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From Heritage to Terrorism

by Brian Simpson & Cheryl Simpson

From Heritage to Terrorism: Regulating Tourism in an Age of Uncertainty  takes a critical approach to the role of the law in shaping and defining tourism and the tourism experience. It utilizes a range of legal...

Honour, Violence, Women and Islam

by Mohammad Mazher Idriss & Tahir Abbas

Why are honour killings and honour-related violence so important to understand? What do such crimes represent? And how does honour-related violence relate to Western views and perceptions of Islam? This intriguing...

Alternative Perspectives on Lawyers and Legal Ethics

by Reid Mortensen & Francesca Bartlett

The book features important contributions taking contemporary and non-mainstream perspectives on legal ethics and the legal profession. The volume provides insights into legal culture and ethics in a range of...

International Child Law 2/E

by Trevor Buck

International Child Law examines and discusses the international legal framework and issues relating to children at both a global and regional level. Analysing both public and private international legal aspects,...

Commonwealth Caribbean Criminal Practice and Procedure

by Dana S Seetahal

The third edition of this best-selling book has been thoroughly revised to take into account recent developments in the law. The text clarifies the state law in each jurisdiction, making it clear when laws are...


by Mark Nestmann

On every front, 24 hours a day, you and your wealth face threats of an intensity that would have been unimaginable only a few short years ago. A sinister marriage of law and technology has made the pervasive...

Line of Fire: Heroism, Tragedy, and Canada's Police

by Edward Butts

Renowned true crime writer Edward Butts takes a hard-hitting, compassionate, probing look at some of the stories involving the hundreds of Canadian law-enforcement officers who have found themselves in harm's...

Trust Me: Frauds, Schemes, and Scams and How to Avoid Them

by Gordon G. Leek

The worldwide growth of criminal fraud has mushroomed to such a degree that traditional law-enforcement techniques have been unable to cope effectively with the fallout. Former Calgary police detective and fraud...

Threat Perceptions: The Policing of Dangers from Eugenics to the War on Terrorism

by Saran Ghatak

Threat Perceptions: The Policing of Dangers from Eugenics to the War on Terrorism examines the legal, scientific, and social construction of risk of crime in the United States. Ghatak focuses on the crime control...

Indigenous Peoples. Customary Law and Human Rights

by Brendan Tobin

This highly original work demonstrates the fundamental role of customary law for the realization of Indigenous peoples' human rights and for sound national and international legal governance. The book reviews...

Commercial Shipping Handbook

by Peter Brodie

The Commercial Shipping Handbook is an invaluable reference tool for anyone involved in international trade and a first step towards understanding the framework within which the international movement of goods...

It's (Not) Just Business- Legal, Ethical, and Moral Matters At Work and In Life

by Timothy R. Watts

Business ethics. An oxymoron? Does it sound like something we can hope for but never achieve? Are people just too greedy to be ethical in business? Or, wait, isn't greed good, after all? Designed for the student...

Contract in Context

by Richard Austen-Baker & Qi Zhou

Contract in Context provides an easy to read, in depth analysis of the purpose and role of contract law and the theories that surround it. It looks at the historical development of contract law as well as providing...

Texas Bar Review Essay Questions Book

by Celebration Bar Review LLC

Essay Questions and Sample answers for all testable essay subjects on the Texas Bar Exam. 2015 Edition.

New York Bar Review Outlines Book 2

by Celebration Bar Review LLC

Substantive outlines for preparation of the NY Bar Exam. Outlines are included for the following subjects: FEDERAL JURISDICTION & CIVIL PROCEDURE DIFFERENCES BETWEEN NEW YORK AND MULTISTATE LAW IN CRIMINAL LAW...

New York Bar Review Outlines Book 1

by Celebration Bar Review LLC


California Bar Review Essays Book

by Celebration Bar Review LLC

Hundreds of Essay Questions and Answers for the California Bar Exam. All testable subjects and Questions and Model Answers through the most recent Exams are included. Includes selected Model Answers written...

Texas Bar Review Subjects Book 3

by Celebration Bar Review LLC

2015 Edition Comprehensive Substantive outlines for selected subjects of the Texas Bar Exam. Topics include: Oil & Gas Law Federal Tax Consumer Rights DTPC Federal Bankruptcy Texas Real Property

Texas Bar Review Subjects Book 2

by Celebration Bar Review LLC

2015 Edition Comprehensive Substantive outlines including Questions and Answer Explanations for the Procedure & Evidence (short answer) subjects of the Texas Bar Exam. Topics include: Federal Jurisdiction Texas...

Texas Bar Review Subjects Book 1

by Celebration Bar Review LLC

Comprehensive Substantive outlines for the subjects of the Texas Bar Exam. 2015 Edition Topics include: UCC 3/4/9 Domestic Relations Community Property Agency Partnerships Business Corporations Trusts Wills...