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The Texas Supreme Court: A Narrative History, 1836-1986

by James L. Haley

"Few people realize that in the area of law, Texas began its American journey far ahead of most of the rest of the country, far more enlightened on such subjects as women's rights and the protection of debtors."...

The Laws of Slavery in Texas: Historical Documents and Essays

by Randolph B. Campbell, William S. Pugsley & Marilyn P. Duncan

The laws that governed the institution of slavery in early Texas were enacted over a fifty-year period in which Texas moved through incarnations as a Spanish colony, a Mexican state, an independent republic,...

The Global Environment and International Law

by Joseph F. C. DiMento

International law has become the key arena for protecting the global environment. Since the 1970s, literally hundreds of international treaties, protocols, conventions, and rules under customary law have been...

Public Sentinels: A Comparative Study of Australian Solicitors-General

by Gabrielle Appleby, Patrick Keyzer & John M. Williams

In recent years, controversy has surrounded the role of top government lawyers both in the US and the UK where allegations of bad lawyering and bad ethics in public office have thrust this group into the public...

Mob Rule in New Orleans: Robert Charles and His Fight to the Death

by Ida B. Wells

African-American journalist and activist Ida B. Wells played a major role in shedding light on the widespread practice of lynching in the United States. In this gripping account, Wells details the riots that...

Insurance Law: An Introduction

by Robert Merkin

Insurance Law - An Introduction is essential reading and will provide you with a thorough understanding of all the main areas including motor, property, financial and marine insurance. The book contains the...

Forensic Social Work: Legal Aspects of Professional Practice, Second Edition

by Robert L. Barker & Douglas M. Branson

Explore the legalities and pitfalls of forensic social work!Forensic Social Work: Legal Aspects of Professional Practice, Second Edition examines the professional specialty of forensic social work which involves...

Martensville: Truth or Justice?: The Story of the Martensville Daycare Trials

by Frann Harris

When a child abuse scandal is uncovered at an unlicensed daycare in small-town Saskatchewan, the community is polarized.

Deadly Encounters: True Crime Stories of Alberta

by Barbara Smith

Eight intriguing Alberta crimes are dramatically presented in this well-researched book.

Who Killed George?: The Ordeal of Olive Sternaman

by Cheryl MacDonald

Drawing on newspaper accounts and legal documents, Cheryl MacDonald has recreated a true-to-life Victorian melodrama. Who Killed George? offers insight into the legal system, social sentiments, and status of...

The Big Red Fox: The Incredible Story of Norman "Red" Ryan, Canada's Most Notorious Criminal

by Peter McSherry

Norman Red Ryan escaped from Kingston Penitentiary twice first by force and then, years later, by gulling the credulous into believing that he was reformed.

Under Arrest: Canadian Laws You Won't Believe

by Bob Tarantino

This entertaining romp spotlights the countrys past and present strange-but-true laws and legal history.

A Deep Sense of Wrong: The Treason, Trials and Transportation to New South Wales of Lower Canadian Rebels

by Beverley Boissery

Shows the degradation of prison life and the triumph of the human spirit over overwhelming odds.

The Conservative Assault on the Constitution

by Erwin Chemerinsky

Over the last few decades, the Supreme Court and the federal appellate courts have undergone a dramatic shift to the right, the result of a determined effort by right-wing lawmakers and presidents to reinterpret...

Why Marriage Matters

by Evan Wolfson

Why Marriage Matters offers a compelling and clear discussion of a question at the forefront of our national consciousness. It is the work of a brilliant civil rights litigator who has dedicated his life to...

Justice Miscarried: Inside Wrongful Convictions in Canada

by Helena Katz

Behind the proud facade of Canada's criminal justice system lie the shattered lives of the people unjustly caught within its web. Justice Miscarried tells the heart-wrenching stories of 12 innocent Canadians...

Global Governance and International Law: Combating the Tragic Flaw

by Errol P. Mendes

This book offers a stimulating introduction to the links between areas of global governance, human rights global economy and international law. By drawing on a range of diverse subject areas, Errol P. Mendes...

Common Sense Guide to Health & Safety in the Environment

by Subash Ludhra

An essential and short guide for those who need to know more about environmental management in the workplace without wanting to spend hours reading dozens of different documents. Whether it's for use alongside...

Optimize English Legal System

by Angela Stanhope & Odette Hutchinson

'[Optimize is] ideal for undergraduate students at all levels. The content is of a high standard, easy to read and understand.  The materials are very catching and easy on the eye making it easy to read and...

Police: Current Issues in Canadian Law Enforcement

by Dennis P. Forcese

These essays address issues like police regionalization, the role of police unions, the use of police tactical units, and the role of women in policing.