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Indexing: From Thesauri to the Semantic Web

by Piet de Keyser

Indexing consists of both novel and more traditional techniques. Cutting-edge indexing techniques, such as automatic indexing, ontologies, and topic maps, were developed independently of older techniques such...

Ways of Experiencing Information Literacy: Making the Case for a Relational Approach

by Susie Andretta

This book has two aims: firstly to present an investigation into information literacy by looking at how people engage with information to accomplish tasks or solve problems in personal, academic and professional...

Meeting the Needs of Student Users in Academic Libraries: Reaching Across the Great Divide

by Michele Crump & LeiLani Freund

Meeting the Needs of Student Users in Academic Libraries surveys and evaluates the current practice of learning commons and research services within the academic library community in order to determine if these...

Excellence in the Stacks: Strategies, Practices and Reflections of Award-Winning Libraries

by Jacob Hill & Susan Swords Steffen

Excellence in the Stacks details the philosophies, practices and innovations of award-winning libraries over the last ten years. It will inform the profession and highlight the themes and strategies these liberal-arts...

A Handbook of Digital Library Economics: Operations, Collections and Services

by David P. Baker & Wendy Evans

This book provides a companion volume to Digital Library Economics and focuses on the 'how to' of managing digital collections and services (of all types) with regard to their financing and financial management....

Electronic Resource Management: Practical Perspectives in a New Technical Services Model

by Anne Elguindi & Kari Schmidt

A significant shift is taking place in libraries, with the purchase of e-resources accounting for the bulk of materials spending. Electronic Resource Management makes the case that technical services workflows...

Libraries and Archives: A Comparative Study

by Tomas Lidman

Libraries and Archives analyses the facts and arguments behind an increasing debate as to what extent libraries and archives are fulfilling the same missions. Despite the fact that they have different legal...

Public Libraries and their National Policies: International Case Studies

by John Helling

Public Libraries and their National Policies is aimed at practicing librarians and scholars with an interest in public libraries. It examines the various models for providing public library services around the...

Leadership in Libraries: A Focus on Ethnic-Minority Librarians

by Maha Kumaran

The efforts of ethnic-minority librarians to become leaders in Western libraries are an important topic for any librarian working towards becoming a leader, with issues such as cross-cultural leadership relevant...

Exploring Education for Digital Librarians: Meaning, Modes and Models

by Sue Myburgh & Anna Maria Tammaro

Exploring Education for Digital Librarians provides a refreshing perspective on the discipline and profession of Library and Information Science (LIS), with a focus on preparing students for careers as librarians...

Not Your Ordinary Librarian: Debunking the Popular Perceptions of Librarians

by Ashanti White

When you picture a librarian, what do you imagine? An old white woman with glasses and a prudish disposition? That is the image that many people conjure up when asked to picture a librarian; with 82 per cent...

Universal Design: A Practical Guide to Creating and Re-Creating interiors of Academic Libraries for Teaching, Learning, and Research

by Gail Staines

Universal Design provides practitioners, graduate students, and other professionals interested in obtaining practical advice on how to effectively create and re-create interiors of academic libraries for teaching,...

An Evaluation of the Benefits and Value of Libraries

by Viveca Nyström & Linnéa| Sjögren

An Evaluation of the Benefits and Value of Libraries provides guidance on how to evaluate libraries and contains many useful examples of methods that can be used throughout this process. There is substantial...

Finding official British Information: Official Publishing in the Digital Age

by Jane Inman & Howard Picton

Examining the different bodies that publish official material, this book describes the types of material published, how it is made available and how it is recorded. Finding Official British Information focuses...

Records Management for Museums and Galleries: An Introduction

by Charlotte Brunskill & Sarah Demb

The systematic management of records is an important activity for 'information businesses' such as museums and galleries, but is not always recognized as a core function. Record keeping activities are often...

Global Resource Sharing

by Linda Frederiksen, Margaret Bean & Heidi Nance

Written from a global perspective, this book reviews sharing of library resources on a global scale. With expanded discovery tools and massive digitization projects, the rich and extensive holdings of the world's...

Records Management and Knowledge Mobilisation: A Handbook for Regulation, Innovation and Transformation

by Stephen Harries

This book argues that records management can contribute to public sector reform and transformation in the new climate of austerity, without losing its essential characteristics. Over the last 15 years, records...

Library Technology and User Services: Planning, Integration, and Usability Engineering

by Anthony W. Chow & Tim Bucknall

Written as a technology guide for students, practitioners, and administrators, the focus of this book is on introducing current and future trends in library technology and automation within the larger context...

Understanding Librarians: Communication is the Issue

by Barbara Hull

Aimed at professionals and trainee professionals within the library and information service (LIS) fields, this book reminds the reader of the frequently ignored communication-gulf between the professional and...

Academic Branch Libraries in Changing Times

by Nevenka Zdravkovska

Are academic branch libraries going to be extinct in the near future? In these difficult economic times, when collections are digitized rapidly, is there still a need for a separate unit within proximity to...