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The New British Constitution

by Vernon Bogdanor

This book is the first to describe and analyse Britain's new constitution, asking why it was that the old system came under challenge.

The Use of Foreign Precedents by Constitutional Judges

by Tania Groppi & Marie-Claire Ponthoreau

In 2007 the International Association of Constitutional Law established an Interest Group to conduct a survey of the use of foreign precedents by Supreme and Constitutional Courts. This results of the survey,...

How Constitutions Change: A Comparative Study

by Dawn Oliver & Carlo Fusaro

This set of essays explores how constitutions of a number of countries and the 'constitution' of the EU change and are changed. A broad variety of EU and non EU countries are included, and the editors conclude...

The Constitution of the United States of America: A Contextual Analysis

by Mark Tushnet

This book provides a critical introduction to the history and current meaning of the United States' Constitution.

Principles of European Constitutional Law

by Armin von Bogdandy & J¿rgen Bast

This book demonstrates how a constitutional approach furthers understanding of the core issues of EU law and adds critical perspective.

Corporate Finance Law: Principles and Policy

by Vernon Bogdanor

This book analyses the significance of coalition government for Britain and of the momentous constitutional reforms which the coalition is proposing.

Public Law in a Multi-Layered Constitution

by Nicholas Bamforth & Peter Leyland

These essays by leading public law scholars explore the allocation and regulation of public power in the United Kingdom.

The Constitution of France: A Contextual Analysis

by Sophie Boyron

This book is a detailed contextual examination of the constitution of France including its history.

The House of Lords 1911-2011: A Century of Non-Reform

by Chris Ballinger

This book analyses in detail the principal attempts to reform the House of Lords. Starting with the Parliament Act of 1911 the book examines the century of non-reform that followed, in the process drawing upon...

Sword and Scales: An Examination of the Relationship between Law and Politics

by Martin Loughlin

This short and accessible book provides a provocative re-assessment of the various tangled relationships between law and politics.

Empowerment and Disempowerment of the European Citizen

by Michael Dougan, Niamh Nic Shuibhne & Eleanor Spaventa

This collection of essays engages with a central theme in scholarship on EU citizenship â€" the emancipation of certain citizens, the alienation of others â€" and seeks to expand its horizons to interrogate...

Constitutional Rights of Prisoners

by J.D., John W. Palmer

This text details critical information on all aspects of prison litigation, including information on trial and appeal, conditions of isolated confinement, access to the courts, parole, right to medical aid and...

Quarterly Essay 55 A Rightful Place: Race, recognition and a more complete commonwealth

by Noel Pearson

The nation has unfinished business. After more than two centuries, can a rightful place be found for Australia's original peoples?

Soon we will all decide if and how indigenous Australians will be recognised...

American Justice 2014: Nine Clashing Visions on the Supreme Court

by Garrett Epps

In this provocative and insightful book, constitutional scholar and journalist Garrett Epps reviews the key decisions of the 2013-2014 Supreme Court term, highlighting one opinion or dissent from each Justice...

The Case Against the Supreme Court

by Erwin Chemerinsky

A preeminent constitutional scholar offers a hard-hitting analysis of the Supreme Court over the last two hundred years

Most Americans share the perception that the Supreme Court is objective, but Erwin Chemerinsky,...

Constitutional Sentiments

by Andras Sajo

The Constitution was written to shape human behavior and affairs, and it does so by appealing to people';s hearts, not only their minds. An interdisciplinary analysis sheds new light on the emotions that underlie...

Freedom of Expression

by Daniel J. Baum

This book detailing the protections, limits, and interpretation of freedom of expression in Canada is the second in a series exploring key topics pertaining to Canadian law.

Approaching the U.S. Constitution: Sacred Covenant or Plaything for Lawyers and Judges

by Kerry L. Hunter

This book argues that, given the political power the Supreme Court enjoys today, the answer to preserving the separation of powers, democracy, and the American commitment to unalienable human rights is to encourage...

The Second Amendment: A Biography

by Michael Waldman

By the president of the prestigious Brennan Center for Justice at NYU School of Law, the life story of the most controversial, volatile, misunderstood provision of the Bill of Rights.

At a time of renewed debate...

Uncertain Justice

by Laurence Tribe & Joshua Matz

With the Supreme Court more influential than ever, this eye-opening book tells the story of how the Roberts Court is shaking the foundation of our nation's laws

From Citizens United to its momentous rulings regarding...