3

It is a bright sunny day in July. Fairies are flying in all directions around and through the Tea-Rock Garden. You can see them if you pay remarkably close attention. I am flitting around on the front porch,...

Breakfast on a Dragon's Tail

by Martin Springett

A collection of potential book covers and a bit of a story for each - but YOU write the ending!

An interactive collection of lavishly illustrated book covers for twelve different storybooks and the beginning...

The Secret of the Sand Castle

by Wall,Angela

Imagine a place where dreams come true! With a young child's imagination and a touch of magic, a boy named Tony found such a place.

Every summer, Tony and his family spend two months vacationing at their beach...

A Treasure in My Garden

by Gilles Vigneault, Stephan Jorisch, Hart-Rouge & Connie Kaldor

An irresistible story-song, full of wit and whimsy, that will take you far away into an imaginative world of poetry inhabited by colourful, fanciful characters like Mr. Fish’n Chips who says that his job is...

Its a Beautiful Night

by Kitt,Deborah

Its a Beautiful Night by Deborah Kitt


Jackson's Adventures with Harry and Flick

by Dill,Terri

Jackson's life was filled with his many adventures with his two best friends. He would take them to Grandma's house every Saturday where her backyard would become the setting for the adventures of Harry and...

The Dragonfly and Me

by Green,Donald

On any given lazy summer afternoon, a child might look up and wonder why dragonfly's flit across the sky so quickly. What are they doing? Where are, they going? Why are they in such a hurry? Add a little folklore,...

The Tale of Mr. Zebra and Mrs. Duck

by Molina,Madeline

The story of Mr. Zebra and Mrs. Duck is about friendship; in which, Mr. Zebra helps Mrs. Duck find her way home.


by Pieroni,Angela

Ollie is an octopus who dreamed of becoming an MD (medical doctor). He worked hard to become a doctor because that was always his dream. Even though no one believed he could, he knew he had something special...

What If Round Wasn't Around?

by Kristen Young

What if round wasn't around? Can you imagine how that would make your everyday life different? Could you ride a bike? Eat a lollipop? Are there any games that you couldn't play? Join us in this fun adventure...

Don Quixote

by Sophie Raquin & Ada Konewki

Reading chivalry books enchants Don Quixote so much that he decides to leave and experience the exploits of his mythical heroes. He thus straddles his old horse and leaves to fight the evil and the injustice...

Where Is Pop?

by Angel Faulkner

We splashed in our boots, rain drops plop, plop.

The kids want to go find their Pop in his shop and run into a little rain along their way back. Pop, shop, stop, hop, drops, plop.