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Alliteration for Kids

by Sydney Dudikoff

My book teaches alliteration in an interactive and fun way. When young people learn to alliterate and practice it for fun or for a purpose, they learn to incorporate it into their writing. Alliteration is a...

Allographs Ii Student Workbook

by Diane McGuinness Ph.D

Allographs II Student Workbook The Student Workbook provides exercises and a special dictionary to teach how syllables are compounded in multisyllable words, as well as the spelling patterns used in a variety...

Allographs I Dictionary Common English Words

by Diane McGuinness Ph.D.

Allographs* Allographs is a revolutionary spelling program based on new discoveries about the structure of the English writing system. Research by the author has revealed that about 90% of words in print are...

Spell Better in Just 5 Minutes a Day

by Margaret Harley


In this book,...

The Blount Guide to Reading, Spelling and Pronouncing English

by Beverly Blount

The Blount Guide A logical phonetic manual for: 1. - Parents and teachers of reading to small children. 2. - Foreigners who wish to pronounce English correctly with instructions in Spanish, French, Portuguese,...

Grammar to Go

by Rob Colter

Fully revised and expanded, this new edition of Rob Colter's bestseller provides straightforward solutions in three sections: Grammar and Style, Punctuation, and Spelling and Common Confusions. Within each section...

SPELL IT - REMEMBER IT - How to spell those difficult words

by Mary Rhiando

“How d’you spell … ?”  is a question asked by many people of all ages ever since first we held pen and paper.

During the world’s earlier days this was understandable for few could read, libraries were...

Sight Word Practice Skills for Early Readers | 2nd Grade Reading Books Edition

by Baby Professor

Let’s practice those sight words because through them, your child can slowly start to read and spell. Though it may sound like an easy subject to learn, there are much mechanics that go into play when taking...

See It & Say It! : Volume 1 | First (1st) Grade Sight Words

by Baby Professor

Learn about sight words, and prepare yourself for a wonderful reading adventure! Sights words are fundamental to learning to read. These are commonly used words in writing so it’s important that your child...

Sight Words 1st Grade Workbook (Baby Professor Learning Books)

by Baby Professor

This beautifully designed book of sight words is designed to help your child smoothly transition from learning individual letters to reading simple words. Sight words are commonly seen words. By memorizing them,...

Goo Goo, Ga Ga! Baby's Babble to Baby's First Words. - Baby & Toddler First Word Books

by Baby Professor

Turn those baby babbles into actual words by setting the right learning environment. By that, we mean the use of age-appropriate educational books like this one. The next pages features a combination of vibrantly...

See It & Say It! : Volume 2 | First (1st) Grade Sight Words

by Baby Professor

Here is another set of words that you can add to your vocabulary. You need a strong set of word skills if you want to better express your thoughts and emotions. You will need sight words to read about what other...

Kindergarten Sight Words Workbook (Baby Professor Learning Books)

by Baby Professor

Little children cannot be stuck with just learning letters. At one point or another, they need to learn to read. The introduction of sight words makes this task so much easier. In this book, sight words are...

See It & Say It! Jumbo Workbook Edition | First Grade Sight Words

by Baby Professor

First graders need all the help they need to learn to read. Reading is a skill that must be learned at this stage in order to proceed to advanced educational levels. However, you don’t have to bore your child...

Sight Words 3rd Grade Workbook (Baby Professor Learning Books)

by Baby Professor

Make reading less boring by training your child to see and read sight words. This ability is the key to a smooth reading experience. Your child will love this reading book because the information is presented...

First Words Memory : Children's Reading & Writing Education Books

by Baby Professor

Influence your child’s vocabulary today and he/she will enjoy reading and writing tomorrow. The first step to take to make this possible would be to secure a copy of this wonderful educational resource. Here,...

Fun With First Words. Learning as a Baby Starts to Speak. - Baby & Toddler First Word Books

by Baby Professor

Help your little one learn a language by encouraging reading and conversations. Forget about baby babbles and help him/her form words with the help of this educational resource. In the next pages, your child...

Sight Word Practice (Better Reading Skills) : 3rd Grade Workbooks Series

by Baby Professor

Instead of forcing your child to read boring texts, why don't you the process a lot more fun and engaging? You can use this workbook to help your child practice on sight words. Sight words are the most commonly...

Baby's Babble! Baby's First Sight Words. - Baby & Toddler First Word Books

by Baby Professor

Make learning to read fun with the right learning tools, like this one. What makes this book attractive is the fact that it’s full-colored and the information herein has been deemed appropriate for young children....

Sight Word Practice (Better Reading Skills) : 2nd Grade Workbooks Series

by Baby Professor

This book discusses what sight words are, and how important the understanding of this key reading concept is. Unlike other educational materials available in school, this book utilizes a powerful combination...