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Disobedience: Concept and Practice

by Elena Loizidou

Disobedience has been practiced and considered since time immemorial. The aim of this edited collection is to explore the concept and practice of disobedience through the prism of contemporary ideas and events....

Transitional Justice Theories

by Susanne Buckley-Zistel, Teresa Koloma Beck & Christian Braun

Transitional Justice Theories is the first volume to approach the politically sensitive subject of post-conflict or post-authoritarian justice from a theoretical perspective. It combines contributions from distinguished...

International Law and Diplomacy

by Charles Chatterjee

A comprehensive work on diplomacy and international law addressed to both diplomats and students of diplomacy.

Wolf and Stanley on Environmental Law

by Susan Wolf & Neil Stanley

Written with real clarity by authors teaching and researching in the field, Wolf and Stanley on Environmental Law offers an excellent starting point for both law and non-law students encountering this diverse...

Mediation Law: Journey Through Institutionalism to Juridification

by Penny Brooker

In England mediation became a key part of the civil justice reform agenda after the Woolf Reforms of 1996, as disputants were deflected from litigation towards settlement outside the court system. The Civil...

International Law as the Law of Collectives: Toward a Law of People

by John R. Morss

Presenting fresh perspectives on a range of contemporary issues in international law, this book draws on the work of major contributors to legal and political theory. Arguing that international law lacks the...

The Nature of Inquisitorial Processes in Administrative Regimes: Global Perspectives

by Laverne Jacobs & Sasha Baglay

'Inquisitorial processes' refers to the inquiry powers of administrative governance and this book examines the use of these powers in administrative law across seven jurisdictions. The book brings together recent...

The Future of Alaska: Economic Consequences of Statehood

by George Rogers

This book is both a discussion of key decisions Alaskans must make in coming years and a case study of problems of public finance and policy that accompany shifts in power. Originally published in 1962

Perspectives on Conservation: Essays on America's Natural Resources

by Henry Jarrett

A collection of papers based on those prepared by authorities who participated in the 1958 RFF forum, including contributions by Samuel Hays and John Kenneth Galbraith. Originally published in 1958

Land Use and the States

by Robert G. Healy & John S. Rosenberg

An enlarged and revised book which looks at some programs of state land use control. Focusing on the problems that have caused the public to demand such controls, on the variety of legislative responses, and...

Comparisons in Resource Management: Six Notable Programs in Other Countries and Their Possible U.S. Application

by Henry Jarrett

Originally presented as public lectures in the 1961 Resources for the Future Forum on Comparative Resources Policy and Administration. Originally published in 1961

America's Renewable Resources: Historical Trends and Current Challenges

by Kenneth D. Frederick & Roger A. Sedjo

By recording one country's experience with its vast natural resource base, America's Renewable Resources: Historical Trends and Current Challenges will help to inform the management of future demands on the...

Our National Park Policy: A Critical History

by John Isne

A legislative and administrative history on the social, cultural, and intellectual significance of the national park idea. Originally published in 1961

Forests for Whom and for What?

by Marion Clawson

Clawson is concerned here not so much with what forest policy should be, but more with the criteria by which it should be determined. He lists such questions as how much land to devote to forests, how much timber...

Economics of Outdoor Recreation

by Marion Clawson & Jack L. Knetsch

This book is one of the first to supply the means for evaluating recreational resources in economic terms. Originally published in 1967.

Natural Environments: Studies in Theoretical & Applied Analysis

by John V. Krutilla

This study represents the first scholarly attempt to consider the difficult allocation problems associated with management of natural resources and proposed changes in the natural environment. Originally published...

The Leasing of Federal Lands for Fossil Fuels Production

by Stephen Macdonald

Stephen McDonald offers a basic understanding of the goals and practices by which the federal government leases its fossil fuel resources and how these practices affect the economy. Originally published in 1979...

Scarce Water and Institutional Change

by Kenneth D. Frederick

The authors assess alternative approaches to meeting long-term water needs and resolving conflicts among competing water users in five areas: the Columbia River Basin; Kern County, California; south California;...

Multiple Purpose River Development: Studies in Applied Economic Analysis

by John V. Krutilla & Otto Eckstein

This book sketches out a framework for analyzing the economic efficiency of particular river basin programs. It provides a useful cross-disciplinary perspective for economists and water resource developers´┐Żespecially...

The Legitimacy of the European Union Through Legal Rationality: Free Movement of Third Country Nationals

by Richard Ball

Third country nationals (TCNs) play an important part in the economy of the European Union, reflected in the rights granted to them under European Union Law. Political expediency is however shaped by world,...