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The Beginning Translator's Workbook: or the ABCs of French to English Translation

by Michele H. Jones

This workbook combines methodology and practice for beginning translators with a solid proficiency in French. The revised edition clarifies some of the finer points of the translation techniques introduced in...

Introduction to Experimental Linguistics

by Christelle Gillioz & Sandrine Zufferey

The use of experimental methodology in the field of linguistics has boomed in recent decades. However, implementation of such methods does require an understanding and mastery of specific theoretical and methodological...

Sign Language Linguistics

by Howard Burton

This book is based on an in-depth filmed conversation between Howard Burton and renowned researcher of sign languages Carol Padden, the Sanford I. Berman Chair in Language and Human Communication at UC San Diego....

Babbling Barbarians: How Translators Keep Us Civilized

by Howard Burton

Ever heard people say things like, ?A translation is no substitute for the original? or ?Humour can?t be translated into another language?? In this thought-provoking book, based on an in-depth filmed conversation...

The Printed Voice of Victorian Poetry

by Eric Griffiths

The Printed Voice of Victorian Poetry starts from a simple fact: our written language does not represent the way we speak. Intonation, accent, tempo, and pitch of utterance can be inferred from a written text...

Fun with Phonics

by Moi Hung Ling

Fun with Phonics is a kind of book that will help children or beginners learning English as a second language know how the spelling of the words connected to the specific sounds. For example, the words with...

I Can Do It Myself

by Sharon Clonts

Introducing I Can Do It Myself Phonics Reading Program With all the Phonics and Reading Programs available why do we at I Can Do It Myself have the audacity to put out yet another one? The answer to that lies...

A Different Approach to Phonics

by Trudy Witham & Sharon Clonts

The Letter Itself Becomes the Tutor To firmly establish the sound of the letters of the alphabet in the mind of your child, we created and instituted a completely new and unusual approach. In the A Different...

English Made Easy

by John Tourian

I have often been frustrated and amused by natives who want to be understood only by the collusive, other natives and thus resort to the use of esoteric expressions the meanings of which are only privy to their...

The Blount Guide to Reading, Spelling and Pronouncing English

by Beverly Blount

The Blount Guide A logical phonetic manual for: 1. - Parents and teachers of reading to small children. 2. - Foreigners who wish to pronounce English correctly with instructions in Spanish, French, Portuguese,...

Cajun Vocabulation

by Gordon J. Voisin

With each generation and with each passing day, we grow closer to losing a key part of our nations unique heritagethe Cajun French language. Unless a concerted effort is made to preserve the language, this rich...

The Phonetic Guide to French

by Matthew Lawry

This book is about learning the phrases and sentences and getting to grips with saying the language, without going into the grammar first. In that way you can have fun in learning how to say certain things and...

Studying Speaking to Inform Second Language Learning

by Dr. Diana Boxer & Prof. Andrew D. Cohen

In a series of studies specially written for this volume, Studying Speaking to Inform Second Language Learning offers the applied linguist research on spoken interaction in second and foreign languages and provides...

Accessing the Workings of the Mind

by Li-ling Chuang

This work is an extended study on the role of brain and cognition in L2 learning processes. By taking account of the type of encoding needed to convert input into intake and the tasks that EFL young learners...

Transcription: The Guide On Starting Work At Home Transcription Career

by Linda Warden

Wish to work from home?

For those who are good at typing, you can start to put those skills to use once and for all. The power of transcription cannot be undermined.

Linda Warden illustrates what transcription...

Phonological Awareness, Second Edition: From Research to Practice

by Gail T. Gillon

Translating cutting-edge research into practical recommendations for assessment and instruction, this book has helped thousands of readers understand the key role of phonological awareness in the development...

Second Language Pronunciation Assessment

by Talia Isaacs & Pavel Trofimovich

This book is open access under a CC BY licence. It spans the areas of assessment, second language acquisition (SLA) and pronunciation and examines topical issues and challenges that relate to formal and informal...

Lexico-Phonological Comparative Analysis of Selected Dialects of the Meru-Tharaka Group

by Fridah Kanana Erastus

This study is an investigation into the comparative phonology and lexicon of six barely-known Bantu varieties spoken in Kenya. These varieties (Imenti, Igoji, Tharaka, Mwimbi, Muthambi and Chuka) belong to the...

From Sound to Meaning in Context

by Alicja Witalisz

This volume is a collection of papers approaching the phenomenon of language from a variety of perspectives. Scholars in phonology, morphology, syntax, lexicology, historical linguistics and translation studies...

Teaching English Pronunciation at the Secondary School Level

by Karolina Janczukowicz

This book aims to aid English teachers at the junior and senior secondary school levels in teaching pronunciation within a regular EFL syllabus. It presents such a way of incorporating the phonetic and lexical...