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Cryptanalysis: A Study of Ciphers and Their Solution

by Helen F. Gaines

Thorough, systematic introduction to serious cryptography, especially strong in modern forms of cipher solution used by experts. Nihilist, grille, U. S. Army, key-phrase, multiple-alphabet, Gronsfeld, Porta,...

Transmission Difficulties: Franz Boas and Tsimshian Mythology

by Ralph Maud

Ralph Maud delves into the mystery of Boas’s alleged “translations” of the stories gathered by his Tsimshian informant, Henry Tate.

Sulla traduzione

by Hilaire Belloc

"Oggi in Europa abbiamo più che mai bisogno di traduzione [...]", perché “[...] nessuna provincia d’Europa può sussistere da sola.” È il 1931 quando Belloc avverte del pericolo cui l’Europa tutta...

Communicating Across Cultures: A Coursebook on Interpreting and Translating in Public Services and Institutions

by Carmen Valero-Garcés

This book is a manual addressing the task of interpreting and translating. It is directed towards those who serve as liaisons between immigrant communities, visitors, or foreigners, and at professionals in public...

Literary Translation: A Practical Guide

by Dr. Clifford E. Landers

In this book, both beginning and experienced translators will find pragmatic techniques for dealing with problems of literary translation, whatever the original language. Certain challenges and certain themes...

Managing Translation Services

by Geoffrey Samuelsson-Brown

The book is intended principally for those who presently work as a freelance translator with all the inherent limitations this presents in terms of income and being reliant on the limited range of skills that...

Reflections on Translation

by Prof. Susan Bassnett

This collection of essays brings together a decade of writings on translation by leading international translation studies expert, Susan Bassnett. The essays cover a range of topics and will be useful to anyone...

A Practical Guide for Translators: Fifth Edition

by Geoffrey Samuelsson-Brown

This is the fifth revised edition of the best-selling A Practical Guide for Translators. It looks at the profession of translator on the basis of developments over the last few years and encourages both practitioners...

Women as Translators in Early Modern England

by Deborah Uman

This book considers both the practice and representation of translation in works penned by early modern women including Margaret Tyler, Mary Sidney Herbert, Anne Lock, Katherine Philips, and Aphra Behn.

Literary Translation and Foreign Rights: Find Translators, Enter New Markets, and Make More Money With Literary Translations

by S C Scott

Ready, Set, Translate!

Are You An Author? Unlock Your 10-step Plan to Multiple Streams of Income from Foreign Translations. It's Easy and Profitable!

The Indie Publishing Gold Rush is not over…

In fact, it’s...

Interpretation: Techniques and Exercises

by James Nolan

In recent decades the explosive growth of globalization and regional integration has fuelled parallel growth in multilingual conferences. Although conference interpreting has come of age as a profession, interpreter...

Interjections, Translation, and Translanguaging

by Rosanna Masiola

This book is about interjections and their transcultural issues. Challenging the marginalization of the past, the ubiquity of interjections and translational practices are presented in their multilingual and...

Translation and Global Spaces of Power

by Stefan Baumgarten & Jordi Cornellà-Detrell

This book focuses on the role of translation in a globalising world. It presents a series of case studies that explore the ways in which translation is subject to ideology and power play across diverging domains...

Meeting Foreignness

by Paola Giorgis

How is Foreignness defined by language? Who has the power to define the ‘foreigner’ as such, on which grounds, from which positioning, for which purposes? And within such premises, which is the role of foreign...

A Multilingual Nation

by Rita Kothari

How does India live through the oddity of being both a nation and multilingual? Is multilingualism in India to be understood as a neatly laid set of discrete languages or a criss-crossing of languages that runs...

The Cultural Semantics of Address Practices

by Gian Marco Farese

This book presents a contrastive analysis of various forms of address used in English and Italian from the perspective of cultural semantics, the branch of linguistics which investigates the relationship between...

Memories In Translation

by Denys Johnson-Davies & Naguib Mahfouz

Nobody has done more for modern Arabic literature in translation than Denys Johnson-Davies, described by the late Edward Said as "the leading Arabic English translator of our time." With more than twenty-five...

Similarities and Dissimilarities in Meaning and Usage of Some Cebuano and Tagalog Words

by Liberacion Narvios Tecson

The Philippine Islands, with a population of over ninety-seven million is comprised of seven thousand one hundred seventy islands with residents speaking seven hundred different dialects. Prominent among all...

The Fate of Bonté III

by Alain Poissant & Rob Twiss

Bonté III was five years old. A cow at that age is at her prime. Prime is an accounting term. A dairy farm is a business and must be managed as such. From this perspective, Bonté III's days were numbered....

Yoko Tawada's Portrait of a Tongue

by Yoko Tawada & Chantal Wright

Yoko Tawada's Portrait of a Tongue: An Experimental Translation by Chantal Wright is a hybrid text, innovatively combining literary criticism, experimental translation, and scholarly commentary. This work...