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EU Counter-Terrorism Law: Pre-Emption and the Rule of Law

by Cian C Murphy

This a detailed study of EU action to combat terrorism since September 11 2001 and the implications of that action for the EU legal order. In particular it critically examines how EU counter-terrorism measures...

Intellectual Property, Antitrust and Cumulative Innovation in the EU and the US

by Thorsten K¿seberg

In this book lawyer and economist Thorsten K�seberg looks at how 'cumulative innovation' is actually accounted for under IP and antitrust laws in the EU and the US, and how it could alternatively be dealt...

Children and Cross-Examination: Time to Change the Rules?

by J R Spencer & Michael E Lamb

In 1989, the Pigot Committee proposed a scheme in which the whole of a young child's evidence, cross-examination and all, would be obtained out of court and in advance of trial. The scheme has been implemented...

The Constitutional Dimension of European Criminal Law

by Ester Herlin-Karnell

Criminal law is one of the most rapidly changing areas of contemporary EU law and integration. This book explores the constitutional principles underlying it, substantively and in terms of its scope and extent....

Carbon Capture and Storage: Emerging Legal and Regulatory Issues

by Ian Havercroft, Richard B Macrory & Richard B Stewart

This important book gathers some of the world's leading practitioners and scholars to provide a critical assessment of progress in carbon capture to date, covering developments in international law, the EU,...

New Essays on the Normativity of Law

by Stefano Bertea & George Pavlakos

This collection of essays is intended to contribute to the study of normativity in law by staging a thorough discussion of the notion approached from three directions: the theory of planning agency, legal conventionalism...

The Financial Crisis in Constitutional Perspective: The Dark Side of Functional Differentiation

by Poul F Kjaer, Gunther Teubner & Alberto Febbrajo

This volume presents the first thorough sociologically informed legal analysis of the financial crisis which unfolded in 2008.

Refusals to License Intellectual Property: Testing the Limits of Law and Economics

by Ian Eagles & Louise Longdin

Economic analysis rarely appears on the judicial horizon in intellectual property litigation. How this came about and what it means for the future of effective competition enforcement globally are the twin concerns...

The Anatomy of Tort Law

by Peter Cane

Accessible yet theoretically stimulating analysis which depicts tort law as a system of ethical rules and principles of personal responsibility.

Using Human Rights Law in English Courts

by Murray Hunt

This book demonstrates the scope that already exists for using international human rights law in English courts.

Simester and Sullivan's Criminal Law: Theory and Doctrine

by A P Simester, J R Spencer & G R Sullivan

This fifth edition of the leading textbook on criminal law is an outstanding account of modern English criminal law, combining detailed exposition and analysis of the law with a careful exploration of its theoretical...

Law in Northern Ireland

by Brice Dickson

This is the latest edition of a book which is the standard introductory text for newcomers to the legal system of Northern Ireland.

Law and Social Theory

by Reza Banakar & Max Travers

The second edition of this popular text introduces a wide range of traditions in sociology and the humanities that offer provocative, contextual views on law and legal institutions.

Debates in German Public Law

by Hermann P¿nder & Christian Waldhoff

This book, developed by a group of scholars in honour of the 60th anniversary of Germany's constitution - the Basic Law of 23rd May 1946 - presents examples of fundamental aspects of current scholarly debate....

Sports Law

by Michael Beloff, Tim Kerr & Marie Demetriou

Sports law has been growing rapidly since the first edition of this book in 1999. This revised work, by leading practitioners in the field, with a foreword by Lord Coe, provides a coherent framework for understanding...

Law, Virtue and Justice

by Amalia Amaya & Hock Lai Ho

In the last few years there has been an increasing interest in virtue theory among legal scholars. 'Virtue jurisprudence' has emerged as a serious candidate for a theory of law and adjudication. This book explores...

The Legal Reasoning of the Court of Justice of the EU

by Gunnar Beck

The Court of Justice has often been characterised both as a motor of integration and a judicial law-maker. This book examines the Court's jurisprudence over more than half a century, and assesses the extent...

Judicial Review Handbook

by Michael Fordham

This, the sixth edition of the Handbook, continues the tradition established by earlier editions, in rendering the voluminous case-law accessible and knowable. It remains an indispensable source of reference...

International Commercial Disputes: Commercial Conflict of Laws in English Courts

by Jonathan Hill & Adeline Chong

This fourth edition considers how commercial disputes which have connections with more than one country are dealt with by the English courts.

European Human Rights and Family Law

by Shazia Choudhry & Jonathan Herring

This book examines the potential impact of human rights in the way the law interacts with families.