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What Am I?

by Speedy Publishing

How well do your children know the different kinds of animals? This colorful book gives your children a fun way of learning all about animals in a fun and exciting way.

My Favorite Book

by Regina McClinton Jackson & Rodriguez Joel

This book is a scrapbook of your child, grandchild, niece, nephew, or any preschooler in your care. It is designed to encourage preschoolers to read. By making preschoolers the stars of the book, it will encourage...

Alphaprints: Animal Opposites

by Roger Priddy

Both parents and young children will love the crazy contrasting animals in Animal Opposites, the latest title in Priddy Books' hugely successful Alphaprints series.

This new casebound board book features animal...

Snow Scene

by Richard Jackson & Laura Vaccaro Seeger

A playful guessing game set in a snowy landscape, this gorgeously illustrated picture book offers a cozy look at a cold winter that slowly melts into a bright spring with only a handful of carefully chosen words...

Bad Kitty Makes Comics . . . and You Can Too!

by Nick Bruel

Kitty is bored. She is so bored, in fact, that she even considers playing with that slobbering mutt Puppy, who lives in her house. Nah. Instead, she thinks she'll take a nap. That is, until there is a knock...

Tractor Mac Plane Jane's Journey

by Billy Steers

Plane Jane loves to take trips. She soars over mountains and above city skylines. But at the end of the day, no matter how far she has traveled, she's happy to come home and settle in with Tractor Mac and the...


by Joe Raposo & Tom Lichtenheld

"Sing! Sing a song. Sing out loud, sing out strong."

So begins a song first made popular on Sesame Street, then interpreted by singers of every style, from Gloria Estefan to the Dixie Chicks to R.E.M., as well...

Baby's First Colors

by Roger Priddy

A yellow banana, a red fire truck, a green frog...introduce your baby to a wonderful world of colors with this delightful board book. Each of the colors is illustrated with vibrant photographs of things that...

Princess Tales

by Grace Maccarone & Gail de Marcken

Once upon a time. . .

A princess danced, a princess dreamed, another found a pea.

One kissed a frog, one saved a bird, another crossed the sea.

One ate an apple, one tamed a beast, one lost a satin shoe.

And another...

Princess Tales Around the World

by Grace Maccarone & Gail de Marcken


A princess laughed, A princess sang, Another made a trade.

One told stories, One was kind, Another refused to wed.

One cast spells, One was cursed, Another silently sewed every day.

And one...

ScrapKins: Junk Re-Thunk

by Brian Yanish

A monster-themed activity book about recycling trash into toys and art projects!

Welcome to Scrap City, home of an inventive tribe of creatures called ScrapKins. Using materials that people throw away (empty...

Don't Blink!

by Tom Booth

Think you can win a staring contest against an elephant? What about a gorilla, a cheetah, a fox, or an alligator? What about all them--AND a bunch of their other animal friends--at the same time? You're about...

The Pout-Pout Fish Look-and-Find Book

by Deborah Diesen

An interactive seek-and-find book, starring the New York Times-bestselling Pout-Pout Fish and all his friends!

The bestselling Pout-Pout Fish series now includes a seek-and-find book! Young guppies will delight...

Hanazuki: Book of Treasures

by Brandon T. Snider

Hanazuki is a spirited moonflower who, with the help of Little Dreamer and the Hemkas, uses her powers to grow a magical treasure garden and bring beauty and harmony to her small world. As Hanazuki expresses...

I Love The Zoo

by Marie Kinnon

This book is a child's view of going to the zoo and what she/he sees there.

This book is very colorful, with spaces for a child to draw their own animals when purchased as a print book.

The illustrations are done...

What Are We Gonna Do Today?

by Naeem K Turner-Bandele & Chrystopher Burns

"I'm bored, what are we gonna do today?" Has your child ever asked you this question? Are you in need of fun things to do? Is there a life lesson you'd like to teach your child but don't know how to approach...


by Renata Suerth

Summer can be fun. OR...it can be a giant disaster. While Sofie is busy memorizing idioms for Grandma Ursula, things go from bad to worse.

Will she win that grand prize at the end of the summer?


OR maybe...WHEN...

If We All Looked The Same

by Mark Tomlinson & Dw Publication

We all have something different about us. It could be our nose, or ears or even our name. But life would be boring if we all looked the same. This is an educational story. A great read for your kid. 

Shapes and Labyrinths

by Stefania Radu

Shapes and Labyrinths helps children to learn different shapes, colors, and sizes, leading them into the imaginary world of labyrinths. The book is dedicated to all the young children who enjoy reading books,...

Queen Bee Mathematical and the Number Garden

by Pandora Walker

Queen Bee Mathematical and the Number Garden is an illustrated childrens book about a little bumblebee girls number garden and friends. The character Beem, short for Bee Mathematical, encounters some birds that...