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Interjections, Translation, and Translanguaging

by Rosanna Masiola

This book is about interjections and their transcultural issues. Challenging the marginalization of the past, the ubiquity of interjections and translational practices are presented in their multilingual and...

Aspiring to be Global

by Shuang Gao

This book makes a novel contribution to the sociolinguistics of globalization by examining the dynamics between language and social change in the tourism destination of West Street, Yangshuo, China. The author...

Shallow Equality and Symbolic Jurisprudence in Multilingual Legal Orders

by Janny H.C. Leung

What challenges face jurisdictions that attempt to conduct law in two or more languages? How does choosing a legal language affect the way in which justice is delivered? Answers to these questions are vital...

Talking Like Children

by Elise Berman

Children in the Marshall Islands do many things that adults do not. They walk around half naked. They carry and eat food in public without offering it to others. They talk about things they see rather than hiding...

Language and Society

by Andrew Simpson

Language and Society is an introduction to the interaction of language and society, intended for undergraduate students in any discipline. The book focuses in particular the complex political and sociological...

Meeting Foreignness

by Paola Giorgis

How is Foreignness defined by language? Who has the power to define the ‘foreigner’ as such, on which grounds, from which positioning, for which purposes? And within such premises, which is the role of foreign...

Language Rights and the Law in the United States and Its Territories

by Eduardo Faingold

This book analyzes the language policies that result from the promulgation of linguistic rights in the constitutions and statutes of the United States and its territories. The United States is a nation in which...

The Oxford Handbook of Taboo Words and Language

by Keith Allan

This volume brings together experts from a wide range of disciplines to define and describe tabooed words and language and to investigate the reasons and beliefs behind them. In general, taboo is defined as...

Multilingualism and Intercultural Communication

by Linda Manashe, Koliswa Moropa, Andre M Mostert & Ndimande-Hlongwa et al.

To date, there has been no published textbook which takes into account changing sociolinguistic dynamics that have influenced South African society. Multilingualism and Intercultural Communication breaks new...


by Chege Githiora

African multilingualism is changing the languages and identities of urban communities, and indeed entire nations. Sheng, a non-standard variety of Kenyan Swahili closely associated with Nairobi's low-income...

Constructing Feminine to Mean

by Abdelkader Fassi Fehri

Linguistic gender is a complex and amazing category that has puzzled and still puzzles theoretical linguists, typologists, philosophers, cognitive scientists, didacticians, as well as scholars of anthropology,...

Keywords for Today

by The Keywords Project, Colin MacCabe & Holly Yanacek

Keywords for Today takes us deep into the history of the language in order to better understand our contemporary world. From nature to cultural appropriation and from market to terror, the most important words...

Rural Voices

by Christine Mallinson, Elizabeth Seale, Rania Habib & Kirk Hazen et al.

In this interdisciplinary volume, sociolinguists and sociologists explore the intersections of language, culture, and identity for rural populations around the world. Challenging stereotypical views of rural...

The Cultural Semantics of Address Practices

by Gian Marco Farese

This book presents a contrastive analysis of various forms of address used in English and Italian from the perspective of cultural semantics, the branch of linguistics which investigates the relationship between...

Bad Words

by David Sosa

What makes a word bad? Bad Words is a philosophical examination of slurs and other derogatory and problematic language, by some of the leading contributors to the field. Slurs are an interesting case for the...

The Oxford Handbook of Endangered Languages

by Kenneth L. Rehg & Lyle Campbell

The endangered languages crisis is widely acknowledged among scholars who deal with languages and indigenous peoples as one of the most pressing problems facing humanity, posing moral, practical, and scientific...

Learning Pragmatics from Native and Nonnative Language Teachers

by Prof. Andrew D. Cohen

This book deals with intercultural pragmatics and how both nonnative teachers (NNTs) and native teachers (NTs) may enhance their classroom instruction regarding target language (TL) pragmatics. It focuses primarily...

The Oxford Handbook of Language Policy and Planning

by James W. Tollefson & Miguel Pérez-Milans

This Handbook provides a state-of-the-art account of research in language policy and planning (LPP). Through a critical examination of LPP, the Handbook offers new direction for a field in theoretical and methodological...

Different Tongues

by Patrick A. McCarthy

Different Tongues (Why Children Code Switch?) is a valuable book that gives us answers to endless questions that we have as parents who wish to raise bilingual children: Will teaching the child two languages...

The Promised Landing

by Bart Windrum

The Promised Landing: A Gateway to Peaceful Dying provides a new context for understanding our dying experiences as shaped by western culture. Learn to identify and distinguish between the various dying situations...