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Inclusive Language Education and Digital Technology

by Elina Vilar Beltran & Chris Abbott

This volume brings together chapters which collectively address issues relating to inclusive language education and technology. Topics include language teaching to the Deaf, Hard of Hearing and students with...

The Affective Dimension in Second Language Acquisition

by Danuta Gabrys-Barker & Joanna Bielska

Affectivity is at the core of everything we do in life. Thus, its development is also central to learning/acquisition and is important for educational contexts. The studies presented in this volume consider...

Language Conflict in Algeria: From Colonialism to Post-Independence

by Mohamed Benrabah

This is a book about the use of languages as a proxy for conflict. It traces the history of Algeria from colonization by the French in 1830 to the celebration of 50 years of independence in 2012, and examines...

Teaching Languages Online

by Carla Meskill & Natasha Anthony

Novice and experienced educators who have considered moving some or all of their language courses online will find this text an invaluable starting point and resource throughout the process. In non-technical...

The Strategy Factor in Successful Language Learning

by Carol Griffiths

This book addresses fundamental questions regarding the relationships between successful language learning and strategy use and development according to learner, situational or target variables. It considers...

English and Development: Policy, Pedagogy and Globalization

by Elizabeth J. Erling & Philip Seargeant

This book investigates the relationship between English and personal and national development, as this is both discursively promoted (particularly through language policy) and practically realized in developing...

Collaborative Access to Virtual Museum Collection Information: Seeing Through the Walls

by John J Riemer & Bernadette G Callery

Get practical tools to successfully develop collaborative online learning projects!

Virtual museums provide an opportunity to spark learning through online access to multi-sensory information, and collaboration...

The Language Myth in Western Culture

by Roy Harris

The basic claim of this book is that for 2000 years and more the western tradition has relied on two very dubious assumptions about human communication: that each national language is a unique code and that...

Moving Beyond the Presentation Layer: Content and Context in the Dewey Decimal Classification (DDC) System

by Joan S. Mitchell & Diane Vizine-Goetz

Can the Dewey Decimal System meet the needs of the rapidly changing information environment?

Moving Beyond the Presentation Layer explores the Dewey Decimal System from a variety of perspectives, each of which...

Marketing and Managing Electronic Reserves

by Trevor A. Dawes

Get practical solutions to the problems faced when implementing an electronic reserve service!

Academic libraries that provide electronic reserve services offer convenient access to information to their students...

Communication and Aging

by Jon F. Nussbaum, Loretta L. Pecchioni & James D. Robinson

This text employs a communication perspective to examine the aging process and the ability of individuals to adapt successfully to aging. It continues the groundbreaking work of the first edition, emphasizing...

Coordination Theory and Collaboration Technology

by Gary M. Olson, Thomas W. Malone & John B. Smith

This book is in memory of Laurence Rosenberg of the National Science Foundation for his work in Coordination Theory and Collaboration Technology. This book explores the global revolution in human interconnectedness....

Violence on Television: Distribution, Form, Context, and Themes

by Barrie Gunter, Jackie Harrison & Maggie Wykes

Concern about violence on television has been publicly debated for the past 50 years. TV violence has repeatedly been identified as a significant causal agent in relation to the prevalence of crime and violence...

Language Competence Across Populations: Toward a Definition of Specific Language Impairment

by Yonata Levy & Jeannette C. Schaeffer

This unique, edited book bridges studies in language disorders and linguistic theory with timely contributions from leading scholars in language development. It presents an attempt to define Specific Language...

Classroom Discourse and the Space of Learning

by Ference Marton, Amy B.M. Tsui & Pakey P.M. Chik

Classroom Discourse and the Space of Learning is about learning in schools and the central role of language in learning. The investigations of learning it reports are based on two premises: First, whatever you...

Communication and Emotion: Essays in Honor of Dolf Zillmann

by Jennings Bryant, David R. Roskos-Ewoldsen & Joanne Cantor

This collection serves two important functions: it synthesizes theory and research in the vital and vibrant area of communication and emotion, and it highlights the scholarly work and contributions of Dolf Zillmann,...

Handbook of Language and Social Interaction

by Kristine L. Fitch & Robert E. Sanders

This Handbook stands as the premier scholarly resource for Language and Social Interaction (LSI) subject matter and research, giving visibility and definition to this area of study and establishing a benchmark...

Cultures of Forgery: Making Nations, Making Selves

by Judith Ryan & Alfred Thomas

First Published in 2003. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.

Emergent Lingua Francas and World Orders: The Politics and Place of English as a World Language

by Phyllis Ghim-Lian Chew

This book presents an alternative paradigm in understanding and appreciating World Englishes (WEs) in the wake of globalization and its accompanying shifting priorities in many dimensions of modern life, including...

The Crosslinguistic Study of Language Acquisition: Volume 2: Theoretical Issues

by Dan Isaac Slobin

First Published in 1986. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.