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The Welsh Language: A History

by Janet Davies

The most up-to-date history and assessment of one of Europe's oldest living languages.

Not Like a Native Speaker: On Languaging as a Postcolonial Experience

by Rey Chow

Although the era of European colonialism has long passed, misgivings about the inequality of the encounters between European and non-European languages persist in many parts of the postcolonial world. This unfinished...

Japanese Hieroglossia

by Jean-Noël Robert & Liz Libbrecht

At a very early stage, Japanese civilization asserted itself in a relationship of “linguistic competition” with Chinese, in both the religious, the literary, and the intellectual spheres. This cultural symbiosis...


by Mark Dunn & Sergio Aragones

From Geronimo! to gesundheit to haminahamina to holy mackerel, and from abracadabra to zoinks, Mark Dunn and Sergio Aragonés show you interjections like you've never seen them before.

Often thought of as unnecessary...

Women as Translators in Early Modern England

by Deborah Uman

This book considers both the practice and representation of translation in works penned by early modern women including Margaret Tyler, Mary Sidney Herbert, Anne Lock, Katherine Philips, and Aphra Behn.

The Language Wars

by Henry Hitchings

The English language is a battlefield. Since the age of Shakespeare, arguments over correct usage have been bitter, and have always really been about contesting values-morality, politics, and class. The Language...

The Secret Life of Words

John Llewellyn Rhys Prize 2008

by Henry Hitchings

Words are essential to our everyday lives. An average person spends his or her day enveloped in conversations, e-mails, phone calls, text messages, directions, headlines, and more. But how often do we stop to...

New Perspectives on Hispanic Contact Linguistics in the Americas

by Sandro Sessarego

This volume is an edited collection of articles dealing with Hispanic contact linguistics in the Americas. The project is composed of four main sections, organized according to the type of socio-historical scenario...

A Catalogue of Manuscripts Known to Contain Old English Dry-Point Glosses

by Dieter Studer-Joho

While quill and ink were the writing implements of choice in the Anglo-Saxon scriptorium, other colouring and non-colouring writing implements were in active use, too. The stylus, among them, was used on an...

The English Language: A Very Short Introduction

by Simon Horobin

The English language is spoken by more than a billion people throughout the world. But where did English come from? And how has it evolved into the language used today? In this Very Short Introduction Simon...

Tracing Language Movement in Africa

by Ericka A. Albaugh & Kathryn M. de Luna

The great diversity of ethnicities and languages in Africa encourages a vision of Africa as a fragmented continent, with language maps only perpetuating this vision by drawing discrete language groups. In reality,...

The Place of Words

by Michael P. Fitzsimmons

As the tricolor rose over revolutionary France, language, with its ability to define ideals and allegiances, was both a threat to authority and weapon to be wielded. In the early years of the Republic, the Académie...

Unscripted America

by Sarah Rivett

In 1664, French Jesuit Louis Nicolas arrived in Quebec. Upon first hearing Ojibwe, Nicolas observed that he had encountered the most barbaric language in the world--but after listening to and studying approximately...

Arguing over Texts

by Martin Camper

From the Constitution to the Bible, from literary classics to political sound bites, our modern lives are filled with numerous texts that govern and influence our behavior and beliefs. Whether in the courtrooms...


by Shana Poplack

Studies of bilingual behavior have been proliferating for decades, yet short shrift has been given to its major manifestation, the incorporation of words from one language into the discourse of another. This...

Understanding Misunderstanding

by Terence Moore

LOCKE AND MOORE IN CONVERSATION An original take on an original mind In a bold experiment linguist Terence Moore holds a series of conversations in 21st century language with 17th century philosopher, John Locke....

Approaches to Teaching the History of the English Language

by Mary Hayes & Allison Burkette

The History of the English Language has been a standard university course offering for over 150 years. Yet relatively little has been written about teaching a course whose very title suggests its prodigious...

Motion and the English Verb

by Judith Huber

In Motion and the English Verb, a study of the expression of motion in medieval English, Judith Huber provides extensive inventories of verbs used in intransitive motion meanings in Old and Middle English, and...

Language as Hermeneutic

by Walter J. Ong, Thomas D. Zlatic & Sara van den Berg

Language in all its modes—oral, written, print, electronic—claims the central role in Walter J. Ong’s acclaimed speculations on human culture. After his death, his archives were found to contain unpublished...

Poetic Conventions as Cognitive Fossils

by Reuven Tsur

Poetic Conventions as Cognitive Fossils offers a major theoretical statement of where poetic conventions come from. The work comprises Reuven Tsur's research in cognitive poetics to show how conventional poetic...