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What Am I?

by Speedy Publishing

How well do your children know the different kinds of animals? This colorful book gives your children a fun way of learning all about animals in a fun and exciting way.

My Favorite Book

by Regina McClinton Jackson & Rodriguez Joel

This book is a scrapbook of your child, grandchild, niece, nephew, or any preschooler in your care. It is designed to encourage preschoolers to read. By making preschoolers the stars of the book, it will encourage...

What Are We Gonna Do Today?

by Naeem K Turner-Bandele & Chrystopher Burns

"I'm bored, what are we gonna do today?" Has your child ever asked you this question? Are you in need of fun things to do? Is there a life lesson you'd like to teach your child but don't know how to approach...


by Renata Suerth

Summer can be fun. OR...it can be a giant disaster. While Sofie is busy memorizing idioms for Grandma Ursula, things go from bad to worse.

Will she win that grand prize at the end of the summer?


OR maybe...WHEN...

If We All Looked The Same

by Mark Tomlinson & Dw Publication

We all have something different about us. It could be our nose, or ears or even our name. But life would be boring if we all looked the same. This is an educational story. A great read for your kid. 

Shapes and Labyrinths

by Stefania Radu

Shapes and Labyrinths helps children to learn different shapes, colors, and sizes, leading them into the imaginary world of labyrinths. The book is dedicated to all the young children who enjoy reading books,...

Queen Bee Mathematical and the Number Garden

by Pandora Walker

Queen Bee Mathematical and the Number Garden is an illustrated childrens book about a little bumblebee girls number garden and friends. The character Beem, short for Bee Mathematical, encounters some birds that...

Learn to Count With: Ten Pirate Parrots

by Tennille Flora Dunne

Learn to count with ten cheeky parrots! Come and join in on a fun adventure with these happy, cheeky pirate parrots!


by Carine Colas Diallo & Joshua Allen

Deep in the core of the earth lives the evil blob master, who has been working for years on fabricating a dangerous gas that he plans to release on earth to cause chaos and demise. One day, the blob master travels...

Archibald Spider and His Paper Glider

by Nina Fowell B.A. M.Ed & Danielle Doll

Archibald is a happy, curious spider who dreams about going on exciting adventures. One day Archibald spots a red paper glider stuck in the branches of a big maple tree, and he decides its finally his chance...

Teddy Goes on a Trip to Find His Home

by Elaine Wickes

This story is written from a teddy bears point of view for fun. I have taken the love of the teddy bear and a love for writing to create this story.

Amery and the Chicken That Layed One Dozen Eggs

by Carrie Bell Harrell-Winns

Amery and The Chicken That Layed ONE DOZEN Eggs Teaches Ages (Five) and under how to write and count from 1-12.

He’S Got the Whole World in His Hand

by Ginger Duncan & Lyle Jakosalem

Hes Got The Whole World in His Hand Ginger Duncan's activity book

Reluctant Larry

by R. M. Hensle & Shannen Paradero

Larry is a reluctant reader, who lives with his father. They are constantly moving every two to three years. Larry is reluctant but also, excited about his new school and neighborhood. This is his first day...

Ruben Randall

by Nicole Clemons

My name is Ruben Randall and I am the coolest kid on the planet. I have a crew of friends that are the best. I am excited for you to meet Carlos, Laura, Big Ben, Beth, and the beautiful Paisley Flowers. I love...

Amery and the Fan-Tail-Pig

by Melissa Janae Jefferson & Ms. Carriebell Harrell-Winns


Kermit the Hermit

by Shawn SMITH

Kermit is a hermit and a very unique traveler. When a familiar smell wakes Kermit up, he finds himself searching through his magical, one-of-a-kind, and colorful cluttered house to find a missing coffee cake....

The Fat Cat

by The Mills

The fat cat always sat on his mat And there he slept, ate, and sat Until one day his friend Pat Came to have a small chat In this story you will meet the fat cat, despite his friends calling him out to play...

One of a Kind

by Lollie Y. Melton

A do-it-yourself activity/storybook about the story of Jam. Jam was the most special out of all the Potter family, in fact Jam was the most special girl in all of Four Corners. Because you see in Four Corners,...

Andrew Dreams

by Mark Tomlinson

Andrew Dreams is one of a series of ten picture books of the main character Andrew. In Andrew Dreams, Andrew day dreams about visiting Africa, and the things he would see. A great read for your kid.