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How to Rid Your Swimming Pool of a Bloodthirsty Mermaid: Slug Pie Story #2

by Mick Bogerman

All Mick Bogerman wanted to do was teach his little brother how to swim in the coolest swimming pool in town. He didn't ask to take care of a bunch of Sea-Monkeys while he was there. He certainly didn't mean...

How to Navigate Zombie Cave and Defeat Pirate Pete: Slug Pie Story #1

by Mick Bogerman

Armed with a pitchfork, miner's hat, and map, Mick Bogerman dares to hunt for pirate treasure in Zombie Cave. His little brother Finley is tied up at the beach. Literally--Mick tied him up. No one needs a little...

The Story of Frankenstein

by Mary Shelley

The horror classic about a gifted inventor whose experiment with creating new life goes horribly wrong. Abridged for young readers. 22 illustrations by Thea Kliros.

The Story of Hercules

by Bob Blaisdell

The legendary strongman recounts his road to immortality with tales of battles with fabulous monsters and other spectacular feats of heroism. Many illustrations, easy-to-read text.

The Princess and the Goblin

by George MacDonald

A plot to kidnap a little princess and flood the passageways of a mine is thwarted when a mysterious silver-haired woman and a brave young miner help repel some devilish subterranean creatures.

The Shadow Out of Time

by Howard Phillips Lovecraft

First published in Astounding Stories for June 1936, "The Shadow Out of Time" is Howard Phillips Lovecraft's last major story.

Nathaniel Peaslee is a professor at a university. One day during a lecture he begins...

The Dunwich Horror

by Howard Phillips Lovecraft

First published in 1928, "The Dunwich Horror" is a short story by cult-favourite horror author Howard Phillips Lovecraft. The story is is considered one of the core stories of the “Cthulhu Mythos.” 


Two Drops of Brown in a Cloud of White

by Saumiya Balasubramaniam & Eva Campbell

A child’s joy on a snowy day finally helps her mother feel at home in their new country

A little girl and her mother walk home from school on a snowy winter day.

“So much snow,” says Ma. “So monochromatic.”...


by Sophia M. Phildius

Alma can't go out out alone and can't see her friends. That's all because of this stupid coronavirus. She's terribly bored at home. 

She is terribly bored at home. But then she tries to sneak out with her inline...

Monster High: Electrified: The Junior Novel

by Perdita Finn

When the ghouls discover Clawdeen Wolf's big dream of opening a salon for monsters and Normies alike, they can't wait to make it a monstrous success! And Frankie knows just the place for such a voltageous idea-her...

Monster High: Monster Rescue: Track Down Twyla!

by Misty von Spooks

When the ghouls receive a mysterious message from Twyla, the daughter of the Boogey Man, they decide it's time to bring another monster to the new Monster High! But nothing is quite as it seems in the creeperific...

Monster High: Welcome to Monster High: The Junior Novel

by Perdita Finn

Welcome to Monster High! You know that Monster High is the most creeperific school in the world, but do you know how it came to be? It all started with a girl named Draculaura-the daughter of Dracula-who had...

Monster High: Monster Rescue: Operation Find Cleo!

by Misty von Spooks

If you know about Monster High, then you know that it is a high school hidden away from the Normie World and filled with creepy-cool monsters. But how did those monsters get there? They were rescued by three...

Monster High Diaries: Clawdeen Wolf and the Freaky-Fabulous Fashion Show

by Nessi Monstrata

The fourth chapter book in the popular Monster High Diaries series, featuring Clawdeen Wolf!

Dear Diary,

Everyone knows that I am a no-nonsense werewolf--I never back down from a challenge, and I run right over...

Monster High Diaries: Cleo De Nile and the Creeperific Mummy Makeover

by Nessi Monstrata

The fifth chapter book in the popular Monster High Diaries series, featuring Cleo De Nile!

Dear Diary,

Oh my Ra! My mom is coming home! She's been trapped in a tomb this whole time! I hope the tomb was filled...

Monster High: Back and Deader Than Ever

by Lisi Harrison

The RADs are free and Draculaura (Lala) is flashing her fangs with pride. But when Daddy Drac pays her a surprise visit everything goes batty. Mr. D. thinks RADs should have their own school, but Lala isn't...

Monster High: Monster Rescue: Go Get Lagoona!

by Misty von Spooks

Draculaura, Frankie Stein, Clawdeen Wolf, and Cleo De Nile can't wait to bring another monster home to the clawsome new Monster High! Their next creeperific rescue mission leads them to the Great Barrier Reef...

Uptown Dragon

by Marlon McKenney

In Uptown Dragon, 10-year-old Kamal discovers a baby dragon in the inner city after seeing a mysterious streak of light fall from the sky. Bringing the dragon home and naming him Ziggy, Kamal attempts to teach...

Peanut Butter & Santa Claus

by Joe McGee & Charles Santoso

When Santa gets snowed in at the North Pole, it?s up to three heroes from Quirkville to save the day?but they?re in for an ooey-gooey surprise!


Reginald (the zombie), Zarfon (the alien), and Abigail Zink...

Ghoulia and the Mysterious Visitor (Book #2)

by Barbara Cantini

A rollicking mystery with an unexpected hero, this fully-illustrated chapter book continues the adventures of Ghoulia, a lovable, not-so-scary zombie.

One dark and stormy night, Ghoulia?s cousin Dilbert comes...