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Democracy in the Courts: Lay Participation in European Criminal Justice Systems

by Marijke Malsch

Examining lay participation in the administration of justice and how it reflects certain democratic principles, Democracy in the Courts explores issues critical to confidence in criminal justice.

The Moral Imagination and the Legal Life: Beyond Text in Legal Education

by Zenon Bankowski & Maksymilian Del Mar

What role can resources that go beyond text play in the development of moral education in law schools and law firms? How can these resources - especially those from the visual and performing arts - nourish the...

Property and Social Resilience in Times of Conflict: Land, Custom and Law in East Timor

by Daniel Fitzpatrick & Andrew McWilliam

This book is a timely response to the increased international focus on peace-building problems arising from population displacement and post-conflict state fragility. It considers the relationship between property...

Legitimacy, Legal Development and Change: Law and Modernization Reconsidered

by David K. Linnan

This book addresses critical questions about how legal development works in practice and is a timely reference for practitioners of institutional reform, providing a thought-provoking interdisciplinary collection...

Transnational Governance: Emerging Models of Global Legal Regulation

by Scott Mann & Michael Head

As globalization continues to spread and evolve, so nation-states attempt to govern financialization, tax evasion, corruption, terrorism, civil and military conflicts and environmental dangers, social polarization...

'Integration through Law' Revisited: The Making of the European Polity

by Daniel Augenstein

This volume provides a valuable reference for scholars in the field of European integration studies and European legal and political theory. The contributors revisit one of the first academic projects to conceptualise...

Constitutional Paradigms and the Stability of States

by Noel Cox

This book examines the influence of constitutional legal paradigms upon the political stability and viability of states. It contributes to the literature in the field by focussing on how constitutional flexibility...

Modern Chinese Real Estate Law: Property Development in an Evolving Legal System

by Gregory M. Stein

With massive growth taking place in the real estate industry, how can China develop a free market and private ownership of land while still officially subscribing to Communist ideology? This study uses fieldwork...

The Neurobiology of Criminal Behavior: Gene-Brain-Culture Interaction

by Anthony Walsh & Jonathan D. Bolen

The main feature of this work is that it explores criminal behaviour from all aspects of Tinbergen's Four Questions. Rather than focusing on a single theoretical point of view, this book examines the neurobiology...

Most Deserving of Death?: An Analysis of the Supreme Court's Death Penalty Jurisprudence

by Kenneth Williams

This book demonstrates that it is the inconsistent and often incoherent jurisprudence of the United States Supreme Court which accounts for a system so lacking in public confidence. Kenneth Williams examines...

Fiduciary Duty and the Atmospheric Trust

by Ken Coghill & Charles Sampford

This volume brings together a range of perspectives including leading international thinkers on questions of fiduciary duty and public trust . It presents a detailed examination of the nature and extent of fiduciary...

The Hidden Order of Corruption: An Institutional Approach

by Donatella della Porta & Alberto Vannucci

This book investigates the hidden order of corruption, looking at the invisible codes and mechanisms that govern and stabilize the links between corrupters and corruptees. When corruption is exposed, unknown...

Complex Copyright: Mapping the Information Ecosystem

by Deborah Tussey

This book draws on a wide selection of interdisciplinary literature discussing complex adaptive systems, to apply general complexity tenets to the institutions, conceptual framework, and theoretical justifications...

Affect and Legal Education: Emotion in Learning and Teaching the Law

by Paul Maharg & Caroline Maughan

This text, the first full-length book study of the subject, seeks to make emotion a central topic of research for legal educators, and restore the power of emotion in our teaching and learning. Interdisciplinary...

Resolving Disputes about Educational Provision: A Comparative Perspective on Special Educational Needs

by Neville Harris & Sheila Riddell

This book employs a comparative approach to explore the nature of the disputes that arise between parents/children and education decision-makers over children's special educational needs and to consider the...

Contracting for Space: Contract Practice in the European Space Sector

by Lesley Jane Smith & Ingo Baumann

Recent significant developments in the European space sector have had an impact on European commercial space law. This book is an up-to-date guide to the regulatory background of space projects and examines...

Regulating Marriage Migration into the UK: A Stranger in the Home

by Helena Wray

Marriage migration is a controversial and problematic issue in the UK as elsewhere in Europe. This timely analysis is a comprehensive examination of the regulation of marriage migration into the UK. With international...

At the Edge of Law: Emergent and Divergent Models of Legal Professionalism

by Andrew Francis

At the Edge of Law presents an analysis of the changing nature of contemporary legal professionalism. It employs a methodological approach and presents a series of case studies built on original empirical research....

Codification, Macaulay and the Indian Penal Code: The Legacies and Modern Challenges of Criminal Law Reform

by Wing-Cheong Chan & Barry Wright

To mark the one hundred and fiftieth anniversary of the Indian Penal Code, sixteen international experts were invited to discuss its legacy within the common law world. This resulting book comprises not only...

Exploring Courtroom Discourse: The Language of Power and Control

by Anne Wagner & Le Cheng

This volume presents a combination of practical, empirical research data and theoretical reflection to provide a comparative view of language and discourse in the courtroom. The work explores how the various...