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Policing and the Politics of Order-Making

by Peter Albrecht & Helene Maria Kyed

This anthology explores the political nature of making order through policing activities in densely populated spaces across Africa, Asia and Latin America. Based on ethnographic research, the chapters analyze...

The Constitution of the United States of America: 1787 (Annotated)

by Various Authors

The Constitution of the United States is the supreme law of the United States of America. The Constitution originally consisted of seven Articles. The first Amendments are known as the Bill of Rights. The first...

The Legal Order of the European Union: The Institutional Role of the Court of Justice

by Timothy Moorhead

The objective of European integration serves as an ideal of the legal order of the European Union and invites reconsideration of law's conceptual features. This book critically assesses the legal order of the...

Constitutionalism in the Global Realm: A Sociological Approach

by Poul F. Kjaer

This book develops a sociologically informed theory of constitutionalism in the global realm, addressing both national and transnational forms of constitutional ordering. The book begins with the argument that...

Sovereignty and Liberty: A Study of the Foundations of Power

by Amnon Lev

The attitude we take to power is almost invariably one of distrust, never more so than when it claims to be sovereign. And yet, we have always been drawn to sovereignty. Out of fear or fascination, we accepted...

Colorado Water Law for Non-Lawyers

by P. Andrew Jones & Tom Cech

Why do people fight about water rights? Who decides how much water can be used by a city or irrigator? Does the federal government get involved in state water issues? Why is water in Colorado so controversial?...

New Ghosts, Old Ghosts: Prisons and Labor Reform Camps in China: Prisons and Labor Reform Camps in China

by James D. Seymour & Michael R Anderson

Much has been written about the laogai (sometimes likened to the Soviet gulag) in the People's Republic of China. Depending on the source, the prisons are described as nonexistent, enlightened institutions,...

The Funeral of a Giraffe: Seven Stories: Seven Stories

by Kyoko Iriye Selden, Taeko Tomioka & Noriko Mizuta

A collection of short stories by scriptwriter-poet turned fiction writer Taeko Tomioka. Taeko deconstructs the discourse of the nuclear family and heterosexuality in gendered Japanese culture. Her stories focus...


by Alessio Morosin

Self-determination: a natural right, perhaps unknown or little-known, but since 1945 up to today is the legitimate father of the birth of over 120 new States in the World. The fundamental question that arises...