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The Concept of Abuse in EU Competition Law: Law and Economic Approaches

by Pinar Akman

The objective(s) of Article 102 TFEU, what exactly makes a practice abusive and the standard of harm under Article 102 TFEU have not yet been settled. Using law and economic approaches, this book inquires into...

International Antitrust Litigation: Conflict of Laws and Coordination

by J¿rgen Basedow, St¿phanie Francq & Laurence Idot

As antitrust proceedings become increasingly international in character there is an ever-growing need for clear and workable rules to coordinate cross-border actions. This book, the fruit of a research project...

Marital Agreements and Private Autonomy in Comparative Perspective

by Jens M Scherpe

This book deals with a subject that has recently been the focus of debate and law reform in many jurisdictions: how much scope should spouses have to conclude agreements concerning their financial affairs �...

Federalism in the European Union

by Elke Cloots, Geert De Baere & Stefan Sottiaux

Federalism appears in two main forms in the EU. On the one hand, numerous formerly unitary Member States have embarked on a path towards a (quasi-)federal governance structure. On the other hand, the EU itself...

The Defendant in International Criminal Proceedings: Between Law and Historiography

by Bj¿rn Elberling

It is often said that criminal procedure should ensure that the defendant is a subject, not just an object, of proceedings. This book asks to what extent this can be said to be true of international criminal...

Law and Justice on the Small Screen

by Peter Robson & Jessica Silbey

This is a wide-ranging collection of essays about law in and on television. In light of the book's innovative taxonomy of the field and its international reach, it will make a novel contribution to the scholarly...

Constitutionalising the EU Judicial System: Essays in Honour of Pernilla Lindh

by Pascal Cardonnel, Allan Rosas & Nils Wahl

These essays, written in honour of retired ECJ judge Pernille Lindh, reflect on the development of courts and judging in the EU since the founding of the Union in the 1960s, In particular they focus on recent...

Governing Biobanks: Understanding the Interplay between Law and Practice

by Jane Kaye, Susan M C Gibbons & Catherine Heeney

Using interview data this book provides unique insights and makes recommendations about the governance of biobanking in the future.

Case Management in Criminal Trials

by Roderick Denyer

This book is designed to provide all those who work in the Crown Courts � judges, administrators, barristers and solicitors � with a one-stop guide to the day-to-day practical problems that arise both before...

Professional Services in the EU Internal Market: Quality Regulation and Self-Regulation

by Tinne Heremans

This book offers both an in-depth legal analysis of the EU framework as it applies to professional services as well as a more normative evaluation of this framework based on insights from law and economics scholarship....

Promises of States under International Law

by Christian Eckart & Christian Tomuschat

The law governing unilateral declarations of intention by states is far from clear. This monograph fills a gap in international legal scholarship by raising and answering the question of the precise legal value...

The Constitution of China: A Contextual Analysis

by Qianfan Zhang

This book on China's constitution and its tradition of constitutionalism provides a much needed overview of China's constitutional arrangements.

Children and the European Union: Rights, Welfare and Accountability

by Helen Stalford

This book offers a critical analysis of the legal and policy framework underpinning EU children's rights across a range of areas.

The Constitution of Indonesia: A Contextual Analysis

by Simon Butt & Tim Lindsey

For decades, Indonesia's 1945 Constitution, the second-shortest in the modern world, was used as an apologia by successive authoritarian regimes. But following the fall of President Soeharto in 1998 the amendment...

Select Proceedings of the European Society of International Law, Volume 3, 2010

by James Crawford & Sarah Nouwen

This book contains the proceedings of the conference was "International Law 1989-2010: A Performance Appraisal", organised by ESIL and the University of Cambridge in 2010. The highlights, selected for publication...

An Introduction to the Law on Financial Investment

by Iain G MacNeil

The world of financial investment has experienced an unprecedented boom followed by a spectacular bust. Significant changes have been proposed and in some cases implemented in areas such as the structure of...

Essays on International Criminal Justice

by H¿ctor Ol¿solo

The essays in this book look in particular at the 'responsibility to prevent' mandate of the ICC, the ICC complementarity regime, the new role granted to victims, and the prosecution of the highest leadership...

The Political Economy of Corporation Tax: Theory, Values and Law Reform

by John Snape

In this important work Snape creates a new way of thinking about the law relating to corporate tax as an instrument of rule.

Ideas and Debates in Family Law

by Rob George

'Debates and Ideas in Family Law' is written for the student of family law, at undergraduate level and beyond, who is looking for less orthodox ideas about family law. Useful as a teaching tool by itself or...

EU Constitutional Law: An Introduction

by Allan Rosas & Lorna Armati

The second revised edition of this acclaimed book brings the story of the EU's constitutional journey up-to-date. The book succeeds, where others have struggled, to make sense of the EU's complex constitutional...