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The Politics of International Criminal Justice: German Perspectives from Nuremberg to The Hague

by Ronen Steinke

To anyone setting out to explore the entanglement of international criminal justice with the interests of States, Germany is a particularly curious, exemplary case. This book draws on government documents and...

Criminal Evidence and Human Rights: Reimagining Common Law Procedural Traditions

by Paul Roberts & Jill Hunter

Criminal procedure in the common law world is being recast in the image of human rights. These essays explore various aspects of the 'human rights revolution' in criminal evidence and procedure in Australia,...

Liability for Wrongful Interferences with Chattels

by Simon Douglas

The book examines the protection of property rights in chattels through the law of torts, focusing on the four actions of conversion, detinue, trespass and negligence.

Public Liability in EU Law: Brasserie, Bergaderm and Beyond

by Pekka Aalto

Public law liability for breaches of EU law has been subject to remarkable developments during the last two decades. This book examines the convergence between its two constituent systems: the damages liability...

The Militarisation of Peacekeeping in the Twenty-First Century

by James Sloan

UN peacekeeping operations, long expected to use force only in self-defence and to act impartially, are now being relied upon as a means to maintain and restore security.

Through a close examination of 21st...

Fiduciary Loyalty: Protecting the Due Performance of Non-Fiduciary Duties

by Matthew Conaglen

Fiduciary Loyalty presents a comprehensive analysis of the nature and function of fiduciary duties.

Fault Lines in Equity

by Jamie Glister & Pauline Ridge

Although much equitable doctrine is settled, there remain some intractable problems that bedevil lawyers across jurisdictions. Here, leading scholars and practitioners from England, Australia and New Zealand...

Consumer ADR in Europe

by Christopher Hodges, Iris Ben¿hr & Naomi Creutzfeldt-Banda

This is the first systematic comparative study into how consumer ADR systems (usually ombudsmen and m�diateurs) work, the differing national architectures within which they operate and how they can be improved....

The Lisbon Treaty and Social Europe

by Niklas Bruun, Klaus L¿rcher & Isabelle Sch¿mann

The authors' aim in this book is to explore what the Treaty of Lisbon means for social law and social policy at the European level.

Forms Liberate: Reclaiming the Jurisprudence of Lon L Fuller

by Kristen Rundle

In this book, Kristen Rundle offers a close textual analysis of Lon L Fuller's published writings and working papers and shows how his challenge to a purely instrumental conception of law remains salient for...

Sentencing in International Criminal Law: The UN ad hoc Tribunals and Future Perspectives for the ICC

by Silvia D'Ascoli

This book analyses the process of international sentencing in the ICTY and ICTR and suggests a more coherent system of guiding principles.

Interpreting TRIPS: Globalisation of Intellectual Property Rights and Access to Medicines

by Hiroko Yamane

This book examines Intellectual Property Rights against the backdrop of development and the transfer of technology between globalised economies.

Five Masters of International Law: Conversations with R-J Dupuy, E Jim¿nez de Ar¿chaga, R Jennings, L Henkin and O Schachter

by Antonio Cassese

This book of interviews offers a unique and important insight into the legal minds and outlook of five distinguished international lawyers.

Criminalising Cartels: Critical Studies of an International Regulatory Movement

by Caron Beaton-Wells & Ariel Ezrachi

Featuring eminent contributors this book captures the complexities of the international movement towards the criminalisation of cartel conduct.

Parliamentary Elections, Representation and the Law

by Caroline Morris

Despite the crucial role of elections in government and society, the law governing them is fragmented, both conceptually and in terms of the legal framework. This book examines each stage of the electoral process...

Interlocking Constitutions: Towards an Interordinal Theory of National, European and UN Law

by Luis I Gordillo

The existence of interactions between different but overlapping legal systems has always presented challenges to black letter law. In this book P�rez analyses the inter-ordinal instabilities which arise at...

Hannah Arendt and the Law

by Marco Goldoni & Christopher McCorkindale

This book fills a major gap in the ever-increasing secondary literature on Hannah Arendt's political thought by providing a dedicated and coherent treatment of the many, various and interesting things which...

Seeking Security: Pre-Empting the Commission of Criminal Harms

by G R Sullivan & Ian Dennis

This book explores the gap between the normative aspirations of liberal, criminal law scholarship and the current criminal law and practice of Anglophone jurisdictions. This gap can in large part be explained...

21st Century Solicitor: How to Make a Real Impact as a Junior Commercial Lawyer

by Steve Weiner

This candid, no-nonsense guide to excelling as a commercial lawyer offers a frank and forthright look at the modern solicitors' profession.

Environmental Judicial Review

by Richard Moules

Judicial review of environmental decisions is a growing part of public law, but the extent of application of general principles of judicial review in this context is under-explored. This book provides a detailed...