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Justice Belied

by Sébastien Chartrand & John Philpot

For the first time in a book, defence counsel, investigators, journalists, and academics pool their knowledge and experience to answer the burning questions. What has happened to the fundamental principles of...

Dying to Live

by Pierre-Claver Ndacyayisenga, Casey Roberts & Phil Taylor

Pierre-Claver Ndacyayisenga was a history teacher in Kigali when he was forced to flee to the neighbouring Congo (Zaïre) with his wife and three children. Thus began a harrowing five-year voyage of 9781926824789...

The Handbook of International Humanitarian Law

by Dieter Fleck

The Handbook of International Humanitarian Law sets out a black letter text of international humanitarian law accompanied by case analysis and extensive explanatory commentary by a team of distinguished and...

Improving Human Rights

by Howard Burton

This book is based on an in-depth, filmed conversation between Howard Burton and Emilie Hafner-Burton, the John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Professor of International Justice and Human Rights at UC San Diego...

Covid-19 in Asia

by Victor V. Ramraj

This is a book for an extraordinary time, about a pandemic for which there is no modern precedent. It is an edited collection of original essays on Asia's legal and policy responses to the Covid-19 pandemic,...

Uniting the States

by Lucas Kent Ogden

The war on terror, government surveillance, weapons, and racial injustice are just some of the many crucial topics dividing the United States today. As Americans continue to deal with central questions about...

The Drama of Humanitarian Intervention

by Natalie Joy Marrer

This ePaper approaches looks at the contentious debate surrounding humanitarian intervention through a critical, narratological lens. By questioning the roles cast and identities constituted, in what can could...

Jurisdiction in International Fisheries Law. Evolving Trends and New Challenges

by Simone Vezzani

Through the ages, international fisheries law has been characterized by a dialectic between flag States and coastal States. The institution of the Exclusive Economic Zone marked a milestone in the seaward extension...

Palestinian Refugees in International Law

by Francesca P. Albanese & Lex Takkenberg

The Palestinian refugee question, resulting from the events surrounding the birth of the state of Israel seventy years ago, remains one of the largest and most protracted refugee crises of the post-WWII era....

Bad Law

by John Reilly

From the bestselling author of Bad Medicine and its sequel Bad Judgment comes a wide-ranging, magisterial summation of the years-long intellectual and personal journey of an Alberta jurist who went against the...

Islamic Law and International Law

by Emilia Justyna Powell

There are twenty-nine Islamic law states (ILS) in the world today, and their Muslim population is over 900 million. Muslims in these countries--and, to some extent, all Muslims--are ethically, morally, doctrinally,...

The Protection of Foreign Investment in Times of Armed Conflict

by Jure Zrilic

Foreign investors often sustain injuries during violent situations, such as riots, revolutions, civil wars, and international armed conflicts. There is a great deal of uncertainty about how effective investment...

Bad Judgment – Revised & Updated

by John Reilly

John Reilly?s second book, Bad Judgment, details the author?s battle with the Canadian justice system and the difficulties he faced trying to adapt Eurocentric Canadian law for the benefit of First Nations people...

Bad Medicine - Revised & Updated

by John Reilly

John Reilly?s first book, Bad Medicine, was an immediate sensation and Canadian bestseller that sparked controversy and elicited praise nationwide for its honest portrayal of First Nations tribal corruption....

How International Law Works in Times of Crisis

by George Ulrich & Ineta Ziemele

For some time, the word 'crisis' has been dominating international political discourse. But this is nothing new. Crisis has always been part of the discipline of international law. History indeed shows that...

Doctrine, Practice, and Advocacy in the Inter-American Human Rights System

by James L. Cavallaro, Claret Vargas, Clara Sandoval & Bernard Duhaime et al.

Doctrine, Practice and Advocacy in the Inter-American Human Rights System is the first casebook to focus on the Inter-American human rights system, the primary system for advancing and protecting rights in the...

Implicating the System

by Elspeth Kaiser-Derrick

Indigenous women continue to be overrepresented in Canadian prisons; research demonstrates how their overincarceration and often extensive experiences of victimization are interconnected with and through ongoing...


by Kayanesenh Paul Williams

Several centuries ago, the five nations that would become the Haudenosaunee ? Mohawk, Oneida, Onondaga, Cayuga, and Seneca ? were locked in generations-long cycles of bloodshed. When they established Kayanerenkó:wa,...

The Law of International Watercourses

by Stephen C. McCaffrey

The Law of International Watercourses is an authoritative guide to the rules of international law governing the navigational and non-navigational uses of international rivers, lakes, and groundwater. The continued...

China's International Investment Strategy

by Julien Chaisse

Since China adopted its 'open door' policy in 1978, which altered its development strategy from self-sufficiency to active participation in the world market, its goal has remained unchanged: to assist the readjustment...