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Genomic Messages

by George Annas & Sherman Elias

Two leaders in the field of genetics—a bioethicist-health lawyer and an obstetrician-gynecologist geneticist—answer the most pressing questions about the application of new genetics to our universal medicine...

Law and Mental Health: A Case-Based Approach

by Robert G. Meyer & Christopher M. Weaver

This volume presents classic and contemporary legal cases that have set important precedents related to psychological and mental health issues in criminal and civil proceedings; the role of practitioners as...

Safeguarding Vulnerable Adults and the Law

by Michael Mandelstam

The book focuses on how many areas of law apply to vulnerable adults, bringing together an extensive body of case law to illustrate this. Also covered is how local authorities and the NHS may themselves be implicated...

The Modern Military and the Environment: The Laws of Peace and War

by William A. Wilcox Jr.

The battle is an old one: man versus nature. And in modern society, man includes the military. Machines. Chemicals. Who wins the battle and at what cost? This practical analysis of the conflict between national...

Clinical Practice of Forensic Neuropsychology: An Evidence-Based Approach

by Kyle Brauer Boone

Written by a foremost expert in the field, this hands-on, evidence-based guide describes how to conduct a comprehensive forensic neuropsychological evaluation and provide expert testimony. All steps are covered--from...

The Insanity Myth

by Winston Delano Cabrall

The Insanity Myth is a discourse on the psychology and neurology of psychosomatic disorders or so-called "mental illnesses" and "altered states of consciousness," given as part of the classic argument between...

The Personal Trainer’S Legal Bible

by Gary W. Pitts

PERSONAL TRAINERS are not just fitness professionals; they could be the saviours of the global health-care systemlife changers. As pioneers in this budding field in the health and wellness industry, trainers...

The Unjust "Justice"

by Edward Castle

In his late teens, Henry Carmel was stricken with schizophreniaa life-altering mental illness characterized by tormenting voices, impaired judgment, and acute paranoia. In 1996, Henry was attacked by a huge...

Confronting Mental Health Evidence

by John D. D. A. Zervopoulos

Confronting Mental Health Evidence—Second Edition describes and applies the four-step PLANModel to help lawyers organize, critique, and use psychological materials and testimony when examining experts and...

What Is...Qui Tam?

by Joseph Marc Vezina & Monica P. Navarro

Qui tam litigation is unique. Doctrinally, qui tam litigation calls into play concepts that are nonexistent in other arenas. Procedurally, qui tam litigation invokes numerous rules unique to qui tam actions...

What Is...Telemedicine?

by Alexis S. Gilroy & Catherine Barrett

This handy resource provides a broad overview of the telemedicine industry and prepares the reader to better understand and address the technology and patient care aspects of telemedicine, but also the critical...

Infectious Disease

by James T. O'Reilly & Victoria Wells Wulsin

Infectious Disease Policy Law, and Regulation looks at litigation regarding infection-related illnesses and their compensation. The claim arises from an individual victim who attempts to prove that the cause...

What Is...ADR in Health Care Disputes?

by Viggo Boserup, Brian Parmelee, Jerry P. Roscoe & Janice M. Symchych et al.

Alternative dispute resolution, or ADR, is the practice of resolving disputes through processes other than litigation. The most common forms of ADR are mediation and arbitration, but many other forms exist in...

What Is...The Physician Payments Sunshine Act or "Open Payments"?

by Abraham Gitterman, Daniel Kracov, Allison Shuren & Alan Reider et al.

This guide provides a detailed overview of the Sunshine Act, transparency initiatives, and related implications associated with increased attention on physician-industry relationships. • Section II provides...

The ABCs of ACOs

by Raymund C. King, Rachel V. Rose, Martin R. Merritt & John Okray

Understand the new model of ACOs.

This book is intended for attorneys, as well as health care providers, who are involved in the formation, maintenance, or deconstruction of a physician-owned ACO. Real-life...

Physician Law

by Wes M. Cleveland

This book represents the cutting edge of physician law. The publication emanates from the American Bar Association Health Law Section's 2013 Physicians Legal Issues Conference. The conference and Physician Law:...

An Inexplicable Deception

by Anant Kumar Tripati

Though traditionally used in civil cases there is no reason why criminal cases cannot be challenged pursuant to the doctrine of fraud upon the court. It is an unconscionable plan or scheme which is designed...

Law and Medicine in Revolutionary America: Dissecting the Rush v. Cobbett Trial, 1799

by Linda Myrsiades

This study focuses on two critical figures in late eighteenth-century America—the physician Benjamin Rush and the journalist William Cobbett— as they clashed in one of the most important trials of post-revolutionary...

Pharmaceutical Freedom

by Jessica Flanigan

If a competent adult refuses medical treatment, physicians and public officials must respect her decision. Coercive medical paternalism is a clear violation of the doctrine of informed consent, which protects...

Twisted Fables for Twisted Minds

by Cinematiko Meditori

Twisted Fables for Twisted Minds is a homage to the surreal and absurd hidden in the folds of the everyday, yet all aspects of this powerfully preposterous novel are based on true stories. Read this book and...