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Quick Guide to Community Care Practice and the Law

by Michael Mandelstam

This short guide cuts through the confusing mass of legislation to provide a concise and jargon-free explanation of current community care practice and the law. It is an essential resource for busy practitioners...

A Plague of Prisons: The Epidemiology of Mass Incarceration in America

by Ernest Drucker

When Dr. John Snow first traced an outbreak of cholera to a water pump in the Soho district of London in 1854, the field of epidemiology was born. Ernest Drucker’s A Plague of Prisons takes the same concepts...

Bribery and Corruption: How to Be an Impeccable and Profitable Corporate Citizen

by Michael J. Comer & Timothy E. Stephens

Bribery and Corruption is written by the world's leading practitioners in the fields of fraud prevention, detection and investigation; they have massive practical experience in commercial and governmental sectors....

China's Banking Law and the National Treatment of Foreign-Funded Banks

by Wei Wang

This book assesses new developments in and reform of China's banking law system following its accession of the WTO. It focuses on the relationship between GATS/WTO national treatment obligations and China's...

Pharmacy Law and Practice: Fourth Edition

by Jon Merrills & Jonathan Fisher

The fifth edition of Pharmacy Law and Practice provides a straightforward and useable guide for students, practitioners, academics and others interested in pharmacy law and practice in the United Kingdom. This...

The Science of Sherlock Holmes: From Baskerville Hall to the Valley of Fear, the Real Forensics Behind the Great Detective's Greatest Cases

by E. J. Wagner

Praise for The Science of Sherlock Holmes

"Holmes is, first, a great detective, but he has also proven to be a great scientist, whether dabbling with poisons, tobacco ash, or tire marks. Wagner explores this...

The American Bar Association Legal Guide for Military Families: Everything You Need to Know about Family Law, Estate Planning, and the Servicemembers

by American Bar Association

The one and only legal guide for servicemembers and their families.

The American Bar Association Legal Guide for Military Families is the complete resource for servicemembers, veterans, and their families. This...

Justice in a Changing World

by Cecile Fabre

Should governments give special rights to ethnic and cultural minorities? Should rich countries open their borders to economic immigrants or transfer resources to poor countries? When framing and implementing...

Racialized Correctional Governance: The Mutual Constructions of Race and Criminal Justice

by Claire Spivakovsky

Racialized Correctional Governance examines problems in the relationship between criminology and racialized issues. It questions current models for discussing issues of race in criminal justice systems and asks...

A Short Guide to Contract Risk

by Helena Haapio & George J. Siedel

Savvy managers use contracts proactively to reach their business goals and minimize their risks. To succeed, these managers need a plan/framework and A Short Guide to Contract Risk provides this. It introduces...

Legal and Ethical Regulation of Biomedical Research in Developing Countries

by Remigius N. Nwabueze

This study argues that whilst ethical regulation of biomedical research in Africa and other developing countries has attracted global attention, legal liability issues, such as the application of common law...

Jurisdiction of the International Criminal Court and the admissibility of cases

by Hannah Schatte

Fifty years after the Nuremberg-Tribunal, the U.N. Commission of Experts on the Former Yugoslavia stated, that 'states may choose to combine their jurisdictions under the universality principle and vest this...

Louis D. Brandeis: A Life

by Melvin Urofsky

The first full-scale biography in twenty-five years of one of the most important and distinguished justices to sit on the Supreme Court–a book that reveals Louis D. Brandeis the reformer, lawyer, and jurist,...

Beginning Equity and Trusts

by Mohamed Ramjohn

Whether you're new to higher education, coming to legal study for the first time or just wondering what Equity and Trusts is all about, Beginning Equity and Trusts is the ideal introduction to help you hit...

Elements of Genocide

by Paul Behrens & Ralph Henham

Elements of Genocide provides an authoritative evaluation of the current perception of the crime, as it appears in the decisions of judicial authorities, the writings of the foremost academic experts in the...

Risk and Liability in Air Law

by George Leloudas

This book analyses the relevant international conventions governing the liability of airlines to passengers and third parties on the ground from a risk perspective.

Bills of Lading and Bankers Documentary Credits

by Paul Todd

This book provides a straightforward guide to the nuances and complexities of deals conducted under the documentary credit system.

P&I Clubs: Law and Practice

by David Semark

This fourth edition is a detailed but easy-to-follow account of the constitution, workings and daily practice of protection and indemnity clubs. Designed to be a practical reference source for anyone who is...

Insurance Law and the Financial Ombudsman Service

by Judith Summer

Insurance Law and the Financial Ombudsman Service is an in depth look at the workings and insurance decisions of the Financial Ombudsman Service. The book analyses how the Ombudsman Service decides insurance...

Commencement of Laytime

by Donald Davies

Commencement of Laytime is the only in-depth examination and discussion concerning the most important financial aspect of laytime which can affect all voyage charter parties and international contracts for the...