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Achieving Transformational Change in Academic Libraries

by Stephen Mossop

Academic libraries undergo episodes of strategic change. Transformational change may be seen as fundamentally different from other kinds of change. A part of this process is often deep level cultural change....

The Teaching Librarian: Web 2.0, Technology, and Legal Aspects

by Kris Helge & Laura McKinnon

Librarians need to utilize web 2.0 tools to generate rich-text learning environments, creating enriching, challenging, and supportive learning platforms for students. The Teaching Librarian shows how to utilize...

Information Literacy and Cultural Heritage: Developing a Model for Lifelong Learning

by Kim Baker

There is a complex and contested terrain of cultural heritage in the library, archive and museum context. Information Literacy and Cultural Heritage explores this landscape and covers perspectives from museums,...

Managing and Supporting Student Diversity in Higher Education: A Casebook

by Robyn Benson, Margaret Heagney & Lesley Hewitt

Government initiatives in many countries emphasise social inclusion in higher education, resulting in a more diverse student population. This presents opportunities and challenges for academic and professional...

Library Scholarly Communication Programs: Legal and Ethical Considerations

by Isaac Gilman

Libraries must negotiate a range of legal issues, policies and ethical guidelines when developing scholarly communication initiatives. Library Scholarly Communication Programs is a practical primer, covering...

Archives and Societal Provenance: Australian Essays

by Michael Piggott

Records and archival arrangements in Australia are globally relevant because Australia's indigenous people represent the oldest living culture in the world, and because modern Australia is an ex-colonial society...

The Librarian's Guide to Academic Research in the Cloud

by Steven Ovadia

The cloud can be a powerful tool for conducting and managing research. The Librarian's Guide to Academic Research in the Cloud is a practical guide to using cloud services from a librarian's point of view. As...

Law Firm Librarianship: Issues, Practice and Directions

by John Azzolini

The legal information environment is deep, wide, and dynamic with many participants, including courts, parliaments, legislatures, and administrative bodies. None exemplifies the agile, knowledge-engaging legal...

Chinese Librarianship in the Digital Era

by Conghui Fang

The library in China has been transformed by rapid socioeconomic development, and the proliferation of the Internet. The issues faced by Chinese libraries andlibrarians are those faced by library practitioners...

Creating and Maintaining an Information Literacy Instruction Program in the Twenty-First Century: An Ever-Changing Landscape

by Nancy Noe

The Association of College and Research Libraries (ACRL) set forth Characteristics of Programs of Information Literacy that Illustrate Best Practices: A Guideline. Creating and Maintaining an Information Literacy...

How Libraries Make Tough Choices in Difficult Times: Purposeful Abandonment

by David Stern

Contemporary library managers face the need to make difficult choices regarding resource allocation in the modern business environment. How Libraries Make Tough Choices in Difficult Times is a practical guide...

Personal Knowledge Capital: The Inner and Outer Path of Knowledge Creation in a Web World

by Janette Young

Intangible value leads to new insights and ideas, and higher levels of creativity and innovative thinking. Personal knowledge capital focuses on the knowledge worker, knowledge creation, and third generation...

Workplace Culture in Academic Libraries: The Early 21st Century

by Kelly Blessinger & Paul Hrycaj

Workplace culture refers to conditions that collectively influence the work atmosphere. These can include policies, norms, and unwritten standards for behavior. This book focuses on various aspects of workplace...

Academic Libraries in the US and China: Comparative Studies of Instruction, Government Documents, and Outreach

by Hanrong Wang & Bethany Latham

Academic libraries have a long history both in the USA and China, with institutions developing along different trajectories, and responding to the rapidly changing library environment globally. Academic Libraries...

Public Interest and Private Rights in Social Media

by Cornelis Reiman

Social media has an increasing role in the public and private world. This raises socio-political and legal issues in the corporate and academic spheres.

Public Interest and Private Rights in Social Media provides...

Information Services and Digital Literacy: In Search of the Boundaries of Knowing

by Isto Huvila

Despite new technologies, people do not always find information with ease. Do people still need help in finding the information they need, and if so, why? What can be made easier with new tools and techniques?...

Information Literacy and Lifelong Learning: Policy Issues, the Workplace, Health and Public Libraries

by John Crawford & Christine Irving

This book reviews the role of information literacy (IL) in developing employability skills, personal health management and informal learning from a variety of areas including: information policy issues, information...

Supporting Research Writing: Roles and Challenges in Multilingual Settings

by Valerie Matarese

Supporting Research Writing explores the range of services designed to facilitate academic writing and publication in English by non-native English-speaking (NNES) authors. It analyses the realities of offering...

Leadership in Academic and Public Libraries: A Time of Change

by Petra Düren

In a time when libraries have to face constant change, this book provides examples and advises on how to lead when change is needed (for example, when quality management is implemented or when libraries have...

Private Philanthropic Trends in Academic Libraries

by Luis Gonzalez

Private Philanthropic Trends in Academic Libraries is written with the senior library administrator and the development officers of academic institutions in mind. Chapters provide a historical perspective of...