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American Communication Research: The Remembered History

by Everette E. Dennis & Ellen Ann Wartella

This book captures the essence of a never-to-be-repeated glimpse at the history of media research. It offers a unique examination of the origins, meaning, and impact of media and communication research in America,...

An Analysis of Thinking and Research About Qualitative Methods

by W. James Potter

Written for social science scholars who want to learn more about the qualitative way of thinking, this book addresses the full continuum of issues about the qualitative methodologies. At one end of that continuum...

The Consequentiality of Communication

by Stuart J. Sigman

In a bold attempt to redirect the ways theories of communication are conceived and research on communication processes are conducted, this volume questions prevailing communication scholarship that emphasizes...

Confrontation Talk: Arguments, Asymmetries, and Power on Talk Radio

by Ian Hutchby

Using conversation analysis to explore the nature of argument, asymmetry, and power on talk radio, this book focuses on the interplay between the structures of talk in interaction and the structures of participation...

Applied Communication in the 21st Century

by Kenneth N. Cissna

The future of the field of communication lies in the ability to produce a socially relevant scholarship, without which the field is unlikely to attract the best students, command significant societal resources,...

Ethical Issues in the Communication Process

by J. Vernon Jensen

A rapid and widespread growth of interest in applied ethics is occurring today not only in the United States, but around the world as well. Academia both reflects this and is a leader in the movement. The field...

Argumentation Schemes for Presumptive Reasoning

by Douglas Walton

Recent concerns with the evaluation of argumentation in informal logic and speech communication center around nondemonstrative arguments that lead to tentative or defeasible conclusions based on a balance of...

Message Production: Advances in Communication Theory

by John O. Greene

The last two decades have seen the development of a number of models that have proven particularly important in advancing understanding of message-production processes. Now it appears that a "second generation"...

Alzheimer Discourse: Some Sociolinguistic Dimensions

by Vai Ramanathan

This book deals with the narrative discourse--specifically lifestories--of 16 patients suffering from Alzheimer's disease (AD). It attempts to understand the discourse of these patients in contextual terms....

Partnership for Health: Building Relationships Between Women and Health Caregivers

by Christina S. Beck, Sandra L. Ragan & Athena du Pr‚

In the 1960s, feminists voiced their outrage about the health care system in the United States which routinely discriminated against women and, in so doing, literally jeopardized their health and well-being....

Communication and Democracy: Exploring the intellectual Frontiers in Agenda-setting theory

by Maxwell E. McCombs, Donald L. Shaw & David H. Weaver

Exciting intellectual frontiers are open for exploration as agenda-setting theory moves beyond its 25th anniversary. This volume offers an intriguing set of maps to guide this exploration over the near future....

Teaching Communication: Theory, Research, and Methods

by Anita L. Vangelisti, John A Daly & Gustav W. Friedrich

The field of communication was founded, in part, because of a need to make people better communicators. That meant teaching them how to communicate more effectively, whether it be in public settings or in private....

Media Disparity: A Gender Battleground

by Cory L. Armstrong, Julie L. Andsager & Gaye Tuchman

This book highlights the progress—or lack thereof—in media regarding portrayals of women, across genres and cultures within the twenty-first century.

Statistical Deception at Work

by John Mauro

Written to reveal statistical deceptions often thrust upon unsuspecting journalists, this book views the use of numbers from a public perspective. Illustrating how the statistical naivete of journalists often...

The Digital Media Handbook

by Andrew Dewdney & Peter Ride

The new edition of The Digital Media Handbook presents an essential guide to the historical and theoretical development of digital media, emphasising cultural continuity alongside technological change, and highlighting...

Multiplayer: The Social Aspects of Digital Gaming

by Thorsten Quandt & Sonja Kröger

In the past decade, digital games have become a widely accepted form of media entertainment, moving from the traditional 'core gamer' community into the mainstream media market.

With millions of people now enjoying...

News As Discourse

by Teun A. van Dijk

First Published in 1990. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.

Television and the Exceptional Child: A Forgotten Audience

by Joyce Sprafkin, Kenneth D. Gadow & Robert Abelman

The question of what types of children are most influenced by -- or can best benefit from -- television is a recurrent theme in the scientific literature as well as a frequently raised issue for pediatric associations,...

AS & A2 Media Studies: The Essential Revision Guide for AQA

by Antony Bateman, Sarah Casey Benyahia & Claire Mortimer

AS & A2 Media Studies: The Essential Revision Guide for AQA is a comprehensively updated new edition offering advice and guidance to help students pass AS and A2 Media Studies.

Written by a team of experienced...

The Great Recession in Fiction, Film, and Television: Twenty-First-Century Bust Culture

by Daniel Mrozowski, Kirk Boyle & Rebecca Barrett-Fox

The Great Recession in Fiction, Film, and Television: Twenty-first-Century Bust Culture examines pop artifacts not typically included in discussions of the financial meltdown; the collected essays treat our...