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Language, Literature and the Learner: Creative Classroom Practice

by Ronald Carter & John McRae

Language, Literature and the Learner is an edited volume evolving from three international seminars devoted to the teaching of literature in a second or foreign language. The seminars explicitly addressed the...

Taming the Vernacular: From Dialect to Written Standard Language

by Jenny Cheshire & Dieter Stein

Taming the Vernacular: From Dialect to Written Standard Language examines the differences between 'standard' and 'nonstandard' varieties of several different languages. Not only are some of the best-known languages...

Language and World Creation in Poems and Other Texts

by Elena Semino

Language and World Creation in Poems and Other Texts introduces an interdisciplinary and practical approach to the analysis of poetry which focuses on text worlds, namely the contexts, scenarios or types of...

Power and Politeness in the Workplace

by Janet Holmes & Maria Stubbe

Power and Politeness in the Workplace provides insights into the way we all talk at work. The book contains a wealth of material illustrating the way people communicate with each other in their ordinary everyday...

A History of American English

by J. L. Dillard

This impressive volume provides a chronological, narrative account of the development of American English from its earliest origins to the present day.

Language and the Law

by John Gibbons

Explains and describes the ways that language use in the legal system can create inequality and disadvantage. It examines the three main areas where the two intersect: the central issue of the language of the...

Language and Literacy in Workplace Education: Learning at Work

by Giselle Mawer

Just as workers are confronting the rapidly changing practices of the restructured, technological workplace and the increasing convergence of working and learning, so those involved in any form of workplace...

Creating Texts: An Introduction to the Study of Composition

by WALTER NASH & David Stacey

Creating Texts emphasises a practical approach to composition and enables students to understand what is involved in the creation of a text and to learn from the practice of other writers. Extensively rewritten...

Materializing Literacies in Communities: The Uses of Literacy Revisited

by Kate Pahl

What is a 'contemporary' understanding of literacy practices? How can 'literacy' be explained and situated? This book addresses literacy practices research, understanding it as both material and spatial, based...

History of Linguistics Volume II: Classical and Medieval Linguistics

by Giulio Lepschy

This comprehensive history of linguistics is part of a 5 volume set. Together, the volumes examine the social, cultural and religious functions of language, its place in education, the prestige attached to different...

History of Linguistics Vol III: Renaissance and Early Modern Linguistics

by Giulio Lepschy

TheHistory of Linguistics, to be published in five volumes, aims to provide the reader with an authoritative and comprehensive account of the attitudes to language prevailing in different civilizations and in...

Second Language Learning: Theoretical Foundations

by Michael Sharwood Smith

A survey and analysis of second language theory discusses the development of ideas in this expanding area of language studies. It looks at the implications of these ideas and directions for future research....

Grammatical and Lexical Variance in English

by Randolph Quirk

Written by one of Britain's most distinguished linguists, this book is concerned with the phenomenon of variance in English grammar and vocabulary across regional, social, stylistic and temporal space.

An Introduction to Spoken Interaction

by Anna-Brita Stenstrom

Describes how conversation works, providing a systematic and exhaustive account of the structure of spoken discourse and the diverse strategies speakers use to have a conversation. It is illustrated throughout...

Conversational Routines in English: Convention and Creativity

by Karin Aijmer

It is surprising how much of everyday conversation consists of repetitive expressions such as 'thank you', 'sorry', would you mind?' and their many variants. However commonplace they may be, they do have important...

Discourse and Democracy: Critical Analysis of the Language of Government

by Michael Farrelly

In this new study, Farrelly gives a critical examination of democracy as it is conceived and practiced in contemporary advanced liberal nations.  The received wisdom on democracy is probelmatized through a...

Language and Development: Teachers in a Changing World

by Professor Christopher N. Candlin

Language and Development - Teachers in a Changing World comprises twenty-one case accounts contributed by language education professionals working in the context of international development. Frank and stimulating,...

The Construction of Professional Discourse

by Britt-Louise Gunnarsson, Per Linell & Bengt Nordberg

Internationally, there is increasing research and interest in the processes of the production and reception of texts for specific purposes and in the historical development of genres and registers within Languages...

Spoken English on Computer: Transcription, Mark-Up and Application

by Geoffrey Leech, Greg Myers & Jenny Thomas

This book has evolved from a Workshop on Computerized Speech Corpora, held at Lancaster University in 1993. It brings together the findings presented in a clear and coherent manner, focussing on the advantages...

An Introduction to Corpus Linguistics

by Graeme Kennedy

The use of large, computerized bodies of text for linguistic analysis and description has emerged in recent years as one of the most significant and rapidly-developing fields of activity in the study of language....