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Criminalising Cartels: Critical Studies of an International Regulatory Movement

by Caron Beaton-Wells & Ariel Ezrachi

Featuring eminent contributors this book captures the complexities of the international movement towards the criminalisation of cartel conduct.

Parliamentary Elections, Representation and the Law

by Caroline Morris

Despite the crucial role of elections in government and society, the law governing them is fragmented, both conceptually and in terms of the legal framework. This book examines each stage of the electoral process...

Interlocking Constitutions: Towards an Interordinal Theory of National, European and UN Law

by Luis I Gordillo

The existence of interactions between different but overlapping legal systems has always presented challenges to black letter law. In this book P�rez analyses the inter-ordinal instabilities which arise at...

Hannah Arendt and the Law

by Marco Goldoni & Christopher McCorkindale

This book fills a major gap in the ever-increasing secondary literature on Hannah Arendt's political thought by providing a dedicated and coherent treatment of the many, various and interesting things which...

Seeking Security: Pre-Empting the Commission of Criminal Harms

by G R Sullivan & Ian Dennis

This book explores the gap between the normative aspirations of liberal, criminal law scholarship and the current criminal law and practice of Anglophone jurisdictions. This gap can in large part be explained...

21st Century Solicitor: How to Make a Real Impact as a Junior Commercial Lawyer

by Steve Weiner

This candid, no-nonsense guide to excelling as a commercial lawyer offers a frank and forthright look at the modern solicitors' profession.

Environmental Judicial Review

by Richard Moules

Judicial review of environmental decisions is a growing part of public law, but the extent of application of general principles of judicial review in this context is under-explored. This book provides a detailed...

EU Law for UK Lawyers

by Aidan O'Neill

Written in an authoritative yet accessible style the book provides an ideal guide and reference for anyone facing a problem with an EU law component.

British Overseas Territories Law

by Ian Hendry & Susan Dickson

A comprehensive, up-to-date examination of the constitutional and international status of 14 British territories and their modern governance.

Privacy Injunctions and the Media: A Practice Manual

by Iain Goldrein

A string of high profile law suits has drawn attention to the use of privacy injunctions to restrain publication of information relating to the private lives of individuals. The purpose of this book is to set...

The Practice of International and National Courts and the (De-)Fragmentation of International Law

by Justin Borg-Barthet

This books looks at the compatibility of protective conflict of corporate law norms with the EC Treaty provisions concerning freedom of establishment. It examines recent developments and appraises the current...

Hybrid and Internationalised Criminal Tribunals: Selected Jurisdictional Issues

by Sarah Williams

This book offers a comprehensive and in-depth analysis of Hybrid and Internationalised Criminal Tribunals.

Law Books in Action: Essays on the Anglo-American Legal Treatise

by Angela Fernandez & Markus D Dubber

The essays in this collection explore the history of the legal treatise in the common law world, and ask what treatises can tell us about what troubled legal professionals at a given time, what motivated them...

Criminological and Legal Consequences of Climate Change

by Stephen Farrall, Tawhida Ahmed & Duncan French

This edited collection, the result of an international seminar held at the International Institute for the Sociology of Law, O�ati, Spain in 2010, explores the potential legal and criminological consequences...

Environmental Integration in the EU's External Relations: Beyond Multilateral Dimensions

by Gracia Mar¿n Dur¿n & Elisa Morgera

The book examines the little-explored unilateral, bilateral and inter-regional dimensions of EU external environmental policy, in light of the Treaty-based requirement of environmental integration, both at the...

The Concept of Unity in Public International Law

by Mario Prost

Unity is presented as the theoretical opposite of fragmentation in international law scholarship, but its meaning remains vague and intuitive. This book attempts to dispel that vagueness by exploring the various...

The Practice of International and National Courts and the (De-)Fragmentation of International Law

by Ole Kristian Fauchald & Andr¿ Nollkaemper

This book aims to enhance our understanding of how international and national courts can, and do, contribute to or mitigate problems associated with fragmentation. It contains case studies from international...

EU Competition Law and the Information and Communication Technology Network Industries: Economic versus Legal Concepts in Pursuit of (Consumer) Welfar

by Andrej Fatur

This book considers the adequacy of existing EU competition policy in the area of ICT industries. Particular attention is given to the competitive assessment and treatment of competitive harms in this area,...

The Right to Development and International Economic Law: Legal and Moral Dimensions

by Isabella D Bunn

This book explores the debate about the usefulness of the 1986 UN declaration stating that the right to development is an inalienable human right.

Law and the Regulation of Medicines

by Emily Jackson

The principal purpose of this book is to tell the story of a medicine's journey through the regulatory system in the UK, from the definition of a medicine, through clinical trials, licensing, pharmacovigilance,...