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Tibetan Calligraphy: How to Write the Alphabet and More

by Sanje Elliott & Sarah Harding

In Tibetan Calligraphy, Sanje Elliott shows us how to capture the elegance and grace of Tibetan calligraphy without prior knowledge of either Tibetan language or calligraphy. This beautiful book includes many...

Pagan Portals - Runes

by Kylie Holmes

The Runes are a set of 24 symbols which are steeped in history, myths and legends. This book offers practical and accessible information for anyone to understand this ancient form of divination.

Ourselves: Why We Are Who We Are

by Frank Smith

This book delves into how we come to terms with ourselves, with other people, and with the world in general. It is about how we come to be what we are, and to think the way we do. It is a book about influences...

Alphabetter Juice

by Roy Blount, Jr.

Fresh-squeezed Lexicology, with Twists

No man of letters savors the ABC's, or serves them up, like language-loving humorist Roy Blount Jr. His glossary, from ad hominy to zizz, is hearty, full bodied, and out...

Making Sense in Sign

by Jenny Froude

Language which develops ‘against all the odds’ is very precious. Words were not enough for Tom; it was signs that made sense of a world silenced by meningitis. Confidence came via joyful and positive steps...

The Elements of Style

by William Strunk Jr.

The Elements of Style is an American English writing style guide. It is one of the most influential and best-known prescriptive treatments of English grammar and usage in the United States. It originally detailed...

Japanese Hiragana and Katakana Practice Pad

by Richard S. Keirstead & William Matsuzaki

Japanese Hiragana & Katakana Practice Pad provides an enjoyable and motivating way for the learner to have practice in writing the syllables of the Japanese hiragana and katakana writing systems. There are a...

Writing Practice for Successful Young Writers | Printing Practice for Kids

by Baby Professor

This is perfect for the future novelists and writers. This book introduces a number of writing activities to enhance your child’s skills in printing. Get her to dream big and to never give up on that dream....

The Incredible Journey Into The ABCs. A Baby's First Learning and Language Book. - Baby & Toddler Alphabet Books

by Baby Professor

Teaching your child to learn and fall in love with a language can be tough especially if he/she is still transitioning from babbling to speaking. But with the right learning tool, this task should be easy to...

Learning My ABC's! A Little Baby & Toddler's First Alphabet Learning and Discovery Book. - Baby & Toddler Alphabet Books

by Baby Professor

The discovery of new words can be a fun and memorable experience, both to parents and their kids. It’s a joy to hear the little ones speak and use new words every once in awhile. The purpose of this educational...

Amazing ABCs! How Little Babies & Toddlers Learn Language By Knowing Their Alphabet ABCs - Baby & Toddler Alphabet Books

by Baby Professor

It's amazing how quick babies learn! Their minds are sponge-like now so it's the perfect time to build a strong educational foundation. You can use this educational book to encourage familiarity and even mastery...

Regular Printing and Practicing for Success | Printing Practice for Kids

by Baby Professor

Success is a big word for kids but it is just around the corner. So there’s never a time too early to teach them how to be successful in their future endeavors. Get them this printing practice to prepare them...

Knowing The Alphabet. How Little Children Discover The Joy of Words By Learning Their Alphabet ABCs. - Baby & Toddler Alphabet Books

by Baby Professor

It’s a joy to hear your little one speak out his/her thoughts and emotions. Learning the power of words is a prerequisite to logical discussions and social interactions. You can stimulate your child’s vocabulary...

Early Learning Essentials for Your Preschooler - Children's Early Learning Books

by Baby Professor

Your children going to school is a big deal milestone that parents must be so proud of achieving. But preschool is also about tough times and challenging intellectual feats. This book’s goal is to help you...

A to Z Fun & Tasty Foods Baby & Toddler Alphabet Book

by Baby Professor

This has got to be the most delicious alphabet book in the market for your kiddos! Have your kids learn their ABCs while they name healthy and attractive foods using this book. This might just be the solution...

Letter Sounds for Preschoolers - Made Simple (Kindergarten Early Learning)

by Baby Professor

This book is a supplementary tool for preschool teachers. The book emphasizes letter sounds aiding the teachers in successfully inputting the ideas to their pupils’ heads. Designed specifically for preschoolers,...

Wild Jungle & Rainforest Life- Baby & Toddler Alphabet Book

by Baby Professor

Babies are naturally fascinated by animals and nature in general. So we're going to invest in that fascination by creating a themed educational resource that will introduce the alphabet to your little ones.....

Body Alphabet: A for Ankle! Body Parts for Kids | Children's Books on the Body Edition

by Baby Professor

This book hits two birds with one stone! It helps your child review his/her alphabet and at the same time, learn to identify the different parts of the body, too! It's a cool book that your child can use to...

The ABC Adventure! A Little Baby's Book of Discovering Language By Learning The ABCs. - Baby & Toddler Alphabet Books

by Baby Professor

It’s time for an ABC adventure and here’s the book to get you started! We chose the most used words that are appropriate for your little ones and arranged them in the pages of this book. This way, we are...

Chinese Flash Cards Kit Volume 2: HSK Intermediate Level: Characters 350-622 (Downloadable Audio Included)

by Philip Yungkin Lee & Jun Yang

Flash cards remain an easy, effective tool for rapid memorization, and Tuttle's flash cards are the best available today.

The front of each card gives one Chinese character. On the reverse is as much information...