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Law and the Regulation of Medicines

by Emily Jackson

The principal purpose of this book is to tell the story of a medicine's journey through the regulatory system in the UK, from the definition of a medicine, through clinical trials, licensing, pharmacovigilance,...

Europe and Extraterritorial Asylum

by Maarten den Heijer

Increasingly, European and other Western states have sought to control the movement of refugees outside their borders. This book focuses on the legal implications of external mechanisms of migration control...


by Ben Saul

This useful reference book brings together vital documents from wide variety of sources which focus on curbing terrorism.

Rethinking Criminal Law Theory: New Canadian Perspectives in the Philosophy of Domestic, Transnational, and International Criminal Law

by Francois Tanguay-Renaud & James Stribopoulos

In the last two decades, the philosophy of criminal law has undergone a vibrant revival in Canada. This collection of essays by Canadian scholars evidences the fact that criminal law theory is no longer to be...

Home Equity and Ageing Owners: Between Risk and Regulation

by Lorna Fox O'Mahony

This book provides a contextual analysis of the financial transactions that older people enter into using their housing equity.

Multilevel Regulation of Military and Security Contractors: The Interplay between International, European and Domestic Norms

by Christine Bakker & Mirko Sossai

The outsourcing of military and security services is the object of intense legal debate. This book analyses and discusses the interplay between international, European, and domestic regulatory measures in the...

Principles of German Criminal Procedure

by Michael Bohlander

The book aims at outlining the fundamental aspects of the German approach to criminal procedure; it is meant as a companion volume to the author's earlier publications, "The German Criminal Code - A Modern English...

Art and Copyright

by Simon Stokes

First published in 2001, Art and Copyright has established itself as a leading text in the field. Now revised and updated, the second edition includes expanded coverage of Artist's Resale Right and the relationship...

The Constitution of the United Kingdom: A Contextual Analysis

by Peter Leyland

The revised second edition provides a topical outline of the principles and doctrines which make up the UK's constitution. This edition has been extensively rewritten to take account of constitutional developments...

Family Law, Gender and the State: Text, Cases and Materials

by Alison Diduck & Felicity Kaganas

The third edition of this work on family law, comprising text, cases and materials, provides not only an explication of legal principle but also explores, primarily from a feminist perspective, some of the assumptions...

EU Competition Law: An Analytical Guide to the Leading Cases

by Ariel Ezrachi

This book, designed as a working tool for the study and practice of European Competition Law, is the enlarged and updated third edition of a highly practical guide to the leading cases of European Competition...

Constitutional Pluralism in the European Union and Beyond

by Matej Avbelj & Jan Kom¿rek

This book offers fresh perspectives on both theoretical and practical aspects of constitutional pluralism, and includes contributions taking opposing perspectives - some defending and promoting the concept of...

The Concept of Abuse in EU Competition Law: Law and Economic Approaches

by Pinar Akman

The objective(s) of Article 102 TFEU, what exactly makes a practice abusive and the standard of harm under Article 102 TFEU have not yet been settled. Using law and economic approaches, this book inquires into...

International Antitrust Litigation: Conflict of Laws and Coordination

by J¿rgen Basedow, St¿phanie Francq & Laurence Idot

As antitrust proceedings become increasingly international in character there is an ever-growing need for clear and workable rules to coordinate cross-border actions. This book, the fruit of a research project...

Marital Agreements and Private Autonomy in Comparative Perspective

by Jens M Scherpe

This book deals with a subject that has recently been the focus of debate and law reform in many jurisdictions: how much scope should spouses have to conclude agreements concerning their financial affairs �...

Federalism in the European Union

by Elke Cloots, Geert De Baere & Stefan Sottiaux

Federalism appears in two main forms in the EU. On the one hand, numerous formerly unitary Member States have embarked on a path towards a (quasi-)federal governance structure. On the other hand, the EU itself...

The Defendant in International Criminal Proceedings: Between Law and Historiography

by Bj¿rn Elberling

It is often said that criminal procedure should ensure that the defendant is a subject, not just an object, of proceedings. This book asks to what extent this can be said to be true of international criminal...

Law and Justice on the Small Screen

by Peter Robson & Jessica Silbey

This is a wide-ranging collection of essays about law in and on television. In light of the book's innovative taxonomy of the field and its international reach, it will make a novel contribution to the scholarly...

Constitutionalising the EU Judicial System: Essays in Honour of Pernilla Lindh

by Pascal Cardonnel, Allan Rosas & Nils Wahl

These essays, written in honour of retired ECJ judge Pernille Lindh, reflect on the development of courts and judging in the EU since the founding of the Union in the 1960s, In particular they focus on recent...

Governing Biobanks: Understanding the Interplay between Law and Practice

by Jane Kaye, Susan M C Gibbons & Catherine Heeney

Using interview data this book provides unique insights and makes recommendations about the governance of biobanking in the future.